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Another Partial Update, Stopping Before Another Hospital Visit

To again pick up from where I left off, on August 3 I saw 7:08 AM when I woke up to pee, so I had little sleep, but meant to go out early. The problem was that dad was still up after coming back from work, but I did what I could to get ready, drank all the tea made at night, left at 8:40 AM, reached the Sector 3 Treasury at 9:05 AM… And apparently followed in the footsteps of an older woman who entered before me, and who seemed to be the only other one there at the time, though a few others had just exited as I entered.
I was there to retrieve what I invested in state bonds a year earlier, so I first went to the only person who seemed available, but she told me to go upstairs for that. I had no idea going upstairs was allowed, but since I was told to, I went, got to the only person who seemed available there, got told to go to the next one, since it depended on the first letter of the last name, and even though that next place seemed closed, one of those who was at the desk behind the glass did come over a bit later and told me how much I had, which was the amount I had calculated, and the daily limit for cash, also mentioning that she could transfer all of it in an account. I told her that I had read that the transfer implied a fee, but while I thought it’d be a percentage and much higher, she said it was, I think, just 0.51 RON. But I said I’ll take the cash, just the amount that was over the limit that day, so she told me to go back down and wait in the hallway to be called. I wasn’t sure which hallway though, whether it was that main room or the little spot in front of the stairs, where there was a door with a sign saying that was the place for payments for state bonds, which was open despite the “please close the door” sign. And since nothing seemed to be happening right away, I hesitantly wandered in, heard someone tell someone else that someone was there and the one who was called came and handed me the money, asking me to please close the door both when I walked up and, after I asked, also when I left. Felt even more embarrassed when I returned to that main room though, since I saw that woman waiting there, and being called a moment later, so I guess I had jumped her by going in, since she had been just ahead of me at every step, only choosing to wait there instead.
After walking away from there and checking a Mega Image on the way, I went to Carrefour, at first just to check prices. Had the scary feeling that my right hand was also swelling though, seemed harder to move, and it looked like it was rather swollen, but it’s been bigger than the left ever since I started noticing, and when I mentioned it to a doctor when I was at the hospital she didn’t seem to think it was an issue. Still, I kept flexing it, trying to hold it higher in ways and at times when I didn’t think it made me look too weird, wandered around the colder areas for a while, but eventually went to the toilet and then to Kaufland, getting dill, some apples that were discounted because they were starting to spoil, some expiring biscuits and another watermelon, since there was an additional discount for one kind, finally getting the price down to the maximum I was normally willing to pay in previous years. Wondered about getting more of those biscuits, but didn’t know how good they were and didn’t.
Got back to Carrefour after that, peed again, and thought that my hand felt better, though I can’t say it looked better. Either way, got the cucumbers dad had asked for, since he wanted to pickle some more, the dill being for that as well, and also got a few things for myself, but placed the label for the cucumbers on the bread, so I’ll be able to reuse the bag I had the cucumbers in, and it ended up having a crease on the bar code, so it wouldn’t scan and the cashier told me to weigh them again. At least I was just a few steps away from the scales that are in that area, and the listed weight was exactly the same, and that time I just put the label on my hand and she scanned it from there. Should have done that the first time as well, and in fact had it stuck to my hand when I got to the checkout, but thought it’d be better to put it on a product, as I usually do in such situations…
Either way, after spending some time struggling to get the watermelon in my backpack, I was back here at 12:40 PM… And soon thought I really should have gotten more of those biscuits, after tasting them and seeing how good they were. Otherwise, had a big lunch, then tried to nap in the evening but spent some three and a half hours in bed and barely caught a few very short naps, each of them mere minutes long, because of noise, in good part made by dad, who admittedly couldn’t have known I was trying to sleep, but also coming from outside. And later, when there was no more noise, I spent another hour and 20 minutes or so in bed and yet didn’t manage to fall asleep at all, so it is possible that this lack of sleep also had something to do with the series of irregular heartbeats I felt before going to bed in the morning. Either way, it was 3:45 AM when I started eating dinner in my room, albeit after licking some things in the kitchen, while moving and mixing what I had bought.

On August 4 I woke up at 12:30 PM, again drank all the tea made at night and left just before 1:45 PM, taking the paper and the stuff I drop off at Kaufland, and some other trash, dropping off the trash in the first bin and making a small detour for a recycling one for the paper. Then I went to get the remaining money from the Sector 3 Treasury, this time knowing what to do, and stopped at the first location of my bank that I saw, using a machine to deposit the entire amount and actually a little more, since I had taken the rest with me. It wouldn’t accept one of the bills I had been given though, I kept trying and it just wouldn’t, but I had enough in smaller bills with me, so I deposited those and kept that one.
After that, I went to Obor, making a small detour on the way to go to a location of the Library I could have borrowed something from, having taken the pass with me… Only to find it closed again, the sign stating that it had been closed for inventory until July 30 and as of August 2 they went on vacation, and July 31 and August 1 were Saturday and Sunday, when it was closed anyway, so it had simply stayed closed and will remain so for quite some time. And a confectionery I’d have wanted to check out on the way to Obor also had an “on vacation” sign…
Once I got there, I first checked that Auchan, then passed through the farmers’ market and kept the cheap corn I spotted in mind, then got cabbage and two tomatoes from that Penny, and then went to that Kaufland, being surprised when the temperature scanner at the entrance started beeping and listed over 38°C for me, but relaxing almost immediately when I realized it was broken and doing that for everyone, and after going to pee I saw that those that were at the store’s actual entrance, just a few steps away from the broken one, worked correctly. Either way, got some of the things on my list, but couldn’t find the pasta listed in the catalog at first and decided to get some of a different kind after seeing a discount label placed there. However, after waiting for a long time for my turn at the only working self-checkout machine that accepted cash, I saw that there had been no discount for that pasta, so I called the employee, she checked, asked me to scan the store card, saying that discounts require it, which shouldn’t have been the case, then removed the pasta after I scanned dad’s card, not wanting to argue over it, and the total remained the same.
After also going to that Carrefour and getting expiring eggs and some more cucumbers, directly handing the label to be scanned by the cashier while I was holding it again, I wondered what to do next, since I was thinking of getting back to this Kaufland, to see whether some of those discounted biscuits would still be available, since there had been quite a pile of them the day before. But I eventually decided to just go back to that Kaufland and get the other things on the list, except the paper towels, which I forgot about, and also got some of the discounted pasta I did find, after spotting those from the catalog but seeing that the price was higher than the listed one and it wasn’t just that the additional amount was supposed to be free and wasn’t, but the difference in price even exceeded the difference in weight. And I also had a better look at the discount sign for the pasta I had meant to get the first time and saw that it no longer applied, the period having ended the day before, so I took down that label. Then I also got myself an ice cream, had no more issues with the self-checkout, washed my hands and face, went out to eat the ice cream, went back to wash again, since I was sticky, then returned to the farmers’ market for that corn, finding that seller still there, though the others from that area had left by then, when it was getting close to 7 PM. She also had very cheap peppers, way cheaper than the already cheap ones I had seen in Kaufland, but I hadn’t noticed that the first time and bought a few from there instead, so I just got some corn and got back here a bit before 7:40 PM.
The first thing I noticed was that dad had taken one of the bags with my bread out of the freezer instead of his, so I wrote him a note about it, put it back and took his out, but mine had defrosted completely by then. It was only after he left that evening that I noticed the worse problem, however, which was that the corn was full of ants! Hadn’t looked when I killed something I felt crawling on me, didn’t make the connection when I saw one in the kitchen, and then, in order to clear the kitchen faster, I took the bag with the corn and the other vegetables to my room, so even though I haven’t seen any, some certainly ended up here as well, since when I took it back to the kitchen and looked inside, they were just crawling all over the corn. And I just reacted, dumping it in the sink, leaving the water running and rushing to wash the bag in the bathtub before peeling the corn in the sink and killing whatever I saw, spotting some other tiny things as well, only realizing after I was done that I should have given the corn a quick boil as it was, to kill everything before peeling it and boiling it properly. Worse, I also threw the unused husks in the trash at first, then picked them out of it after seeing two ants on the trash can, put them in a bag and went to throw them out, though by then it’s clear that plenty had ended up in the trash can, and some had escaped in the kitchen before then. Either way, meant to tell dad about it in an e-mail, and that ended up taking me well over an hour, since when I looked at night I saw I had one from him and it took me an hour to persuade myself to read it, and then a while longer to write something. And I again felt irregular heartbeats at night, and also the first times I woke up, since I kept needing to pee after the mamaliga.

On August 5, dad bought fish and, since I was in the kitchen when he came back, threw it in the freezer, moving the pizzas I had bought for him the day before to the fridge, and when I saw that I meant to make room for both, he heard, told me from the living room to leave them because he’ll start working on the fish, and I had a panic attack just because I heard him. It was even worse later, however, since I had to hang some laundry to dry and he went to the kitchen and closed the door and had arranged what I needed on the balcony, so I assumed he was going to stay in the kitchen until I was done and didn’t try to see where I could move what he had on the balcony door in order to be able to close it… Only for him to get back to the living room before I was done, at which point I found myself ducking and just trying to breathe, but it just got worse, I was hyperventilating, stuck my fingers in my ears but that didn’t help either, and I had to run to my room and try to recover to some extent. Went back out after a while, since he was showering, finishing with the clothes and seeing that he had “washed” things in the kitchen, and moved and rearranged things in the fridge, so I had to do everything again, including washing some stuff I had washed already, since he had placed his improperly washed things on or next to them.
That night, I started eating dinner at 3:25 AM, albeit after a pretty big lunch in the evening. Otherwise, after that first panic attack was probably the first time I thought my eyes seemed purple underneath, and after the second I felt some pins and needles in my feet, or at least in the right one, and the swelling was probably the worst I had seen until then, but oddly enough, despite the panic, there were no more irregular heartbeats. Either way, before going to bed I altered that post that’s scheduled to appear at 11:59 PM on Sunday if I don’t move it, basically returning it to its original form, stating that if it shows up I’m most likely dead or in hospital. And also before going to bed I caught ten cockroaches in the bathroom, leaving them for dad in a plastic box, with a note asking if they were enough, since I had also mentioned that I was worried about all the cockroaches crawling in the bathroom in that e-mail about the ants and when he got back that morning he left a note asking me to catch some of those cockroaches I’m talking about, so he’ll see them too, since he apparently never had even though they seem to be coming out of pipes and walls and crawling all over every night…

On August 6 I didn’t set the alarm and got up at 2:15 PM, noticing that my feet were looking quite fine after a pretty good sleep, though that didn’t, and doesn’t, last. Then I had the usual stuff plus almonds and also a piece of boiled corn, with some more of those nicer expired biscuits, with added honey, as the sweet thing, drank all the tea, put on the full running gear, with some things in the pocket of my tights, and left just before 7:10 PM, when the reported temperature was about 28°C, varying a bit depending on source, though it was going to drop by a few degrees as evening fell.
The time was 1:23:14, with sector times of 4:24, 5:21, 6:12, 4:44, 5:22, 6:19, 4:52, 5:30, 6:24, 4:56, 5:36, 6:27, 5:02, 5:42 and 6:23, making for lap times of 15:57, 16:25, 16:46, 16:59 and 17:07. I again just hoped to stay under 1:24 and avoid the ultimate embarrassment of the worst time over this distance, and at least managed that. But, unlike the previous time, that was all I managed, no longer staying even under 1:23. And while I again meant to at least stay under the 16-minute targets for each sector of the first lap and pushed from the start, on the first sector I found myself gaining less than the effort had led me to hope for, then I lost time on the next two sectors and only barely managed to complete the lap in less than 16 minutes, so it looked bad and I recalculated the targets for the following laps, staying under the one for lap two but then just missing even the yet again recalculated one for lap three. That meant I had to really push, and I did and just stayed under 17 minutes on lap four, so a lap five like that previous time would have allowed me to at least squeeze under 1:23 again… But after the first sector it was clear that there was no chance of that, so I got disheartened, also slowed to a walk for a few seconds, to make sure I saw the time correctly, since it was getting dark, and no longer pushed on sector two. I again pushed on sector three though, and even more at the end, thanks to two other runners I saw in front of me, just managing to overtake even the second one right before the finish.
The people were otherwise quite a problem, however, so on top of weaving and going the long way around, I had to squeeze through, take to the grass, even on straights, and there was a spot on sector one, after the straights, or actually on that last straight that, maybe just because it’s often crowded, I hardly ever perceive or approach as one, where I think I had to at least slow on every lap, briefly stopping a few times as well. Sector two of lap one was particularly bad, including what likely was the most notable stop caused by a roadblock and multiple times when I had to slow because of misunderstandings. But there were notable issues, as in at least slowing or taking to the grass, on most sectors, if not even on all of them. And it was rather windy as well, and quite a few times I was pushing against it and that was not compensated by the cooling factor, especially as sunset approached, the heat wasn’t that much of an issue anymore and the wind seemed to be getting worse. On the other hand, there were no specific physical issues except being unable to push harder, and my legs feeling heavy at first, I guess until the swelling went down.
After the run, I first went to that Carrefour, for the cat food dad had said both we and mother were running out of, and also got some potatoes. Then I continued to that newer Kaufland, looking for evening discounts, but could just grab one regular and one red onion, the few others that were left being too bad, and one bakery product out of the few that were left, and also decided to get just a little food for Liza, but of their store brand. The self-checkout caused issues, however, telling me to scan the product first after I selected that bakery product and placed it on the scales, and when I called an employee and she looked in the bag she said she didn’t think it was what I had selected. But she asked whether that was what it said on the shelf and left it like that after I said it did indeed say that, and after eating that thing and also looking for it at times when the labels were quite certain to be correct, I’m quite certain that I had selected the correct product after all.
I got back at 11:25 PM, thinking that I was getting tired more easily while climbing stairs, or at least it had seemed that way after climbing those in the park, but on the other hand I was feeling quite good after the run, and after being in the cooler evening air, and my feet also looked fine and the veins on my arms were much less visible. Otherwise, after just having a banana and a piece of cake from my mother after getting back, I started eating a big dinner at 3:30 AM, and got in bed at 5:20 AM.

That good feeling from that evening and night didn’t last though, everything being bad again the next day, including my eyes again seeming purple underneath, so on top of continuing to do the exercises for poor circulation I had found, which I had started a few days before but got increasingly serious about, I also held my legs and arms up for over 20 minutes that evening. And then I started eating dinner at 3:20 AM, but that was after again having a big lunch in the evening, albeit earlier.


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