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Planning to Run 35 Kilometers on September 27…

Seeing as, if I’m to follow the plan to prepare for the marathon, just in case it actually will take place, I need to do that long run this week, today seems to be my best chance. It’ll be windy and just now the risk of a few showers appeared in the evening, but tomorrow it’ll quite certainly rain and be even windier, plus that I need to go back to the Treasury either today or tomorrow and, while I don’t know how I’ll manage to walk the day after such a run, I’d much rather not walk the day before it. And the forecast for Wednesday is somewhat worse than for today as well, and Thursday and Friday are definitely out of the question, since Friday morning I need to go for that MRI the doctor requested… And after that, depending on what they’ll find, I may well be out of order. I mean, I was told that it’s almost certainly nothing and they just want to make sure of it, but that means that a small risk exists.

Not that I wasn’t rather out of order this evening, afraid of the run, which I’m definitely not ready for, afraid of yet again failing to do what I want to do at the Treasury the next day, and that’s the last available day this month, afraid of Friday… And of course down because September 27 was coming, and has now arrived. Still, after being rather paralyzed for a few hours, I drew down the blinds, got myself to finally start writing the review for Fantasy General and somehow even finished and posted it just before midnight. Admittedly, after deciding to take a break to get lunch, I hadn’t finished the conclusion at that point, so I posted it as it was, then edited it with what ended up being a temporary conclusion and then, after I started eating dinner, edited it again, with what I hope is the final form. This also means that I submitted even that initial form after midnight on MobyGames, so that will show up as having been submitted on September 27, at least in my time zone, but it couldn’t be helped.

But, since that was all I had at that point, having only started to eat dinner at 3:20 AM and dealing with that review first, in order to still post it at the usual time of 4 AM I did that for this post as well, posting only the above, not even including the last sentence of the previous paragraph, and then editing to add the rest. It’s not exactly “fair”, but it seems more so than posting it when it’s done and then editing the timestamp to make it appear that it was posted at 4 AM. Not that the September 27 post was posted at 4 AM each and every time, but it was only posted a bit later in 2008 and much later in 2018, and this one doesn’t have what would be the normal title either, and that last happened in 2013, so that’s quite enough of a difference.

I guess that’s about it for now, and I finished eating as well, having peanut butter again, just in case it’ll help in some way. Didn’t make pasta these days, didn’t have any of that bread from Auchan that I tended to eat before runs, didn’t even have a larger piece of the one from Carrefour left, don’t have a good yogurt to eat after waking up… Do plan to take that running belt though, after having finally tried to wear it Tuesday, when I ran 16 km, albeit without anything in it, so one of the bottles should go in it, in which case I’ll be left with one free hand, but it remains to be seen whether that will actually work. Not that any of these are the real issues, of course, the main one being that I don’t feel in the least ready or capable of something like this, whether physically or mentally. But I guess I have to try, so now I’m going to wash what I used here, put the tea made tonight in at least one of the bottles, if it’ll still be too hot for the other one, which is made of plastic, and then see how much sleep I’ll manage to get. And in case I’ll fail or just drop tomorrow, I guess it’ll only be appropriate, either another huge failure or another end coming on this same date…


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