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New Finds – XL

This wasn’t the plan for this week, but since I was able to spend much more time on-line, I decided to add another post in this series now. And I also removed a band from the list even if it’s still active, because I initially meant to include it in this post, but then found that I couldn’t really justify doing so, and they’re not in the least new, so it’s not a case of seeing a certain potential and waiting to see how they’ll develop. On the other hand, as I was going through others, I found a band that did split up but which I do mean to include, so I’m hoping I’ll remember, because I had already picked three for this post and I’ll leave it at that for now.

With nothing connecting the bands in this post, I’ll go alphabetically, starting with A Sound of Thunder. With their latest full album, released just under a year ago, otherwise being a “best of” but including what I gather is one actual new song, Explorer, that will be my first pick, and at 13:42 it’s quite an epic and sounds pretty much as you’d expect for something of the sort. As for the older song, selected so it won’t also be on that album, I’ll go with The Night Witch.

The second band is Eternal Silence, and they typically insist on also using male vocals, which in my opinion doesn’t work out, but they also have some songs where that’s not the case, so my picks will be out of those, the recent one being Glide in the Air, which is nice enough, while the older one is the quite lovely December Demise. I sure wish they’d focus on such songs much more, because they can do a good job with them.

As for the third band, that’s Scardust. With their most recent album being released on October 30, 2020, they wouldn’t quite fit this idea of posting bands with new material released within the past year, but I’ll “cheat” a little while also making things simpler for myself, so for the purpose of picking a recent song I just checked the two they posted videos for less than a year ago, even if they’re from that album, and will go with Mist. As for the older song, I’ll go with Sands of Time. Unfortunately, other songs I listened to aren’t at this level, but from these you should be able to see what they can do.


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