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Quick Review: The Thief of Fate

Again, without having played the game, I’m making assumptions, but if The Destiny Knight struck me as having failed to make proper use of the source material, in this case the impression was that the source material couldn’t be put together in book form, and even less so in a novella, offering too much breadth and too little depth to work with. That said, the author didn’t even seem to try anymore, appearing to have had enough, rushing through area after area, sometimes barely even mentioning them.
While, unlike Lady Svante, I’d use a term very different from “fascinating” for the fact “that the truth can be lost in so short a time”, the beginning seemed pretty good, promising another thrilling fantasy adventure but also having some words of wisdom related to our “reality” to add. However, with the possible exception of a few moments that can be considered exceptions, those expectations were not met, this novella being, at least in my view, by far the weakest of the series. The action offers few thrills, the locations and characters are spared too little attention to generate immersion, not to mention emotional involvement, and while the moments when Gillan breaks the fourth wall make good points about heroic fantasy tropes, and those used in games released in that period in particular, they stop there, and in a way are tropes themselves.

Rating: 2/5


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