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National Geographic Romania Is No More…

After the name of the publisher suddenly changed for the February 2021 issue, though it seems that the former publisher’s Romanian business had actually been taken over several months earlier, and following the information about who the owners of the new publisher are and their past exploits, there were reasons for concern for the future of the Romanian edition of National Geographic… Which concerns seemed confirmed towards the end of the year, the last few issues becoming difficult to find, and many messages stating that the last two were not even sent to subscribers, plus that the last issue displayed on the site was the September one, and the December one doesn’t seem to have been presented on any official channel.
Still, the December issue did exist, and could be purchased if you looked for it, but the January issue was nowhere to be found and those who asked said they were receiving no replies. That made things quite clear, but it was only on January 20 that the news that the publisher had filed for bankruptcy became better known, along with the fact that many had been suing for the money they were owned since December. And on January 31, the now-former editor-in-chief of the Romanian edition finally made the announcement that the edition will no longer be published, which announcement also appeared on the site today, or yesterday if you consider the hour.
So it was an expected development, but that makes it no less sad. Despite the change of ownership at the top as well, and the relatively recent changes to the structure of the magazine, increasing the space for brief articles and photo essays at the expense of the long reads, National Geographic magazine remained an increasingly rare example of quality in our media landscape… And I for one bought every single issue since the Romanian edition launched, back in 2003, and for many years it was the only magazine I still read, and in a way something I relied on, even if in some small way, so I’m wondering what to do next, since the English issue, while quite readily available here, costs three times as much, so switching to it is out of the question.


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