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Are There Any Sports Moving Towards Endurance?

Since I’m getting ready for the half marathon and need a quick post, it’s probably a good time to mention a question which has been on my mind recently: Are there any sports that are moving towards endurance? Because all I’ve been seeing for quite a number of years is this infuriating move towards shorter, faster events, reducing or even eliminating the element of endurance. I previously posted my views about this happening in tennis, and how it makes me lose just about all interest in it, but what made me think about it again these days was happening to see some articles about the changes to the modern pentathlon. Not that I ever cared about that discipline, didn’t even know what it was about until now, but I just happened to see some articles and it reminded me of the process and how infuriating it is.
In fact, since running is currently the first thing on my mind, I’m starting to wonder whether the marathon, in itself, as an event, isn’t also at risk. I mean, the 50 km walk was already scrapped, and while you can’t compare the two when it comes to the level of interest and significance, it doesn’t seem unreasonable or an exaggeration to think that there are real reasons for concern… Among which you can add the fact that a number of events, including the long distances, were supposed to be scrapped by the Diamond League as well, and if that decision was mostly reversed, the changes to the format, also aimed at compressing and rushing the events, remain in place.
So, I repeat my question: Are there any sports going in the opposite direction, towards longer events, emphasizing endurance and long-term planning… And, yes, also demanding a longer attendion span from the spectators? At this point, I might even start getting interested in them if I’d learn that they exist…


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