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Long Final Sets and My Interest in Tennis Are Both Gone for Good

I hadn’t seen the news about the official decision to implement ten-point tie-breaks in the final sets of all Grand Slam tournaments a month ago, when I was mentioning tennis as the first bad example while asking whether any sports are moving towards instead of away from endurance, nor even before the start of Roland Garros, so I still expected it to be the one remaining major tournament, but when I checked the results after the first day and saw a final set tie-break, I looked it up and, as soon as I read about that decision, it yet again confirmed what I was saying at the start of 2020.
Of course, few matches end up having long final sets, going past 6-6, but I normally only got interested enough to follow the tournaments where that was a possibility, so once I saw that the very idea was now completely and officially eliminated from the sport, I simply no longer cared. At all. Maybe I glanced over some of the results a couple more times over the course of the entire tournament, but only switched to watch some parts of a few matches when I was in the kitchen and there really wasn’t anything else to watch, otherwise preferring news or even motorsports or TV series that I don’t normally watch. The one exception was the Nadal-Djokovic match, but even that was somewhat of an accident, because I didn’t care enough to check when it was, only happening to see that it had just started when I was looking for something to watch while cooking, and staying there instead of continuing to search for once.
Yes, it’s a little late to post this now, and I meant to post it at the end of the tournament, Sunday, or maybe Monday at the latest, but without forcing myself to at least start writing that personal update before the start of the week, I knew that I’d still be putting it off even now, and then it’d have been weird to post something else until I actually finished that post, which only happened before I went to bed this morning, when I edited it to add the section about June 3. But it’s not like it matters anyway. It’s just a confirmation that a sport died from my point of view, but it had been dying for years because of this push in this direction, and the final nail in the coffin came months ago, along with that decision, Roland Garros only marking the moment when it actually came into effect.


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