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Putin’s Terrible But the Worse Enemies Are Here

If this wouldn’t have been the pattern all along, and if he wouldn’t have been such a firm supporter of the status quo and of the big players who profit from it at the expense of everyone and everything else all along, propped up solely by good PR and the fact that the notable alternatives that exist on the French political scene are even more terrible, the way Macron keeps fighting on Putin‘s side would be unbelievable by now. I mean, after humiliating himself by saying that Putin must not be humiliated, now, during his visit to Romania, he said that Ukraine must negotiate with Russia, which can only mean giving up even more of its territory, and possibly more than that, in exchange for the conflict becoming frozen for some more time, until Russia will regain its strength and push forward yet again.
On the other hand, we also have Stoltenberg, who instead of leading the fight against such dirty tactics is now saying that Turkey’s concerns over Sweden and Finland wanting to join NATO are legitimate, openly becoming an advocate of the tyrant within NATO that is Erdogan, who’s seizing the opportunity to resort to open blackmail in order to further his agenda.
Compared to those statements coming from those who, if they’d in any way care to rise to the demands of the positions they currently hold, would be expected to have completely opposite stances, the fact that the Pope has said that Russia was perhaps provoked into starting this war is barely worth mentioning. After all, while he also has good PR that may fool many, one shouldn’t really expect someone in his position to actually be on the right side when it really comes down to it.
But it must be pointed out that it’s not just these supposedly great leaders, who should be burying their heads in shame before Zelenskyy, who are the problem here. As always, the bigger problem are the people, who are already pushing in increasing numbers for an end to the conflict regardless of what Ukraine, and most likely not only Ukraine, will have to sacrifice for it, being less and less willing to pay the price of justice, once again returning to the typical defining traits of humanity, selfishness and shortsightedness. You’d think that at least such an obvious threat from an external enemy would bring some lasting unity, but in fact the more dangerous enemies are here, from the highest to the lowest levels of society.


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