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Catching Up on June… After a Full Week of August…

On June 6, I had more of a breakfast, including an egg salad, albeit with just a small sweet thing and no bread, and left at 5:25 PM, going to the main Library location, near Romana Square, to return the books and maybe try to find the other one again, even if the system was still down. And I wouldn’t have needed the system, because I had taken the location code before it failed… But I forgot to take it with me. And I also felt really down on the way, but just kept going and got there at 6:30 PM, told a guy that I wanted to return some books and, after another person who was there asked if she could look through the English books for the one she wanted, I asked if I could do the same, mentioning that I couldn’t find it the first time. And he took the books, not bothering with my pass, and told me to go ahead. But I searched for over 15 minutes and still didn’t find that book, nor any other that seemed interesting enough. I was thinking to look through the literature section, but only had time for a glance through the subsection for Australian authors, so I eventually gave up and walked out just before 6:50 PM. The closing time was 7 PM, but I had heard some employees leaving and others saying that they’ll stay five minutes longer, so although nobody actually said anything to me, I knew I had to go.
I had taken some things that I was supposed to give to someone if she was going to meet me, maybe at University Square, but after first asking where to meet and passing the question back and forth, she stopped replying after I said that we won’t get anywhere if neither of us will fix something for the other to say yes or no to. Admittedly, I had selected an option on the form she had set up for that purpose and she said that she wasn’t going to come there then, and then I had said no to her first suggestion of another date and place. Either way, she also didn’t reply to the e-mails I had sent the day before and that afternoon, before leaving, so I obviously didn’t go back to University Square. Instead, I first checked that place with those carrot and orange cakes, seeing that it was closed, I hope not for good, and also had a quick look at that other place from that area, finding that the prices had obviously increased. Then I turned around and went to Obor… Somehow missing the single turn that’s on that route, though at least I realized it seconds later and went back.
Since I got to that area too early, I also checked Auchan, finally putting on the mask after entering that shopping center. Then I went to Carrefour, finding cheaper cabbage than what I had bought from Kaufland on June 2, but since it didn’t look too good and I already had that, I didn’t get more and kept going to Kaufland. It was 8:40 PM when I walked in, after peeing and washing my hands, but evening discounts were already listed and I got some buns, since that bread had a regular discount those days and no evening one and the sweet pastries that I’d care for were already gone. They had also been having piles of expiring walnuts from that brand, most of them spiced, but some caramelized ones as well, and I had been waiting for them to get closer to the expiration date, so the discount would increase, and that evening it was 50% and I found one last one with cinnamon, so I grabbed it, then also got some bread for dad, two bags of deeply discounted but actually still good cucumbers, one of the two bags of discounted beets, and a few other things. So I shouldn’t have bought cucumbers on June 2 either, but how could I have known? Either way, after waiting for 9:45 PM I made my way to the self-checkout, had no problems with the machine, then took some time to arrange everything in the backpack and bags and had just finished doing that and was about to walk out when it was announced that the store had closed.
I still needed to get some zacusca for dad, so on the way back I made a small detour to a Mega Image, thinking that I had to really rush when the closing time listed on the door was 10:30 PM and I had seen 10:19 PM on a street clock just before getting there. So I stuffed everything in a cabinet and quickly grabbed those jars, but then I also spotted some raisins in dark chocolate that had a listed price that was lower than the regular one, and I had been thinking about buying some more of those, to have some before the longer runs. However, that price was listed on a basket filled with such bags, while the normal price was listed in the proper place on the shelf, and the bar code was the same and the ones from the basket weren’t marked as being discounted in any way, so I gave up on the idea, not even trying to ask an employee, thinking that they were closing by then… But the time on the receipt was 10:32 PM and people were still walking in when I retrieved my things from the cabinet, so maybe what was listed on the door wasn’t correct.
I got back a little after 11:05 PM, put some of the purchases in their place, cleaned some of the mess dad had left in the kitchen, and told him to not stay more than an hour when it was just about midnight and he went to take a bath. Well, he did stay for more than an hour, but it was fine, because he came out when I had just finished eating lunch, after taking care of some more things and also having those caramelized walnuts. So it was 1:15 AM when I went to the toilet and to shower, coming out a few minutes after 2 AM. In spite of that, and of still having some more things to do and even washing the pot I had to wash for dad, since I made a cucumber salad and even I can do that pretty quickly, I still managed to finish eating at 3:40 AM, albeit after starting at 3:20 AM and then really rushing.

Moving on to June 13, I woke up early, when dad went out, leaving a note that he went to get cat litter. I had meant to go out in the afternoon, to get to Obor early enough to be able to get some from there, but he had been on my case for a couple of days because I wasn’t gathering the pee, Micky peeing so much at the time, and the litter box was supposedly stinking and he couldn’t take the smell… But he can just ask what smell and ignore me if I complain about the smell of his cooking when he won’t even turn on the exhaust hood, or about the moisture that’s in the air most of the time, admittedly with the exception of this hot part of the year, when he allows the windows to stay open, not to mention the smell of feet and sweat and who knows what else, sometimes as a result of him leaving dirty clothes everywhere. Either way, he bought another kind of cat litter, the same price as that other one at that store from Obor but five kilograms instead of six, though it is actually better and we switched to it since then. And before I left he again complained that I had just gathered the poop, though I had taken the worst of the pee as well, and before I got back he had cleaned out most of what was in the litter box and started the new bag. But, between his complaints, I managed to ask if I could use the metro card if I’ll get back before he had to leave and he gave it to me.
As such, with no more need to go to Obor, I left a few minutes after 2 PM and took the metro to go to Dedeman and get an extension cord that dad had asked me to look for. A storm seemed to be coming when I left the store, but it didn’t start before I went into that Auchan, getting kefir and a bread for dad and some metal dish scrubbers and using a self-checkout, though the machine kept saying that the bar code was wrong, finally working just when I meant to call an employee to help, which made her say that it got scared of her. But then it printed the receipt badly, the paper being crumpled and the bar code being split, so I couldn’t scan it in order to leave that area and walked out when others scanned theirs, which caused the gate to beep and those people to tell me that I had to scan my own receipt. So I showed them why I couldn’t do that and they told me to show it to an employee, but I didn’t bother, and no guard came after me. Then I took some time to arrange the purchases and then also went to that Kaufland, having never been to that one before… And I noticed that there’s a confectionery there and it didn’t just have those mini meringues, but they were surprisingly cheap. But we had plenty of sweets, so I didn’t get any, putting my purchases in a cabinet after needing to try three before finding one that worked, then getting the cornmeal I wanted and also finding expiring yeast and getting one, using a small part of it for the bread that I actually did bake the next day. The rest of that pack is still in the freezer even now, but I wouldn’t count it as a loss even if it’d no longer be usable, considering the discount. Either way, I then had no problems with the self-checkout, retrieved my things from the cabinet and walked back to the metro.
I took my time to arrange everything in the backpack and bags on the metro and decided to stop at Dristor and check the farmers’ market, looking for that cheese and maybe some more cat litter. However, after it seemed that it had rained while I was in Kaufland, even though while I walked to the metro station it wasn’t even drizzling anymore, it had most definitely rained heavily in the Dristor area, but it was actually sunny when I got there. And when I got to the farmers’ market I found that the store that I thought I’ll find that cheese at was closed… And so was the pet shop, and an old woman who was selling at the stall that’s in front of it told me that they had closed and left, and when I asked whether that was because of the rain she said yes. So I just wasted time by going there and ended up getting back a few minutes after 5 PM.
After putting the purchases in their place and having lunch, I was just walking out the door again at 7:30 PM. Since the area around the stadium was still closed off, I had to go around it, then got to Carrefour and looked for the cat food that was on sale, but just one of the kinds that I wanted to try for Micky was still available there and the sale was four for the price of three, so I got one of those and one of another kind, deciding to also try that one even though I hadn’t really wanted to at first, plus two of the kind that I knew she liked. Then I spent quite some time searching through the pile of expiring, and even actually expired, bags of pretzels, trying to find one without tears which wasn’t already expired. Once I finally had one, I went to the self-checkout… But I wanted to enter all of the cat food as being of a single kind, since at that point I wasn’t sure whether the deal also applied if they differed, and the machine no longer asked for the number of items automatically, so I wasn’t sure what to do after scanning the first one. I could have just scanned the same one four times, of course, but I had started with one of those that I had two of and eventually figured out that you can change the entered number, so I entered three and scanned that second one. Not that I had to do that, as I later learned that the discount did apply even for different kinds, but I didn’t want to risk it at that time.
Either way, I then also went to Kaufland, put the purchases in a cabinet, peed and washed my hands… But found no bakery discounts yet, even though it was just 9 PM. So I looked around and got cucumbers again, since those had a good evening discount, then finally saw the bakery discount labels being placed and got another one of those breads and two buns. Then, after wandering around until 9:45 PM, I went to the self-checkout, having no problems with the machine but also seeing that none of the discounts had increased. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet, took a little time to arrange everything and got back at 10:25 PM.

On June 16, I went out a little after 2:20 PM, also taking some recyclables, which I dropped off in a bin on the way, and some small broken electronics. I first went to the farmers’ market, but when I got there I decided to first check that Supeco and ended up getting just a little garlic. Then I went to that pet shop from the farmers’ market, but if three days earlier I had seen the kind of cat litter that we used to get through the window, at that point they only had more expensive kinds. And I couldn’t find that kind of cheese at the stores from there either. But I did find two people selling cabbage at the same price as the one that was at Mega Image those days, which was the cheapest at that point, and decided to get some from one of them instead of from the store… Though she rounded up the price, asking for 4 RON when the total should have been 3.85 RON. But that just made me actually look for coins, and I’d say that before getting back I just recovered that small loss that way.
Then I went to Kaufland, dropped off those small broken electronics, put the bag in a cabinet, went in and got a few things, having no problems with the self-checkout. Then I retrieved the bag and kept going to Auchan… And a bug got right in my eye on the way, so once I got there I went to the bathroom to try to get it out and wash that eye. And then there’s the fact that they don’t have cabinets there, guards putting things in sealed plastic bags, so I had to walk around the store while awkwardly carrying quite a large bundle. And I didn’t even find the bread that I was looking for, even asking and being told that they were out. But at least I got two expiring ones for dad, also using the amount that was on the store card, as a result of buying that kefir for him three days earlier. And on the way back I also went to Carrefour, put everything in a cabinet, found the new bread that was on sale and got one even though, while the name would have led one to believe that it was made from whole wheat and rye flour, the ingredients listed rye and white flour. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet and got back here a little before 5:55 PM.
As for that night, I just failed to stick to the dinner schedule, thinking that I had a few minutes to spare and finding that I didn’t have as many as I thought. I also realized that I had again forgotten to put seasonings in the salad before taking it to my room, and even though I left it like that, I didn’t quite manage to take everything else to my room before 3 AM. And then, after finishing the roes and going back to the kitchen in order to put some jam on the last slices of bread, I also saw one of those black cockroaches when I opened the fridge and tried and failed to kill it before it escaped, so I ended up finishing dinner a few minutes after 3:40 AM. And I just felt crushed, being really tired before starting to make dinner and by the time I went to bed I just felt weak, even shaking, a headache was coming… And I was still tired when I got up the next day.

Moving on to June 22, I left at 10:15 AM, taking dad’s metro card and going to a protest against the proposed new laws governing the intelligence agencies. Not jogging to the metro station meant that I just missed the metro and ended up waiting for nine minutes for the next one, but catching that one would have just meant getting there too early, since the protest was supposed to start at 11 AM, the organizers asked people to arrive at 10:45 AM, and it was just after that time when I got there, though I spent a couple of minutes taking my mask off and putting it away properly before actually getting to the protest area. As for the protest itself, there were only some 30 participants and a handful of photographers, but just one news crew, from that site that focuses on protests and always shows up, and even they just interviewed a couple of the organizers and then left. But at least the chanting was well organized, starting a couple of minutes after 11 AM and lasting for a full 30 minutes. And the organizers also brought bottles of water and at the end of that part I also took one and drank it right away, then took my place in the group when the final picture was taken. We were also told that anyone who wants to do so can have their picture taken with the actors they had, with head gear in the form of eyes, but I didn’t care for that, so I left at 11:45 AM, putting my mask back on when I got to the metro station.
Then I went to Obor, first checking that Auchan and then also going to the Mega Image that’s on the way to that Penny, finding the candy I was looking for and also noticing that some rather nice chocolate was 50% off even though it wasn’t expiring, so I got one of those as well. Then I went to Penny, putting the backpack in a cabinet even though it had no key and getting the cat litter and treats that were on sale, albeit just one of each at that moment. Then I retrieved the backpack, put everything in a cabinet once I got to Kaufland, peed and washed my hands, and just bought a beet, at full price, though it at least looked really nice. Then I again retrieved my things from the cabinet, put everything back in one after getting to that Carrefour, and grabbed an expiring small focaccia, some potatoes and the only four code one eggs that weren’t visibly cracked… Though when I got back I saw that at least one was actually cracked after all, and they were all dirty and sticky. But at least there were no problems with the self-checkout, neither there nor at Kaufland. So I again retrieved my things from the cabinet, took quite some time to try to arrange everything in the backpack and bags, then had a look through the part of the Obor market with the shops, getting two more of those awfully cheap perfumes for dad and some of that cheese, since it was at least placed in the refrigerated area that time around.
After getting back to the metro station, I decided to first get back here, to drop off the purchases and also give the metro card back to dad, even if he had initially said that he won’t really need it. So I was back at 3:25 PM and did that, and also talked to him a little about Micky and tried to feed her some of those treats before going back out just before 4 PM.
After just getting a little more garlic from Supeco, digging through it in order to find some that looked better, I decided to go to Auchan after all, jogging nearly all the way and entering with that garlic in the backpack… Only to once again fail to find that bread. And after again asking about it and being told that they were indeed out, I also asked at what time is it usually available, being told that some was still there an hour earlier. But that didn’t help me in any way, so I just got some more bread for dad and made my way to the Carrefour from the park, still hurrying but not running again. Then I put the bread and garlic in a cabinet, quickly grabbed a few more potatoes and a snack, retrieved my things from the cabinet and rushed back, though when I saw that I had a couple of minutes to spare I ended up also quickly checking the nearby Mega Image.
I was back a couple of minutes before 6 PM, the back of my neck and my ears being awfully sunburned, and parts of my lower arms, the right one in particular, were also affected to some extent. Either way, I then had an orange and that entire large bag of bagels which I had meant to eat two days earlier, after which I finally showered… And then made mamaliga, since dad was away until late. And after eating I even did the day’s squats.

In the early hours of June 24, after washing two pots and slicing bread for dad, and then also taking my bread out of the freezer too late, which made it even harder to slice when it was tricky to begin with, since it was another piece of the bread I had made, I only started eating dinner at 3:20 AM and finished at 4:05 AM. Then, after getting up, I left at 2:55 PM, first going to finally meet that girl, at this metro station, and give her those things.
Next, I went to Carrefour Mega Mall, got some of that cheese for Micky, grabbed something from the expiring products… And found that the beets were almost 30% cheaper than they had been at Kaufland, so I got two more. Then, after having no problems with the self-checkout, I also checked that store from there for the newspapers, since dad had forgotten to get them earlier and I had told him that I’ll take care of it. But they didn’t have either of them there, and the store that’s at that Kaufland, which I checked after putting the purchases in a cabinet, only had one, so I left it for later and went in, just getting an expiring “Greek” yogurt with a normal amount of fat but increased protein content, even if it was expensive even with that discount. Then, after again having no problems with the self-checkout, I retrieved my things from the cabinet, arranged everything in the backpack, and decided to check whether a newspaper stand was still open and actually had newspapers. However, the one from that corner was closed and I didn’t try to search for others in that area.
That meant that I still needed those newspapers, so after having a quick look in that new bakery on the way, I ended up also going to Park Lake, finally finding the newspapers at that store from there. Then I again put the purchases in a cabinet and checked that Carrefour as well, finding a nice sweet thing among the expiring products and also grabbing a few more potatoes, since the price of those had also dropped. They had been on sale until two days earlier, but once that sale ended the price actually dropped 20% more. Either way, I then again retrieved my things from the cabinet… And the coin got stuck in the mechanism, though after fighting with it for a while I eventually managed to get it to drop without needing to ask for help. But I was already late and that made it clear that I had no chance to get back by 6 PM, so I took it easy, once again arranged everything in the backpack, and was just entering the building at 6:15 PM.
Well, dad had someone here at that point, helping him move furniture yet again, so there were plenty of things on the hallway, the kitchen was full of books… And trying to squeeze around the books in order to put the potatoes in their place caused me to bump and scratch my head multiple times, and there was actually a bit of blood, and my head rather hurt. Then, after that guy left and dad started moving everything back, I ate that sweet thing and an orange while cleaning up a couple of places, and also did the day’s squats, in the kitchen, before going to my room and eating a snack that I already had. Then I finally went to the toilet and to shower, also taking some time to wash that little piece of carpeting that I wipe my feet on, since dad had used it to soak some of the water, after that guy stepped in the water that he kept placing there for the cats. And then I also worked on my running shoes for a while, trying to make them scrape my feet much less, which I actually managed… Though at the same time I also had a much better look at just how damaged they are. Either way, I eventually also had lunch and wrote the quick review for the book, which I had finished the day before, after having started it on June 12… And I just realized that I’m actually yet to translate it into Romanian and also post that version on Goodreads.

That work done on the shoes and that expiring yogurt were obviously for this summer’s Dream Trek, and I already wrote about that, as well as about what happened before and after it, but I didn’t yet mention the dinner I had the following night, so I’ll add here that, in the early hours of June 27, I only managed to start eating dinner at 3:25 AM, after making mascarpone and mushroom pizza and also putting some mascarpone on one of the purchased pastries. I had one more pastry, which I had initially meant to also eat that night, but I gave up on that idea and had it after waking up instead. As for the rest of that day, my feet were really swollen… And in the afternoon there was a power failure, lasting for an hour.

Getting to June 28, I was making a note that my mouse was really double clicking, but this does still seem to have to do with the temperature, and since then there were moments when it was really bad and others when it worked almost normally. But this section should be about June 28, and that day I went out at 4:10 PM, taking the recyclables, which I dropped off in a bin, and then, after first entering a pet shop and asking about the food that I had been told Micky will need, going to the Post Office, having received a notification that I had something to pick up.
I already mentioned, in the post about Micky, that dad called just when I was there and I ended up going to see her and talk to the vets on my own, but I’m yet to mention what happened in between, starting with the fact that I spotted another vet and pet shop place after leaving the Post Office and asked about that food there as well. And then I thought that Micky’s vet was another one, so I first went to that place, getting there a little before 5 PM and waiting until that time, but not daring to try to enter, since I was increasingly uncertain and there didn’t seem to be any movement. So I rushed back here and checked the receipt, seeing what the correct place was and finally getting there a few minutes after 5 PM, though it was just a little before 5:10 PM when I actually entered, after waiting outside for a couple more minutes, in case dad would show up.
As I already stated, he didn’t come, but he was here when I got back and said that he didn’t know what to do, since I hadn’t answered, and hadn’t heard me telling him where I was before hanging up. That was probably an excuse, but it doesn’t matter anymore, so I’ll just move on and say that I then had a nectarine and two pancakes and left again a little after 7:10 PM. I didn’t go back to that first pet store that I had checked, however, since I decided to go to the Kaufland and Carrefour that are next to each other and knew that another one of their locations was on the way… Only to be told a higher price when I went there and asked for the other kind of special food that we had to get for Micky. Or at least it was higher than what I remembered seeing at that first location, but while when I mentioned that I was told that perhaps they hadn’t yet changed the price labels there, since the prices had just increased, it is also possible that I hadn’t looked in the right place, since the price that I recalled seeing was listed for the basic kind at this other location and I wanted the one with fish. So I didn’t argue, paying the current price and also deciding to count the difference as paid from “my” money, since I was the one who decided to not go back to that first location. And if I’d have gone in that direction I could have also checked that other place once again, and then there’s the large pet shop that’s next to that Kaufland, where the price was just a little higher than what I thought I had seen, so less than what I ended up paying. But I just got two at that time, so it wasn’t too much of a difference.
Either way, I then made my way to Kaufland, but at that point I just had a quick look in the pet shop that’s also there, then went back out and also quickly checked the location of that same pet shop from Mega Mall before entering Carrefour and initially just getting a little bit of garlic. However, I then saw a good price on some yogurt… Only to scan it and see a much higher price. So I took a picture of the price label, looked for an employee and told him, and he came with me and checked and confirmed that I should get the listed price. So I went to one of the few checkouts that are still manned in that location, let the cashier know of the issue and showed him the picture, but he wanted to check and nobody seemed available, since he first called one person, was told to call another, did so, had the call rejected, called again to let someone else know what happened, waited for a while and eventually said that the difference was higher than it actually was, asking for less money than even the listed price of the yogurt, even though I also had that garlic, and still giving me a higher amount than what the difference should have been as change. I have no idea what he was thinking, but I didn’t insist on being fair anymore, just taking the money and walking away.
After getting back to Kaufland, I put the purchases in a cabinet, peed and washed my hands, but didn’t find anything interesting, and the cat food that was on sale was also gone, and that had been my main reason to go there, so dad would be able to take some to mother the next day, when he took Liza there. So after a while I just walked out, retrieved the purchases… And put them in a cabinet at Carrefour, since I went back there, since they also have evening discounts for bakery products in that location, so I picked up two breads for dad. However, what I didn’t yet know at that point was that the discounts don’t apply automatically. But those self-checkouts also don’t have scales, so when I used one and noticed that the full price was showing up, I just entered that I only had one instead of two and got the discount that way, without asking an employee to help. Then I again retrieved my things from the cabinet and rushed out, to still be able to go through the area that’s around the stadium, seeing as it closes at 10 PM.
I was back a little before 10:10 PM and started cleaning the mess left by dad in the kitchen, even leaving putting the yogurt in the fridge for later. I also talked to my mother on the phone for a while, then finally had lunch and it was some time after 12:30 AM when I finally went to shower, getting back to the kitchen at 1:10 AM and still having things to do. Nevertheless, I still managed to finish eating dinner at 3:40 AM, and would have even managed to start before 3 AM if I’d have rushed, but I first arranged the food properly in my room and therefore started right at 3 AM. On the other hand, I wasn’t feeling well. My feet were less swollen than they had been the day before, but I had walked a fair bit and they started swelling again after I got back, I had an odd feeling in my abdomen, there had been an odd taste in my mouth and perhaps some acid reflux even while I was out, and the way I felt in general reminded me of the previous summer, when things had been quite bad, so I was thinking that, even though it hadn’t seemed like it at the time, I might have pushed myself too hard during the Dream Trek.

And the last day I’ll include in this huge post is June 30, when I ran. I had intended to go right after coming back from the vet, despite the heat, if that’d have been it for Micky, but since that wasn’t the case, I did change straight into the full running gear but left the run for the evening, first having something sweet brought by my mother and lunch and eventually also drinking all the tea. And when dad left to take mother back, he took out the yucca he had received some time ago, wanting to leave it on the building hallway, in case Micky had chewed on it and that had caused her condition to worsen so quickly the day before, so I said I’ll take it in my room instead. The leaves were dusty, however, and my mother told me to wipe them first, so I first placed the plant in the bathtub and wiped some of them there, but the position was hurting my leg muscles, so after a while I moved the plant to my room and finished here. Then I made another tea, put some things in the pocket of my tights, also had an apple and the yogurt with cereals and almonds, once again put on both of those armbands, and left at 7:40 PM, when the reported temperature was about 34°C, supposed to drop by a few degrees by the time I’ll finish, so when I actually started running, at 7:55 PM, it probably wasn’t higher than the 33°C that seems to be the highest reported temperature that I ran at so far.
The time was 50:22, with sector times of 4:38, 5:20, 6:07, 4:42, 5:21, 6:10, 4:43, 5:20, 6:02 and 1:59, making for lap times of 16:05, 16:13 and 16:05. Memorizing the exact times obviously had no point, so I didn’t bother, and then I couldn’t even write down the exact full time, because it was dark in my room when I meant to look and instead of pressing the button for the stopwatch’s light, I accidentally pressed the one that made it resume timing. Either way, I was thinking that, under those circumstances, staying under 50 minutes would be great, but after such a slow first sector I realized that I was actually looking at 52 minutes. Still, I tried to stay under 16 minutes on the first lap and pushed on sector three, and while that wasn’t enough for that lap, over the course of lap two I realized that I should be aiming to stay under 51 minutes. And then, since after the end of that lap that target seemed to not be a problem, I briefly wondered about staying under 50:30. It didn’t really seem worth thinking about until the end of sector one of lap three, but after seeing that sector’s time I realized that I really had a chance and pushed from then on, even harder on sector three, and found that I was safe after the three laps… Which was a good thing, considering that poor final sector. So it was an awful time, the worst, and the first one over 50 minutes, since the last run before being hospitalized, but at that point, under those circumstances, it was all right.
Needing to wait for an opening in a roadblock meant that I stopped for a couple of seconds on sector one of lap two, before the bridge, and it’s possible that there was another brief stop on that sector, and there definitely were brief stops on sectors one and two of lap one and sector two of lap two. I probably didn’t really stop on sector three of laps one and two or on lap three, but I did slow a lot a number of times, because of all the people. And lap three was also windy, so there was a cooling effect, but I also had to fight the wind. The heat was a far bigger problem, however, and I was also tired, after just getting a few hours of sleep and being awake since morning. In fact, a couple of hours earlier I was almost falling asleep at the computer, and I obviously hadn’t recovered after the Dream Trek, my feet were swelling, my abdomen also seemed swollen, my kidneys still didn’t seem to have recovered… In addition, I started feeling some warnings from the right knee from the start of lap two, both thighs added their “voices” to that from the start of lap three, and what was more concerning was that my heart also felt weird as I went up the stairs at the start of the final sector. And, speaking of that final sector, I couldn’t recall whether I had gone all the way to the left on that straight, and instead of just continuing to the right and then going left again, I stopped when I realized that and went to the left, possibly again, before returning to the right. On the other hand, they had finally painted the white lines on the edges of the lane everywhere, and a couple of small patches which they had just repaired were fenced off, but I can’t say that those caused any problems.
After the run, I first checked that Carrefour, putting on the mask after entering that mall but not getting anything. Then I also went to Kaufland, peed and washed my hands, but didn’t find toilet paper and the only evening discount seemed to be for green onions and even that wasn’t good enough, so I just got a handful of regular onions, at full price, since we were running out.
I got back a little after 10:35 PM and had another sweet thing brought by my mother and some walnuts and drank the second tea, but dad went to shower first, so I washed what I had to wash in the kitchen and then wasted time until I eventually asked whether he’ll take much longer and he finally came out a little after 12:30 AM. So I could then go to the toilet, for the third time that day, and then showered, getting back to the kitchen at 1:15 AM and also slicing the last bread that I was yet to slice for dad, so I only started eating dinner at 3:15 AM, though I had licked something in the kitchen before that time, and finished at 4:05 AM. I got in bed at 5:20 AM.


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