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The Runs from the First Half of November

Just before getting to bed on the morning of November 4, I sliced the last bread that was still unsliced for dad and wanted to put it in the freezer, but it was hard to make it fit and, while trying to make room, a bag with some of mine fell and tore, one part of the bread ending up on the floor. Being frozen, I decided that I could wash it, then I microwaved it, then washed it more thoroughly and then microwaved it again, for a longer time, which led to going to bed at 5:20 AM.
After getting up when the alarm rang, at 2 PM, I had all of the usual stuff… And then something strange happened while I was searching for something in the file that I use to make notes. It started skipping, maybe looking like Page Down kept being pressed, but bits of text were also often getting selected. So I minimized the window, opened a file in Notepad, saw no similar behavior, then opened a new Writer file as well, typed a little and again saw no similar behavior, but it continued when I switched back to that file. But it didn’t happen again after I closed it and opened it again, so I moved on, putting on the full running gear, with some things in the pocket of my tights, also having a sweet pastry, and leaving just after 4:05 PM. The reported temperature was 18-19°C, supposed to drop by a couple of degrees by the time I finished. And I stopped on the first bench in the park to get something out of the right shoe.
The time was 46:54.67, with sector times of 4:14.04, 5:01.13, 5:46.31, 4:24.12, 4:57 (4:56.82), 5:44 (5:43.75), 4:23.40, 4:55 (4:54.47), 5:44.60 and 1:46.03, making for lap times of 15:01.48, 15:05 (15:04.69) and 15:02.47. I kept putting off really fixing the time for sector two of lap three in my mind after I was done, and didn’t calculate those after it at all since I remembered the actual times, but by the time I thought of it, after shopping, I wasn’t quite certain of the seconds of that one anymore. Still, I’m quite sure that what I wrote here, after thinking about it for a while, is correct, so I’m not using any question marks. Either way, I initially just aimed to stay under 48 minutes, but I pushed from the start and the first lap was good, then the second was better than expected, so after it I was thinking of 47:30 and pushed even more on lap three, realizing after two sectors that I’ll be close to 47 minutes if I could keep it up. The problem was that it was getting dark, so on sectors two and three of lap three I slowed to a walk for a couple of seconds, and I think that on sector two I actually stopped for a moment, to see the time. That made me worry that those seconds were going to make the difference between being over or under 47 minutes and I didn’t even check the time after the end of lap three, just giving it everything on the final sector, and it proved to be enough despite slipping on leaves in one spot, which was rather scary. Otherwise, there was hardly any wind, I felt fine and there were no notable problems, just some weaving and going the long way around, plus avoiding some wet areas of the lane.

Then, after putting on the mask on the way, I went to Carrefour and got what I wanted, including what seemed to be the last two bags of the corn puffs that were on sale, one of which I spotted thrown over the pile of another kind, plus some beer for dad, since those vouchers were also offered for beer those days. Then I got back just after 6 PM, ate one of the croissants bought from Carrefour, and when I came to my room to write the times in the file, I ended up also writing the other notes, so it took more time and I had left the door open, turning to look a few times and not seeing Liza around… Only for her to be on my bed the last time I looked, running away as soon as she saw me turning. And she had also gotten on my bed two days earlier and I had changed the sheets after that, so I couldn’t do so again so soon…
Either way, I changed and went out again at 7:30 PM, first getting what I wanted and some tea for dad from Penny. Then I arranged the purchases in the backpack and continued to Mega Mall, entering through the parking lot for the first time and then having a look in that Hervis and actually finding some discounted shoes that I tried on, even putting them back in the corner and considering coming back for them the next day, though I eventually gave up on that idea. The guard called after me when I walked out and asked me to open the jacket and the backpack, but Penny’s store brand could be seen on all of the purchases, so I entered with them in Carrefour as well, grabbing two breads for dad before 9 PM and then waiting for the sign announcing the 50% discount to be taken out. However, that didn’t happen, and the employees went in the back, one only coming back out when it was past 9:10 PM, at which point I asked whether the discount applied and she said that it did, just that it wasn’t listed, so I went to the self-checkout and just entered one bread, so I won’t need to call another employee. Then I continued to Kaufland, put the purchases in a cabinet, peed and washed my hands, though there was no soap, and entered the store a few minutes before 9:30 PM, seeing bakery discounts and getting a few things, including one that I noticed was in fact discounted after taking the label and scanning it, since it didn’t have a discount label. Then I also grabbed the other things I wanted with the exception of canned sardines, since none of those were left, also added a banana, was using the self-checkout when it was announced that the store had closed, and after retrieving my things from the cabinet and arranging everything, I finally walked out at 10:15 PM.
I got back at 10:45 PM, ate the banana, put the purchases in their place, washed what dad had left, eventually had lunch in the kitchen, finally went to shower at 12:35 AM… And the water temperature was dropping, so it became uncomfortable even though I was done in 20 minutes. But there were some more things to wash, I also sliced one of dad’s breads, and then the problem was that the piece of bread which I had thoroughly microwaved in the morning was too hard to slice, so I struggled to cut a little from the edges, where it wasn’t quite that hard, and eventually ate dinner in the kitchen, between 3:15 AM and 3:55 AM, nibbling, biting and swallowing the rest as it was.

On the morning of November 7, after slicing the last bread for dad, I ended up starting to eat dinner at 3:05 AM, but then I realized that I had forgotten to put seasonings in the salad, and also hadn’t taken the spoon that I use to finish it, so I rushed back to the kitchen and only really started eating at 3:10 AM, finishing at 4 AM. And I was making a note that my feet were burning again that day, the right one being worse, the feeling also going up on the leg to some extent, and it wasn’t just on that day. On the other hand, I kept putting off the squats until I forgot to do them at all.

On November 8, I got up when the alarm rang, at 1:30 PM, had all of the usual stuff, with a sweet pastry, with added honey, as the sweet thing, put another bandage on the cut finger and left at 4:05 PM, wearing the full running gear, with some things in the pocket of my tights. The reported temperature was 16°C at that point, and 15°C when I finished.
The time was 46:39.11, with sector times of 4:18.42, 4:59.37, 5:49 (5:48.53), 4:21 (4:20.97), 4:53.28, 5:43 (5:42.50), 4:15.35, 4:55 (4:54.69), 5:38.00 and 1:48.00, making for lap times of 15:06.32, 14:57 (14:56.75) and 14:48.04. And yes, those last two sector times are correct. I again initially just aimed to stay under 48 minutes and wasn’t pleased with the first sector, but the first lap was good in the end, so I was wondering about 47:30 and decided to try, pushing on lap two, and after that great sector two I wondered about getting under 47 minutes. It seemed unlikely, since I thought that I won’t get under 15 minutes on that lap and would therefore need to do so on lap three in order to manage that, but I pushed and ended up getting under 15 minutes on lap two after all. I still needed to push on lap three, however, and I did, and even though I felt like I couldn’t sustain the pace on the long straight of sector one, that was a great pace, resulting in great times and the fastest lap of the day, despite walking slowly for a couple of seconds on sector three, to see the hundredths. But the conditions were great, with that temperature and pretty much no wind to speak of, relatively few people that didn’t only mean no notable problems but I’d say even less weaving and going the long way around than what I’d consider normal, and no physical issues except a certain pressing need from sector three of lap one that got somewhat worse on lap two, though on lap three, when I pushed so hard, I can’t say that I noticed it anymore. I was a little wary of the leaves on the final sector, however, being careful to not slip again, and I also put my finger on the stopwatch’s button a few seconds before the end and noticed that the position caused me to slow a little.

Then, even though I hadn’t taken that voucher with me, I again went to Carrefour, put on the mask when I entered that mall, just got an expiring bread for dad… And ended up losing a couple of minutes when I tried to gain them by getting out through the parking lot, since the way out is a tunnel that’s only for cars, with no sidewalk and a sign forbidding pedestrians to go that way. I guess I could have hugged the wall, but I didn’t want to risk it and went back, then jogged past the park, until I reached the intersection and saw that I had enough time to be able to walk the rest of the way back.
After having lunch and some grapes, I changed and left again at 7:40 PM, deciding to go to Obor and reaching that mall at 8:20 PM, though I first quickly checked Carturesti and Decathlon, so it was 15 minutes later when I entered Carrefour… And I just got another expiring bread for dad, some bakery discount labels having already been placed when I got there and no others being added even though I wandered around until 9 PM. And, even though I did have it with me at that point, I forgot to use that voucher at the self-checkout. Then I grabbed one more thing for dad from Penny, entering with that bread in my hand and, as a curiosity, seeing a guy whom I had also seen while waiting in a long line in this other Kaufland on November 2. And then I saw a cart with coin in it in Kaufland’s parking lot and connected it to another in order to retrieve that coin, put that other product in my backpack and the bread in the bag hanging from my neck, not bothering to use a cabinet, washed my hands and entered the store just after 9:30 PM, getting a bunch of bakery products, though the discount stayed at 50%, and a couple of things for myself. One of those had the regular price listed on the label, not the one with the discount that was ending that day, but it still scanned correctly, at the discounted price. There were some things that I still couldn’t find but, after getting there just when it was announced that the store had closed, at least there were no problems with the self-checkout and, after arranging the purchases in the backpack and that bag, I was walking away at 10:10 PM.
I got back a few minutes before 11 PM, washed and cleaned a part of what was in the kitchen, put the purchases in their place, arranged some things in the fridge, finished the koliva brought by dad, and it was past 12:20 AM when I went to use the toilet and shower. I was back in the kitchen just over one hour later, but there were more things to wash and it was 3:15 AM when I started eating dinner and just after 4 AM when I finished. My mouse was having serious problems again, normal left clicks starting to become exceptions, since it often either double clicked or didn’t click at all, and the one store from Bucharest which had been listing the Kone XP as in stock was listing it as out of stock once again those days, so I was worried.

To add another gross piece of information, the following evening, after struggling for a while on the toilet, until the hard bits finally came out, I stopped after the big sausage that followed them and got up to flush… Only for it to already be too late, and flushing a couple more times didn’t make any difference, so I eventually had to reach in and unclog the toilet with my hand, with my pants down and while holding in the rest.

On November 14, I got up when the alarm rang, at 1:30 PM, had all of the usual stuff, with two of those nicer biscuits grabbed when I planted trees, with added honey, as the sweet thing, and left a little before 3:55 PM, wearing the full running gear. It was overcast and the reported temperature was 9°C, holding steady. I thought I’d freeze on the way to the park, without a jacket or anything else, but I was surprised that I didn’t, only my hands freezing a little, and not even those feeling completely frozen.
The time was 47:43.51, with sector times of 4:13.89, 5:05.00, 5:55 (5:54.84), 4:31 (4:30.28), 5:10.25, 5:49.41, 4:27.12, 4:58 (4:57.88), 5:45.06 and 1:50 (1:49.78), making for lap times of 15:13.73, 15:30 (15:29.94) and 15:10.06. I again aimed just to stay under 48 minutes and that time I didn’t manage much more than that, in fact being worried by sector two of lap two and pushing harder after that, and even more so on lap three, since that lap two time made me think that I could miss that target. But I regained my confidence after that good sector two of lap three, and then sector three settled it. Otherwise, there was hardly any wind and I had no real physical problems, but I’d have liked to be able to push harder, felt that the cold was making it just a little harder to breathe, and there might have been a slight feeling that I had more to leave in the toilet, though it wasn’t notable. And there were few people, but I caught a guy with a dog with a long leash right at the end of sector two of lap one, under the bridge. He was on one side and the dog was on the other, so the way was blocked, and I tried to slow a little but I was still going to catch them before clearing the bridge, and when I shouted at him to make way the dog stopped and turned, so I also had to stop suddenly and make my way around it, losing a couple of seconds. In addition, I probably slowed a little to see the time when it was getting dark, most notably on sector three of lap three.

My mouse was really next to unusable at that point, but over the following days it recovered almost completely, after I blew hard under the buttons, which initially made the wheel rather difficult to move and feel a bit sticky, but after a while that just fixed itself, and while there were a few more double clicks since then, they were rare, so at the moment it seems to work well enough. And that store also lists the Kone XP as in stock once again. Not that I’d want to buy it from there, but if it will become absolutely necessary, the option exists… At least as long as that listed status isn’t an error.
But, to get back to November 14, I had lunch after getting back, changed and went out again at 7:30 PM. After looking for garlic in Supeco but not finding any, I went to Park Lake, had a quick look in another store and then deposited 100 RON on my card, since I had no smaller bills, before withdrawing 90 RON, so I’ll just put back the 10 RON used two days earlier. The ATM that I used to make the deposit said that the operation couldn’t be completed when I tried to withdraw, but I moved to another and that worked. Then I went to Carrefour and just got a little garlic from there, not finding the almonds that were on sale, before continuing to Kaufland, just going in and out of that Penny, with the garlic in my pocket, before getting there.
Quite a sight “greeted” me when I went to pee, shit being pretty much everywhere, on and around the toilet, including on the walls, but the urinal was being used, so I did my business there, trying not to touch anything, washed my hands and walked in the store, with that garlic still in my pocket, a little before 9:25 PM. However, with the exception of one pastry that I didn’t care to get, the bakery area was cleared of discounted products, only doughnuts, which don’t get evening discounts, being left. And the other evening discounts weren’t great either, but I decided to make use of them and get some potatoes, a bundle of green onions and a banana… Only for the self-checkout to tell me to place the correct product on the scales when I selected the green onions, and it was a normal bundle, definitely not too large, so I had to call over an employee to override that error. But I still managed to finish before the store closed, the announcement coming just as I wanted to arrange the purchases in the backpack, so I rushed out while I could still use the main door and then arranged them outside. And then I wasted a little more time by having a quick look in that Mega Image on the way back, putting the backpack in a cabinet and then retrieving it, without finding anything to get.
I got back a little after 10:50 PM, ate that banana and a sweet pastry that I already had, washed what was in the kitchen, even did the day’s squats, and went to the bathroom right at midnight, to use the toilet and shower. I was back out a couple of minutes before 1 AM, but a few more things that I had to wash had appeared in the kitchen, I sliced the remaining unsliced bread for dad, also talked to him a little, and ended up starting to eat dinner at 3:05 AM, though I still finished at 3:40 AM.

And I guess I could stop here. The plan was to include all of November’s runs in this post, which would have made it a truly huge one, but I got halfway through the month before dad got back and I definitely won’t get anywhere near finishing by midnight, so I’ll leave the rest for another post. Still, just to also get this out of the way, I’ll also add here that, before going to bed on the morning of November 16, I finally added the Romanian translation to the Goodreads version of the review for Postcapitalism… “Only” close to five months after writing it.


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