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I Was Still 37 in the Period Covered by This Odds and Ends Post

The key had been sent in the evening, but it was in the early hours of September 28 when I redeemed Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – FATE Edition, received from that same guy who gives so many gifts on the GOG.com forums, this time the occasion being the 2022 edition of his “Fight Club” giveaway. One problem is that the installer is too large for the space that’s left on the disk where I have the others that I am or might be interested in playing, so it’s the only game that falls into either of those categories that I haven’t downloaded. Of course, it should be no problem to download it at a later time, and it’s a game that still receives updates, so the downloaded version is likely to become outdated, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so I probably should at least put it on the external HDD… Or perhaps finally get around to doing something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is to leave all of the installers for the games that I’m uncertain whether I’ll ever care to play only on the external HDD, download those for the games that I’m not interested in once again and put them there as well, just in case, and only leave those for the games that I do want to play at some point in both places, which should free enough space to add it.
But, to continue with September 28, I thought that I had a reason to go to the Treasury that day, so I set the alarm to ring at 11 AM, planning to go there and then continue with the shorter part of the walk of the route of the marathon. However, when I looked again at the papers, I saw that I had initially looked in the wrong place and in fact only had a reason to go there on September 30, so I changed the plan and did the long part of the walk that day. I initially only meant to have breakfast before leaving, but considering the distance that I had to cover, I decided to have lunch as well.
I left right at 2 PM, one reason for concern being that my knees were giving some warnings, though those went away after a while. Either way, I obviously started with the last part of the route, going straight to Constitution Square, then continued to the starting location and followed the route from there, staying on that side when I returned to Constitution Square, since I was going to go on the other side later. When I reached the point where the route turns off Unirii Boulevard, I crossed to the other side and turned around, not going as far as the spot where the route actually turns, since I had walked past it on the way to Constitution Square and was going to do so again later. Then, after turning at Unirii Square, I put on the mask and checked that Mega Image, and then also that Carrefour, where I found two 1 kg bags of spoiling bio (organic) apples and bought the one that was quite good, just a part of one apple having been visibly eaten by something. Then I returned to the route and continued, just very quickly checking that Zero Waste store when I got there, without putting the mask back on. I did accidentally cross Elisabeta Boulevard instead of turning on it, but I realized it before I actually finished crossing and went back. And since it was getting late and I had already covered that part, after crossing Libertatii Boulevard again I decided against covering that part a second time, crossed back and went straight to Constitution Square, on that other side. Then I covered the rest of the planned route, continuing past that spot where the marathon’s route turns off Unirii Boulevard, until I could turn and get to Vitan.
The next planned destination was Kaufland, but I started looking for some rice that was on sale in Mega Image, so I first checked that large Mega Image and then a Shop & Go, and when I couldn’t find any left in either of those locations, I entered the Mall and tried to use the display to search for that Mega Image. However, the display didn’t seem to function properly and a guard asked whether he could help me, insisting when I just kept trying to use the display, so I hurried away, trying the floor above before going down to the basement and finding it there. But I still couldn’t find any of that rice, which continued to be the case after crossing the road and checking another Shop & Go. So I continued on my way to Kaufland, checking the hours of another Mega Image and Shop & Go but not entering since they closed later.
After peeing and washing my hands when I reached Kaufland, I entered the store at 9:35 PM, but an employee was cleaning the bakery area and no discounted products were left. But I did find toilet paper and took some time to dig for some good onions, the announcement that the store had closed coming just as I paid at the self-checkout. However, the machine ran out of paper and I had to wait for a couple of minutes until an employee replaced the roll. Then I took some time to stuff the onions in the backpack and throw the toilet paper in a bag… Only to stop again after walking out, to put that toilet paper in a better position in that bag.
After returning to that Mega Image and not finding any of that rice there either, I finally did find it in that Shop & Go, so I got one. I still checked two more Mega Image locations on the way back, however, and while I didn’t buy anything, the cabinets offered something to write about. In one case, I somehow missed them and asked the guard where to put the rice. I had walked in with everything until then, but since that was purchased from one of their stores, I couldn’t really do that anymore, so I put it in a cabinet after the guard pointed to them, though I didn’t lock the door. And at the other location I put the rice and the backpack in a cabinet and found that a coin had been left there, after being released by the mechanism, so I used it to lock the door… And then found why it had probably been left there in the first place, since the mechanism refused to release it after I unlocked, but I insisted, which the other person probably hadn’t done, and eventually managed to retrieve it. And I’ll also add that I felt a little chilly after leaving that Mega Image, and I had taken the jacket with me, but I didn’t bother to put it on at that point, so I just carried it all day for no reason.
I got back at 11:20 PM, just had that apple that was eaten by something, finding that the damage didn’t go too far, put the other purchases, except the apples, in their place, and got to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash, just after 12:15 AM. I was back out just before 1:15 AM, but there were things to wash, I also put the apples in their place, and I also ate something sweet and some nicer snacks while working on dinner. And I had only eaten about half of those snacks, if not less, by the time dinner was ready, so I took a few more minutes to finish those before starting to eat dinner, which I did at 3:20 AM, finishing at 3:55 AM and getting in bed at 5:20 AM, despite not flossing. And I’ll also mention here that there were no visits recorded in either view on September 28.

Since before going to bed I saw two more of those errors from my SSD, and that it was actually reporting one more than what was listed in the system logs, the next day I copied the contents of D: to the external HDD. That increased the number of those errors by hundreds, but after seeing that the probable cause is a faulty or simply loose cable, I then opened the computer, switched the SSD’s cable with that of the VelociRaptor and made sure that all of the cables were fixed properly. And that seems to have been the problem, since I haven’t seen any more of those errors since then. But I was really shaking at that point… Though I otherwise felt surprisingly fine, just my left leg burning a little.

To start with the early hours of September 30, I tried to quickly suck the vitamin C, D3 and zinc supplement as I was starting to eat dinner and it hurt my tongue, which continued to hurt during the day, only getting better in the evening. And I also slept poorly after waking up at 9 AM and going to pee, but I did get some more sleep before the alarm rang, at 11 AM, and I got up, the plan for that day being what had been the original one for September 28.
After leaving a little before 12:30 PM, I hurried to the Sector 3 Treasury, since cash operations end at 1 PM on Fridays, getting there at 12:50 PM. Then I went straight upstairs, asked for the amount that I could withdraw that day and the entire process was completed quickly, so it was still a few minutes before 1 PM when I walked out. That meant that I reached that branch of my bank during that break that’s between 1 PM and 1:30 PM, but one of the ATMs placed outside allows deposits as well, so I used it. Then, after checking that Mega Image and finding good cabbage but not getting any, since I didn’t want to carry it for so long, I got to the point where the marathon’s route turns off Unirii Boulevard and walked that part of it as well, the only moment that I may mention being after I returned to Unirii Boulevard, when I quickly checked a farmers’ market.
I entered another Mega Image when I reached Alba Iulia Square, finding an expiring mix of raisins and nuts, which I grabbed, alongside the cabbage. And I also saw a bag with some cucumbers that were supposedly spoiling, though they seemed good enough to me, so I took that as well, went to the checkout… And that was when the problems appeared. After the cashier scanned that mix and the cucumbers, since they must scan those discounted products separately, on top of the change being rounded down, when I looked at the receipt I saw that the base price of the cucumbers was higher than the listed one, since I had checked. So I complained and when he checked again in the system and said that the real price was what I had been charged, I said that in that case I didn’t want them anymore. He said that I had already paid for them, but when that didn’t change my decision, instead of giving me back what I had paid over what I should have paid for that mix, which was the only discounted product that I was still purchasing, he weighed and scanned the cucumbers again, once again rounded down the amount that was listed before paying it back, and ignored the fact that he had initially charged me for the bag as well. He didn’t comment when I also rounded down when I paid for the cabbage, recovering exactly the 0.07 RON which he had rounded down by the first time, but that still left the 0.14 RON which he hadn’t handed back for the cucumbers. I stepped aside and calculated carefully, to confirm all of that, but I didn’t say anything else, just leaving angrily.
I still had to cover that small part of the route that’s on Burebista Boulevard, but it was hard to pay attention to it when I was so angry. Still, I continued, and when I got back on Decebal Boulevard I calculated and saw that I had more than enough time to cover all of the remaining part of the route, so I quickly checked the Profi, Penny and Mega Image from there, and then also had a quick look in the newer bakery and the Mega Image on the way to the other Penny, which is where the route turned. One problem was that, after deciding against getting the ketchup that was on sale, for dad, from the first Penny, I couldn’t find any of it left at that second one, so I just got a jar of zacusca for him, then made my way back on the other side of the road, to be able to say that I really covered that last piece of the route as well.
I got back a little before 5:55 PM, just ate half of that mix, and went out again at 7:30 PM, the first stop being the Mega Image from Titan, where I found two of those bags of raisins in dark chocolate among the expiring products, even though they were expiring in December. The bags were a little torn, but the tear didn’t seem to actually affect one of them, being just at the top, so I grabbed it… But then I decided to use it in order to take a sort of revenge for being cheated by the cashier from that other location, so I eventually also took a bag that wasn’t expiring soon or damaged and as I wandered around the store I slowly removed the discount label from the first bag and carefully placed it on that second one, so I ended up buying a good bag at the discounted price. And I also got a bag of snacks for dad. But I had spent too much time in that store and it was getting late, so I initially started to run after walking out, though I soon switched to merely jogging the rest of the way to Supeco, which I reached a couple of minutes after 8:30 PM, just getting wine for dad. And when I got back here I also checked this nearby store, but only one piece of regular cheese was left and it weighed almost one kilogram, so I didn’t buy it.
I was back for good a little before 9:40 PM and a few minutes after 10:30 PM I went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash, being out again when it was almost 11:25 PM. Then I ate the old orange that was still in the fridge, which I had actually taken at the end of the half marathon, and half of a large bag of healthier bagels, while making mamaliga again. But I used plenty of milk and poured it in right after the water started boiling, so the pot ended up badly burned and, while I finished what I could eat in my room at 3:40 AM, it was almost 4:05 AM when I finished scraping what I could off the bottom of the pot, in the kitchen… And the bottom of that layer was charred… Either way, I got in bed at 5:20 AM.

Moving on to October 5, I left at 4:10 PM, taking the plastic and metal and dropping them in the bins from the metro station, since I had dad’s card. Then I went to Obor, got more of those cheap perfumes for him, since the Hall was open again, and after looking through the indoor farmers’ market as well I made a mental note of someone selling Kapia peppers at a good enough price. But I didn’t get them at that point, continuing to that mall, getting teas from that pharmacy, putting them in a cabinet, which no longer required coins, and entering Carrefour. After getting mushrooms and the single egg with code one that I could find after digging through those sold by piece, and using the self-checkout, I was on my way back to the farmers’ market when I remembered that I also wanted to activate the credit on my prepaid phone card, so I went back… Only to be told that it can’t be done by charging with just 1 EUR anymore, the minimum being 5 EUR. So I just went back out… But the person who had been selling those Kapia peppers had already left by the time I got back there, even though it was only around 6:45 PM. And, while I noticed some cheaper ones outside and they weren’t covered when I went there, after I finished having a look through that area as well, that stall wasn’t manned anymore and the person from the next one told me that the one who was supposed to be there had already left, so I couldn’t buy any from there either. I was probably still in that area when a certain pressing need first appeared, though it was faint at that point.
After a quick look in another store, I went past the metro station and checked that Mega Image, but couldn’t find the cat food that I wanted. So I decided against getting back to the metro station, to walk to the bigger Mega Image that’s on the way to Iancului Square… Only to not find that cat food there either, though at least I got the laundry disinfectant. Then, after crossing in order to get to the metro station at Iancului Square, I realized that there’s a Mega Image there as well, so I crossed again… And only lost some more time, since I couldn’t find that cat food there either, and I also put the bag in a cabinet and then retrieved it, though I still walked in with the backpack. And after that I changed the plan, which had been to go to Unirii, so I just kept walking. I was starting to realize that the increasingly pressing need that I was feeling was not normal, but that didn’t stop me, so I checked the next Mega Image, again putting the bag in a cabinet and retrieving it after once again failing to find any of that cat food… And then, since I wasn’t sure that the discount applied there as well and I didn’t want to ask while I still had other options, I didn’t buy any after finally finding it in a Shop & Go, which I at least entered without bothering to use a cabinet. And that proved to be a good choice when I continued past Kaufland and entered that Mega Image as well, once again putting the bag in a cabinet and finding that cat food, so I could buy it, along with some snacks.
After retrieving my bag, I went to the Orange Store from that mall as well, but one of the employees was apparently on a break, the other was busy, and after a little while I gave up. Then, after putting my things in a cabinet and going back to wash my hands, I entered Carrefour and got bread and something sweet that I found among the expiring products, using the self-checkout and selecting one for each of the pairs of breads, so I won’t need to call an employee in order to get the evening discount. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and put everything back in one when I got to Kaufland, washed my hands again… And found no paper bags in the bakery area, and even the few plastic ones that were left were on the floor. But a few sweet pastries were still there and I took one when I saw that an employee was scanning the labels and thought that the discount would increase. However, I just held it in my hand as I also took the price label and checked, and when I saw that the discount hadn’t increased I put it back. And I also decided against getting any of the expiring protein yogurt that I saw, since the discount was too low and there was a lot of it, so I thought that I might have a chance to still find some on another day, when it’ll be even closer to expiring and the discount should also increase. So I ended up only getting something for dad, in good part because I didn’t want to have just wasted time yet again. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet and arranged everything, but that pressing need was really, awfully pressing at that point and it was so hard to make it back. But I did make it, albeit after unbuckling my belt when I was close to arriving and continuing like that.
I think it was 10:25 PM when I got back, but I’m not quite sure. Either way, I rushed straight to the toilet, what came out and the cramps being a sign of what was to come. And there were also some drops of blood at one point, though those quickly stopped. After that, I put some of the purchases in their place and washed a few of the things that were in the kitchen… Though I first had to find the sponge, which dad had accidentally thrown in a bag, along with some trash, the good thing being that it hadn’t ended up in the bin. I also ate a small apple, that expiring sweet thing and lunch, and went back to the bathroom at 12:45 AM, leaving a little more in the toilet before washing. I got back in the kitchen at 1:30 AM, but there was so much to clean after dad’s cooking, and I also had the remaining purchases to put in their place, so I started eating dinner at 4 AM, finishing at 4:35 AM. I got in bed at 5:25 AM.

The last day that I want to cover in this post is October 11, and I’ll start with the early hours, since I once again made mamaliga, finished eating at 4 AM and got in bed at 5:20 AM. And things were quite unpleasant after I got up, since my face was swollen, my muscles were hurting worse than they had the day before, and I also finally realized that I had lost those 5 RON when I went back out after the marathon.
Still, I left a couple of minutes before 7:30 PM and quickly checked two Mega Image locations and had very brief looks in two confectioneries on my way to Auchan Vitan. However, what I had seen on the site was proven correct, the tea that I had ran out of not being available in that location and the price of the cat food having increased. On the other hand, as I was looking for tea a couple asked me in English about the difference between the types of honey and I couldn’t recall the word for salcam, acacia. I explained that it’s a tree and it’s the kind of honey that doesn’t harden, but I felt quite embarrassed. Either way, I then got two breads for dad, managing to do so just before the employee checked that area and took away what she considered was old. I stuck around for a while, to see whether she’ll place discount labels on that bread, but I saw her throw it into large bags and place labels on the bags, probably to be sold as dried bread, so I eventually made my way to the self-checkout.
After that, I went to Penny, entering with the bread and getting some of that cheap cat food from there. And, after peeing and washing my hands, I entered with everything in Kaufland as well. A 70% discount for bakery products had just been announced and I grabbed some things, and since good evening discounts applied to those as well, I also got some carrots and the one banana that seemed better. I was using the self-checkout when it was announced that the store had closed and they were just closing the regular doors when I left the checkout area, but when I asked how to leave, the guard told me that they hadn’t yet disabled the alarm on the emergency exit, so I had to wait a little. And then I went to one of those tables and took my time to arrange the purchases.
On the way back, I checked that Mega Image, and then decided to make a detour and go to the one next to Tei as well, putting my things in a cabinet but not seeing any bakery discounts and not finding the kind of snacks that I wanted to get for dad either, so I just got him a bag of a different kind. And the receipts were taking a long time to print, the cashier was apologizing to the previous customer as well, so I just took the correct change from a pile of coins that she had on the counter, then also grabbed a 0.50 RON coin that I saw on the stack of catalogs and walked away without the receipt, retrieving my things from the cabinet and stuffing the bag of snacks in the backpack.
I was back at 11:20 PM, ate some plums and candy, and at 12:20 AM I went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and shower. It was 1:15 AM when I got back to the kitchen, and since I also sliced the last of the breads bought two days earlier for dad, I couldn’t recover that time, so I started eating dinner at 3:20 AM and finished at 3:50 AM. Something obviously felt wrong with my feet and legs, but it’d have been surprising if that wouldn’t have been the case. Either way, I again got in bed at 5:20 AM.

If I almost managed to finish the previous two personal posts before midnight, in each case only having the last paragraph to add a few minutes later, in this case I just barely managed to finish the part about October 5 by then, so I posted that, made a little change to the last paragraph a couple of hours later, and then added the part about October 11 before going to bed in the morning. This is still much better than finishing posts days later, but some of those posts were also significantly longer…


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