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The Remaining Week of Odds and Ends from October

My back was still causing some problems on October 16, but I again did the day’s squats after getting up, and then I went out at 3:30 PM, taking the recyclables, which I dropped off in bin. I had planned a route that included up to three Auchan locations, but it wasn’t necessary, since I found everything in the first one. The discounted products on my list were gone from their normal place on the shelf, but quite a number of jars of one of them were still available at the end of that area, on the top shelf, so I had to reach up and take them down carefully. I needed to search more thoroughly for the other two products, but I eventually found them in the area for promoted products that’s at one of the entrances, in one case a box with what I was looking for being under two boxes of another product from that brand, the label from that spot only listing that other product, while in the other case the last handful of bags were actually in a box of another product from that brand. Then I added some more things, including what ended up being too much cabbage for myself, and went to the checkout. The total that showed up after the cashier scanned everything was higher than what I had calculated, but she explained that the discounts that required the store card will be applied by the machine, when I’ll go to pay, so I carefully checked that everything was correct at that point. Then I took quite a long time to arrange the purchases and finally walked away at 6:15 PM.
I went to Carrefour on the way back, peeing and washing my hands after putting my things in a cabinet, but I was mainly there for beans and couldn’t find them. I even asked an employee and she said that if they’re not in the vegetables area, they don’t have them, and in fact I never recall seeing beans in that location, which is strange. But I bought some more bread, then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and got back here at 7:55 PM, having carried about 13 kg, only about one being from Carrefour. But I was only here to drop off those purchases, leaving again ten minutes later, though dad also happened to get back during that time.
Half an hour later I entered Kaufland, after washing my hands, and got some pretzels for my mother, after scanning the label to check that they did actually have an evening discount, since the employee was just coming to place the discount labels when I got back there. There was an evening discount for beets as well, so I also got some of those, after searching through the crates. A man joined me as I was doing so and seemed to feel like chatting, which obviously made me uncomfortable. Either way, the announcement that the store had closed came just as I was grabbing some more of those treats for Liza, so I then went to the self-checkout, having no problems with it. Then I washed my hands again, after digging through those beets, and continued to Carrefour, putting my things in a cabinet and getting beans, which were readily available in that location, and two more breads for dad, entering one at the self-checkout in order to get the evening discount without calling an employee. I had a voucher, but after not wanting to use it at the other location, since I had to use a regular checkout and the receipt would have likely been taken away, I forgot to do so when I paid for those purchases.
After retrieving what I had in the cabinet, I just reached the building’s door right at 10 PM, then I had a small apple and the sweet thing and snacks which I had bought from Auchan, and wrote a little more, in order to post at least a part of that day’s post before midnight. Then I went to the toilet and to wash, and while I finished just after 1 AM, I had the purchases to put in their place and also decided to slice dad’s breads and deal with one of mine, so I only started eating a combined lunch and dinner at 3:50 AM, finishing a few minutes before 5 AM. It was 5:25 AM when I got in bed, despite not even flossing for the second day in a row, but I did that when I woke up to pee, a little after 8:50 AM. And then I actually slept well… But, to add a little annoyance, the following evening I lost another 0.01 RON coin down the drain.

Moving on to October 20, I finally put half of the bio (organic) cereals bought back in March in one bag and mixed them, and while that went well, when I tried to pour the remaining halves of two of the cereals into the bags of the other two I spilled a fair bit. But I gathered most of what I had spilled from the counter, rinsed them a little and then added them in the mamaliga that I made at night. Before that, however, I finally cleaned my room again, two months and a week since the previous time, also changing the sheets and taking the blanket.

On the morning of October 22, I went to bed at 5:20 AM. Then, after getting up, I did 200 squats, since I had put them off the previous day until ended up not doing them at all, and also had lunch before leaving, a little before 6:15 PM. Since Tei closes at 6:45 PM on Saturday, I rushed, but I didn’t jog, so it took me 15 minutes to get there. But I found the four kinds of tea that I was looking for, for dad, checked the prices… And saw that one had a higher one than what I had seen on the site. However, there was no price label on the shelf and I was uncertain that I had grabbed the right brand, so I asked an employee who was at a computer, she asked another one to help me… And he took me back to the tea that I had grabbed. But after I said that it was just that tea that had that slightly higher price and I was uncertain whether I had picked the correct brand, he checked on another computer, found the correct one, since I had actually picked the wrong brand, and handed it to me. And I still got to the checkout just when it was announced that the store had closed, after which I took some time to put the teas in a bag.
I entered Supeco with that bag and the guard asked to look in it when I left, without buying anything, but I did put it in a cabinet when I got to Carrefour. Then I looked through the cabbage, but what was left was bad, though I found a better one which had been left by someone among the pumpkins and got it for dad, along with a pumpkin for myself and the other things that were on my list. Then I took quite a long time to arrange everything in the backpack and two bags and it was 8:30 PM when I was finally done and could walk away.
It was too late for the entire route which I had initially planned, so I decided to go straight to Auchan, to get the remaining teas, but on the way I stopped at a Mega Image that was open, unlike others from this area, put the bags in a cabinet, walking in with the backpack, and found the tea that was on sale there. And I also spotted one of those apple pastries, with the evening discount of 50%, and an expiring bread that I could get for dad, with the same discount, so I bought those as well. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet and took some time to arrange the new purchases in the bags… And it wasn’t until a couple of days later when I noticed that, since they must scan those discounted products separately, I received the receipt for them, but instead of the one for the tea I received another customer’s receipt for drinks and cigarettes… Which I entered into their raffle, since it had the required value, unlike mine. Not that I won anything.
To return to the evening of October 22, I continued to Auchan, and when I entered the guard called after me, saying that I have too many things for him to seal them, but he’d ask me to leave my bags there, so I did leave the two bags that I had been holding in my hands, even though they don’t have cabinets, but walked in with the one hanging from my neck and the backpack. Then I got the teas that I wanted from there and a bucket of yogurt that had a surprisingly good price, wasting some time to search for a working price checker before giving up and going to the self-checkout… Which initially refused to scan that yogurt and then scanned it twice when I tried again, so I just grabbed the coins which had been left in that machine and moved to another, also using what had been added on the store card on October 16. Then I retrieved my bags, took some time to arrange the new purchases and it was past 9:40 PM when I was done and could walk away.
It was too late to also go to that newer Kaufland, but I could just reach the other one, so I rushed as much as I could while carrying everything and it was 9:55 PM when I walked in, once again with the backpack and the bag hanging from my neck, after putting the others in a cabinet and washing my hands. I went straight to the bakery area and just spotted some buns that I could get, but they had a regular discount those days and no other label had been placed over it, so after meaning to check at a self-checkout but finding all the machines in use I grabbed that label and scanned it, seeing that the actual price at that hour was half of the listed one. So I grabbed two, just managing to do so before the employee who was cleaning that area reached them, since it had just been announced that the store had closed. And that employee said that everything was discounted by 75% when she saw me, but that obviously wasn’t the case. Either way, I also very quickly checked the expiring products and looked for the ketchup that was on sale, but I ended up looking at the wrong one and when I obviously didn’t see the discounted price on the label I took it to a price checker and then just left it there when it was confirmed that it wasn’t discounted. And when I selected those buns at the self-checkout, the price was higher than what the price checker had shown, but I didn’t call an employee and try to argue, just entering them as the plain kind instead, which had a lower price.
After retrieving my things from the cabinet, I took some time to arrange everything better and then went back to the parking lot, since I had entered through it and spotted a cart with a coin in it, so I meant to see whether it was still there. And it was, so I threw some of the bags in it and took it to others, to connect it to them and retrieve the coin… But then I forgot those bags in it, realizing it as I was about to leave the parking lot and rushing back to retrieve them. And after walking out I stopped one more time to check that I had everything, only finally walking away when it was past 10:20 PM.
I was back a little after 10:50 PM, having carried 13 kg. Then I ate a small apple and that pastry and got back at the computer just after 11:25 PM, to continue to write that day’s post. But I had written the first two paragraphs before leaving and those were scheduled to be posted at 11:59 PM, so I allowed that to happen and then immediately edited it in order to add what I had written until then, after which I continued writing until I finished the post. Then, after also replying to an e-mail from dad, I finally went to wash at 12:25 AM, being done around 1:10 AM. And, even if I had the purchases to put away and also had to wash what dad had left in the kitchen, so it was a few minutes past 2 AM when I started making the salad, I still stuck to the dinner schedule, and after eating I added that last part to that post and ordered the remaining two teas from another pharmacy.


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