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New Finds – XLVII

Needing a non-personal post this week, I started checking some of the bands from the list and was pleased to quickly find several that had new releases, some after a long hiatus, in some cases finally giving me a good reason to include them in a post from this series, after failing to do so way back when I first discovered them. It will be another rushed post, only including three bands and written in a hurry, and none of the bands are new finds in the least, all three having been on the list for quite a number of years, but all three have new material released within the past year.

I’ll start with Escapist, which is actually one of the early additions on the list. Their early releases impressed me, and my first pick will actually be the very first song they posted, Angels Never Gone, while the second one will be Closer. That was, in itself, released earlier, but it’s from the album that they released last year, so I’ll count it as recent enough. The problem is that, instead of that new album, released some eight and a half years after their first one, marking their return, it might actually mark their end, since it would seem that their vocalist is no longer in the band, and she was definitely what made them stand out.

Another early addition on the list is Rose Avalon, which finally released the second full album last month, also well over eight years after their first one, though in 2018 they released the EP with the same name as this recent album, which included three of the songs that are also on it. Either way, while the songs from this new album didn’t strike me as particularly memorable, and some even include growls, I’ll pick Oppressors from it. But the second pick, the much older Capio Mea Fides, is why I wanted to include them here, so I hope that they’ll also return at least to that level, now that they returned to releasing albums.

I’ll finish this post with Thy Shade, whose first album, released in 2016, remains their only one, but who did more recently release three new songs. Unfortunately, two of them include growls, leaving the most recent one, Never Enough, as the only one that I can pick. At least that’s a pretty good song, but the main reason why I wanted to include them in such a post is their version of Adagio, which is quite a stunning piece, and I wouldn’t say that it really counts as a cover. But there are other great songs on that album as well.


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