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Quick Review: Doomdark’s Revenge: The Icemark Chronicles

Somehow, despite being even shorter and rushing through even fewer events, Doomdark’s Revenge: The Icemark Chronicles seems to fit together somewhat better than The Lords of Midnight: The War of the Solstice. Not that it’s really worth reading on its own, or that there’s any shred of depth or development, plus that the writing style shows that the author is trying way too hard, but it makes you more interested in what follows, feeling more like the beginning of a fairy tale than just the backstory that belongs in the manual of a game from that period. That said, the first thing that I actually noticed was the need for editing. And no, I don’t see the idea of staying true to the original as a valid excuse for the fact that nobody bothered to at least fix the mistakes when the game, along with this novella, got rereleased.

Rating: 3/5


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