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New Finds – XLVIII

It definitely feels wrong to write about something else on Earth Day, but considering all the greenwashing it’s being used for and how that’s even encouraged by the year’s theme, which is in fact, and very suspiciously, the same as last year’s and proves that the “official” part of the movement is rushing in the wrong direction just as well, and seeing as I already commented about this last year, I guess I might as well add another post in this series instead.
I probably should at least honor the occasion by focusing on bands and songs with an environmental theme, but I won’t, even if I actually did a quick search for bands that tackle this topic as I started writing this, so I may do that at a later time. However, after happening to stumble upon a band from Estonia and then searching the list and finding just one more from there, over the past few days I ended up having a quick look through other Estonian bands… And finding just two more that caught my attention, and only one that I’ll add here, to at least have that bare minimum of three. The other one will also go on the list, but they changed their style between their two full-length albums and, while I liked their older sound, I’m not fond of the new direction, yet they’re now teasing a new album, so maybe they’ll change direction yet again and I’ll be more inclined to add them in a future post.

That initial new find is Cydefect and the two picks are simple, Moment of Peace and Heal, since there’s little more to choose from at the moment. Sure, you can hear some of the lack of polish and uncertainty that’s to be expected of new bands, but less of it than in most cases, so if this is their starting point, I’d say that they show quite a lot of promise. But it remains to be seen how they’ll develop…

The one Estonian band that was already on the list is Portread and the last activity that I can find was shortly after the release of their one album, at the start of 2020, but I’m going to include them anyway, with the two picks being Saint of Sorrow and Born in Secrecy. I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore, unless they’ll return at a later point, but they sound more polished, and it’s the composition and the instrumental part that caught my attention more than the vocals, though those aren’t bad either.

And the band that I’m including after finding it while searching is Sky Down. They also only have one album, and it was released back in 2017, but they are still active. And the two picks are Shadow of the World and Storm. It’s not exactly a sound that I’d look for, and most of the other songs go even farther in another direction, but they do what they aim to do well enough.


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