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Just About Walking the Route of the Half Marathon…

Since I don’t have enough time for anything else, I’m going to “waste” this week’s Sunday update on a single day, Friday, when I walked the route of the half marathon, meaning to leave at 2 PM but only managing to do so when it was almost 2:30 PM, after sending an e-mail that has to do with what I still can’t get myself to post about and then shattering that mug that I kept the toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in after obviously placing it badly on the side of the sink for the third time, and this time around it no longer escaped falling into the sink with just a chip and a crack, so I had to take another one. Either way, I took ten bottles, three of them straightened, that large cardboard box that I kept forgetting, and a bag of trash, throwing the bag down the chute and making a small detour in order to put the box in a recycling bin before getting on the route.
On Decebal, I crossed to the other side and went to that Penny, to put the bottles in the machine, since they extended that campaign by a month, but after putting in eight, the machine displayed a message that it was full and printed the receipt, which was obviously not valid for the raffle, since it wasn’t for at least ten bottles, even if it wasn’t my fault. And I didn’t say anything, just throwing that receipt in a bin, putting the remaining two bottles and the one that goes towards that other voucher that I had found on the way in the backpack, crossing back to the proper side and continuing on my way.
The next detour was at Unirii, where I went to Carrefour, still without putting on the mask that I had taken with me, and bought an expiring product, putting it in the backpack after using the self-checkout without problems. Since that product was also available among the expiring products from the other location that I went to later, I could have saved myself the time and trouble, but there was obviously no way to know that and at least I did get something from there, while the next detour, off Kiseleff, made because I just decided to have a look in that bookstore as well, was worse than a complete waste of time, since I couldn’t get myself to ask about the prices of the two books that I spotted and just thinking about doing so made me need to walk away, and the fact that I kept thinking about going back and asking when I was going to pass by that spot again made it even worse and I was soon struggling to hold off a breakdown, only starting to recover after I did pass by that area the second time and moved on. And I also ended up using a little of the credit by trying to find those prices by checking their site on my phone, but it wasn’t displaying correctly and I couldn’t see any search box.
Either way, the route was pretty much as expected, though the turn from this area comes even earlier, oddly, and in a spot that doesn’t normally stand out in any way, and I noticed work being done in two spots, one being at the end of Victoriei and another being on Unirii, and while only the sidewalk is actually affected, I hope there won’t be debris or anything else that’d actually affect the road by then, and in that first spot it’s not impossible to want to use the sidewalk, so I’ll need to remember that I can’t do that.
Otherwise, after deciding to look for more of those bottles that go towards that other voucher from Penny on the way, moving what I had purchased from Carrefour into the backpack’s small compartment at some point, in order to make room for them, I actually found the eighth just a little before getting back there, so I once again had a total of ten to put in the machine and that time I could do so and get a valid receipt. And then, though I still didn’t put on the mask, I went in and bought pizza dough, putting it in the backpack after walking out. On the other hand, it was before walking out when I tried to slide the receipt into a pocket and I wasn’t certain that I actually did so properly, and I guess I didn’t, because I no longer had it by the time I got back. But the more important receipt is the one from that machine, and I had carefully placed that one in the jacket’s inside pocket, so there was no risk of losing it.
After reaching the point where the route turns in this area, I left it and went to Kaufland, though after using the toilet I just had a very quick look, only wanting to see whether there was an evening discount for green onions and going right back out when I saw that none were left at all. Then I went to Carrefour, finally putting on the mask after entering that mall, still not bothering to use a cabinet and getting a bundle of green onions from there and some cucumbers and black radishes that were among the spoiling products, having no problems with the self-checkout. Then I went back to Kaufland, just putting the bag with those last purchases in a cabinet, washing my hands again and walking in when it was past 9:40 PM. The only bakery product that I could have grabbed was a bun, but I decided not to, since it was rather squashed and the discount was just 50%, and I scanned the label in order to make sure. But the beets have a regular discount these days, so I got some, and then also some yogurt, and I was digging through the expiring processed meat products when it was announced that the store had closed, having just found a small thing to grab, so I took that as well and rushed to the self-checkouts… Only to spot more of those caramelized walnuts among the expiring products, so I grabbed one more box, and I could buy everything even though that expiring meat product wouldn’t scan, since the employee who came when I called for one entered the code manually. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet, took my time to arrange everything in the backpack and decided to check that Mega Image as well, entering with everything but not finding anything to get.
After covering the remaining little bit of the route on the way back, it was almost 11 PM when I got back, and I asked dad if mother would want one of the boxes of caramelized walnuts, since I still had one which I had purchased earlier, but while he said that he’s quite sure that she would, after he sent her a message to ask he said that she told him that she doesn’t have the teeth to eat something like that. I still left both for another time, however, just eating about a third of what I had grabbed from the first Carrefour and a banana and putting some of the purchases in their place before going to the bathroom when it was almost 12:40 AM… And somehow ending up just finishing a newspaper while sitting on the toilet. Either way, I then washed, being done just after 1:35 AM… And still not knowing what to do that night. The plan had been to make pizza, and I had mozzarella that just expired that day and that product which I had grabbed from Kaufland just for this purpose, but I kept thinking that it was too late and I should just have a can of fish to count as lunch and then a regular dinner. But I eventually did stick to that plan, using a whole roll of pizza dough and making the pizza in the glass baking tray, but then deciding to only take half, or maybe just over half, of it, leaving the rest for dad. It still meant eating between 4:20 AM and 4:55 AM, and that was despite leaving things to do in the kitchen, so after eating I cleaned up and arranged, only finally getting in bed at 6 AM. And this morning I got in bed at 5:20 AM.


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