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Odds and Ends from the Last Third of March and the First Third of April

On March 24, I first woke up at 8 AM, when the computer did the daily backup, and after a while I went to pee and dad was still awake and said that my grandmother was in a bad shape. Then, at 10:05 AM, the store called about the kitchen scale I had ordered, after having sent an SMS two days earlier, and I told them that I’ll pick it up that day, then went to pee again, just in case, and got back in bed. But dreams kept waking me at probably ever shorter intervals, and after what I think was the fifth time I looked again and saw that it was 1:56 PM, so I got up, the alarm having been set to ring at 2 PM. Then I cleaned and washed what dad had left in the kitchen, ate an apple, something sweet and lunch, and left at 4:10 PM, with ten bottles for Penny, including two of those that went towards that 10 RON voucher, and a bag of trash, which I threw down the chute.
Since I was uncertain about one bottle, I was looking for a spare and actually, close to Penny, I found another one of those going towards that voucher, and it proved necessary, since it didn’t accept that one that I had been uncertain about, but it correctly identified all three that went towards that voucher. Then I continued on my way to that other store, without actually entering Penny, and that took me through a part of the city that I had never been to before, which looks like a poor small town or, past a certain point, even a village. And as I was approaching my destination the sidewalk was being worked on, so I even had to walk on the street in a couple of spots, and then, as I turned on that street and therefore passed the city limits, I also saw stray dogs. But I got there well enough, at almost 5:30 PM, and saw a sign indicating where to go to pick up orders. However, after entering I just saw a door with a sign stating that it led to the pay desk and the chain that seemed to have been intended to block the stairs was moved aside, so I went up two floors, until I realized that I was getting nowhere. Then I went back down and to the pay desk, being asked for an amount that was rounded up. I did say that I had coins as well, for the exact amount, but didn’t press, paying what I had been asked and being told to go with the invoice to the warehouse, which I did, seeing that it really was just a warehouse, and it took a while for the product to be found after I gave the papers to a guy. Then I put it in a bag and then in the backpack, but after walking out I took it back out, found a spot to set it down and actually took it out of the box and tested it. Then I once again put it in the bag and backpack, and it was past 5:45 PM when I walked away, continuing in the other direction.
I went to the toilet when I reached that Auchan, only putting on the mask after that. And, after entering the store, I found that good bread not just with a listed price per kilogram that was much lower than the last time I had seen it, at another location, and in fact even lower than it had been before the previous price increase, but also having a fixed price per loaf, calculated for 400 grams, and I weighed the loaves and found that most actually weighed 480-485 grams! I still only bought one, however. Then I also saw some interesting expiring products, eventually getting some nice yogurt and the one carton of eggs with code one, after removing the broken one and replacing it with one from another carton from there, with code two. And then I saw that all the canned fish had a 20% discount if you used the store card, so I got some cans as well, and then also some snacks for my mother and something sweet for both her and myself. And everything worked correctly at the self-checkout, and I also used the little amount that was left on the store card, and grabbed the pile of coins which had been left in the machine, after which I arranged the purchases.
That Kaufland was next, and I put my things in a cabinet, washed my hands again, dashing to the women’s bathroom for soap, and entered the store when it was almost 8:40 PM. Some bakery discounts were already listed, but they were low, with the exception of some sweet pastries that had 40%, so I had a look around and returned when bakery discounts of 50% were announced, I think around 9:15 PM. After scanning some labels and grabbing a few products, I asked the employee who was placing the new labels, and who had moved some products, about something that I was thinking of getting for my mother, since there was no label at all in that spot, and she told me what it was but said that she had no label, even though I spotted it on her paper. That made me uncertain, so I waited for her to actually place that label before grabbing those products, even if the discount was just 30%, since the base price was oddly low. I also got some green garlic and a lettuce, also on evening discounts, and another employee was discounting supposedly spoiling fruits and vegetables, so I got two more things from there and then waited to see whether she’ll add a further discount for the remaining beets as well. She didn’t, but they did have an evening discount, so I eventually looked through them and took the four small ones that seemed better. Then, after getting some more things, I also asked about something for dad that you needed to ask for, and then for all of the four pieces that I was told were left… Only for the employee to apply a label for a much more expensive product instead, and immediately walk away. So I went after her and pointed it out, and she fixed the problem, apologizing. And 60% bakery discounts were announced at 9:50 PM, but no new labels had been placed, so I scanned some, finding that a discount of about 60%, give or take, had been applied to the previous, already discounted, price, so I got some more things for myself.
I rushed to the self-checkout when it was announced that the store had closed, but the machine stated that the bakery products for my mother, which had been cleared by the time that final discount was announced and which therefore didn’t benefit from it, were not correct, and I had to wait a while until an employee finally came… And then she checked the bag and added one more piece of one of the products, so I asked why and showed her the contents of the bag once again, after which she apologized, removed that additional product and logged on to override the error. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet, arranged the purchases a little before walking out, then used one of the tables that are outside to do a better job of it, finally walking away at 10:15 PM… Only to stop yet again after a little while, to arrange some more.
I got back at 11:30 PM, ate some caramelized walnuts, put some of the purchases in their place, washed a few things that were in the kitchen, and went to take a bath when it was almost 12:55 AM. It was past 1:40 AM when I got back in the kitchen, and putting all of the purchases in their place and arranging them properly took plenty of time, and I also had more to clean and wash, plus that I used the worse leaves of that lettuce for the salad, so I ate dinner between 3:45 AM and 4:20 AM.

On March 25, I got up at 10 AM, when the alarm rang, since I was going to attend a protest that started at noon. But I was there right on time despite walking out when it was past 11:40 PM, since the location was nearby, on the other side of the park that I run in, since those who supposedly own the part of it that’s supposedly private property, after being retroceded, had started clearing the trees in order to build an amusement park. However, the camera gave a low battery warning after the very first picture, so after a while I had to make do with my phone, the quality of the pictures I took after that point dropping sharply as a result. And yes, the pictures taken before the battery ran out that day are the last ones taken with that camera that I actually have, this being the last event that I attended before the one after which I lost it… And, in fact, there haven’t been any others since then either, being able to “hide behind the camera” playing such an important role in making me feel that I can attend such events and stay among all those people…
Either way, I was surprised by the number of people, all estimates agreeing that over 1000 attended, and I saw an article that quoted the Gendarmerie estimating 1200. And people were, and had to be, there on time, since it wasn’t even 12:10 PM when we got moving, entering that part of the park and gathering in one area, at which point one of the activists from the “old guard” spotted me and sort of shook my arm before we wordlessly shook hands. Then, after some speeches, the organizers announced that a route intended to show the damage recently done in the area had been set up, and that it would have three stops… And we were about to reach the second such stop when I had to switch to the phone, and that was unfortunately just when better pictures would have helped, since that was where the cleared trees and the burning were more visible.
The end of the protest was called a little after 1:05 PM, when we were in the last location, but I didn’t leave the park after walking away, since I was going to Penny and wanted to gather some plastic bottles first. So I wandered around for a while, took a few more pictures, spotted some of the bottles that went towards that 10 RON voucher in an area that was clearly used as a toilet, initially walked away from there, found one more near some cats that were obviously cared for and went around the cats and through a thorny bush in order to retrieve it, my clothes getting caught in the bush, then grabbed some other bottles from other spots, but eventually returned to that soiled area and took those which I had spotted there as well.
It was almost 1:45 PM when I walked out of the park, having 12 bottles and thinking that four of them would count towards that voucher. However, while the machine accepted all of them, it didn’t count one of those four at all, so the receipt listed 11 bottles, three of which went towards that voucher. I later realized that the ignored bottle had been much older and with a different bar code, but why did that make it not register it at all instead of registering it as a regular bottle, I couldn’t figure out. But I just shrugged it off and bought a few things… Only to see no cashiers around when I wanted to pay, one walking in from outside after a guard told me to go to a checkout and I did so. And she confirmed that the 20% discount that applied to all vegetables for those who used the store card did apply to the potatoes, but she also rounded up the total to the next 0.10 RON and I just paid what she had asked.
After arranging the purchases in the backpack after walking out, I went back and to Park Lake, washing my hands and finally putting on a mask after that. And I just checked Carrefour, entering with everything, before continuing to Kaufland, which I also entered with everything. The green onions had a slightly higher discount than what they should have had those days, so the price would have probably decreased even further later, but I couldn’t wait, so I grabbed a bundle, then asked about the olives that were also on sale those days, ending up getting another kind, that were also on sale, when the employee said that none of the first kind were left and in fact she had only found one can when she had arrived. And she was telling a coworker that they had no plastic boxes, so she put them in a bag, which they actually don’t charge for in that case, so it worked out. Then, after a guard reached in and grabbed the coins left in the self-checkout machine just when I got there and was about to do that, the machine didn’t recognize the green onions as the correct product, so I had to call for an employee to override the error. And before walking out I also took some time to look through the catalog, after spotting one.
It was almost 4:45 PM when I got back and I threw my clothes in the laundry, though I didn’t do the same with the jacket, only realizing much later that I might have brought bugs, and ticks or fleas in particular, on it. Either way, I then jumped straight into the shower, after which I ate something that might or might not have been a Mandarin orange, another sweet pastry and some bagels, and wrote what I posted that evening. I spent Earth Hour in bed, taking a little nap, then made mamaliga, with various things in it, but since the hour changed that night, I finished eating in my room just before 3 AM, but taking half an hour to also scrape what I could of what was left on the pot meant that I finished doing that at 4:30 AM. I got in bed at 5:30 AM.

After getting in bed at 5:20 AM, on March 27 I ate an apple and lunch after getting up, and later also a sweet pastry, and left just before 7:20 PM, taking the recyclables, which I dropped off in a bin on the way. In Carrefour Park Lake I found something for dad among the expiring products, but there was a pile of identical products but the labels indicated two different prices, and when I checked I saw that the slightly lower price was actually for a different product. So I grabbed one of those that had that wrong label, plus some mustard, and while I don’t really know whether the cashier noticed that something was wrong or not, at least she didn’t say anything.
Since I had dad’s metro card, after putting the purchases in the “shopping backpack”, I took the metro to Auchan Pallady, entering with the purchases and getting some things, including a pack of water for dad. Then I added those purchases in the backpack, put it in a cabinet at that Kaufland, washed my hands, and entered the store at or just before 9:25 PM, scanning some labels from the bakery area but just confirming the listed discounts, either 50% or nothing yet, and there was just one kind of bread, with a low discount that I think was a regular one those days. But there was a good evening discount on bananas, so I got a lot of those, then wandered around and rechecked the bakery discounts a few different times, confirming that even the products which hadn’t been discounted before did get the 50% discount after it was announced, but there was no higher discount and that bread had also vanished by then, even though several had been left the first time I looked. So, after getting some expiring bio (organic) beans, even though they were imported, since they worked out to the same price per unit of weight as the regular, but also imported, ones from Carrefour, I just added one sweet pastry, then rushed to the self-checkout when it was announced that the store had closed.
After retrieving what I had in the cabinet, I walked out right away, with the new purchases in a bag, and then I found a cart with a coin in it, connecting it to others and grabbing the coin. I only added the new purchases in the backpack at the metro station, then carried it in my arms as I got on the metro, set it down on a seat, tried to put it on again… And at that point I heard a tearing sound, and when I looked I saw that a strap had partially torn. But at least it didn’t tear off completely, so I could put it on after all, carefully, and then I supported it with my hands on the way back, so I actually managed to get back here with it still on my back. And that was after getting off at Dristor, entering that non-stop Mega Image with it and getting something for myself.
I got back a little before 11:10 PM, with 20.5 kg, the contents of the backpack weighing 16.5 kg. Then I put the purchases in their place and ate a banana and something sweet, going to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash, at 12:30 AM. It was almost 1:40 AM when I got back in the kitchen, started eating dinner at 3:15 AM and finished at 4:10 AM. And, since nobody’s reading, I’ll also mention here that the next day I clogged the toilet once again, and had to reach in to unclog it. I used something, so I didn’t have to directly handle the shit, but it still meant having my hand in shitty water. And then I got in bed at 5:20 AM.

It was raining when I first woke up on the morning of March 31, but I nevertheless decided to go out then instead of later, thinking that I might have a better chance to still find some of that expiring glucose at that Mega Image that’s close to Kaufland Pantelimon, since dad had said that he’d want more, and I also meant to be back by the time he left to go to mother. So I did the day’s squats and left a little after 12:10 PM, with a bag of trash, which I threw down the chute. And the rain had stopped by then anyway.
On the way, I picked up a bottle that went towards that 10 RON voucher from Penny. Actually spotted a second one as well, but after picking it up I saw that it had napkins in it, so I dropped it back. Then I stopped at Kaufland, but just to put that first bottle in a cabinet and wash my hands before continuing to that Mega Image. There was no more of that expiring glucose, however, and I didn’t find anything else to get either, so I walked back out and to that mall, getting two things for myself from that pharmacy and then entering Carrefour with them.
Dad called while I was there and told me that mother did want flour, and also cornmeal, though I said that we had cornmeal and he could take some of it there. And she also wanted ant spray, and wanted it that day, so he’ll get it if I wasn’t sure where it’d be better to buy it from. I said that I’ll check, since the price differences might be significant, and at the end of the call I had no indication that what he had said the previous night, that he was going to leave around 4 PM, had changed. So I got what I had planned to get and some expiring products, added that bag in the cabinet when I returned to Kaufland, found something to get among the expiring products from there as well, and I also saw that the ant spray was cheaper there, so dad could get it and I didn’t. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and arranged everything in the backpack.
Since I was certain that I had plenty of time left, I then went to Penny, entering with the backpack, getting what I wanted and also asking an employee about ant spray, though she said that they didn’t have any. And I should have still had time, so after arranging those purchases a little better in a bag, I just put that bag in a cabinet when I also entered that Mega Image on the way back… And that cabinet initially “ate” the coin but refused to lock, though I eventually managed to get it to release the coin and it worked when I tried again. But I didn’t get anything, so I then retrieved that bag, grabbed another one of those bottles as I continued on my way back, and also made the small detour to this nearby Mega Image, putting the bag and that bottle in a cabinet even though it didn’t lock and then just retrieving them, once again without buying anything.
I got back just as planned, a couple of minutes before 4 PM… But dad wasn’t here! So I called him, he rejected the call, then called back, at which point I asked where he was and he said that he was already at mother’s… And that he had told me when he had called that he was going back there the following week, so I should have apparently realized that what I had bought wasn’t needed that day, even though he hadn’t said anything about changing the plan of leaving at 4 PM, and when he had said that he’ll go there again the following week, it had been in the context of mother wanting the bug spray right away, so I took it as meaning that it’ll be too late to take things there the following week. And, seeing as I had said that I was going to look for ant spray as well, how would I have given it to him if I’d have bought some?

In the early hours of April 3, after washing the other things that were in the sink, I noticed quite a lot of scratches on the enamel of the cast iron pot on the inside as well, so I guess I was less careful the previous evening, when I again made mamaliga. After putting too much cornmeal for the amount of water, I did occasionally try to scrape the sides and bottom to some extent, so less of it will be stuck on the pot at the end, but I definitely didn’t think that it’d show that much. I learned better since then, but it just shows how poorly made that pot is… Either way, that night the computer also once again did what it usually does a week after the hour goes forward, skipping an hour yet again, and of course BOINC once again got confused after I synchronized the time on-line, and quitting the manager didn’t quite work properly, there was a timeout error in the event logs. However, after the processes finally vanished I could start it again and it seemed to work, without work unit errors.
Moving on to that day, I got up for a little while at 1:30 PM, when dad left, but I was really sleepy, after three days of getting little sleep following the previous run, of 16 km, and the forecast had listed a lot of wind, plus some chance of rain even in the afternoon, and I hadn’t prepared myself for a run that day, so I didn’t even look outside, getting back in bed and only really getting up when it was almost 4:30 PM… At which point I saw stillness outside, very little wind, and it stayed like that long enough to have allowed me to run at the usual time, while the forecast for the rest of the week, assuming that it was to be believed, was way worse, and in the next two days it would definitely be impossible to run. But I did need the sleep, and I also wanted to cook that day, which I did.
It was 9 PM when I rushed out, with ten bottles, including two that went towards that 10 RON voucher, and the winning receipt, since I went to that Penny. I also took a bag of trash, which I dropped down the chute, and a can, which I dropped in a recycling bin on the way. I hadn’t shaved in a long time, had no mask and no headphones, and on top of the wind having really picked up by then, it was just starting to rain when I went out, which rain got pretty heavy within minutes. But I had to rush anyway, and I did, though I only jogged for some relatively brief stretches, as I was approaching my destination.
After getting there, I went straight to the recycling machine, but I was told that it didn’t work, the guard saying that it was full. But I was in front of it, and the winning receipt numbers were listed there, so I made a bit of a show of checking them and saying that I thought I had the one from two weeks earlier, pulling out the receipts, since I had also taken the one from the previous week, and then asking the guard what to do, with quite a smile on my face. He told me to wait for the cashier, since he didn’t know, and when a cashier did walk past she told me to wait for her coworker… And when that coworker came, she looked at the receipt and first said that it just meant that I had entered the raffle, only actually checking the winning receipt numbers when I pointed out that it was the winning one. Then she talked through the headset for a little while, after which she checked out a customer and then told me to come back another time, though she then had another look, talked some more through the headset and finally confirmed that it was the winning receipt and valid, but said that there was some paperwork to sign and they were getting ready to close. It was still almost half an hour before closing time, but after she confirmed that it could be redeemed until May 1, I left the bag with the bottles there and went to get some more of that cornmeal, retrieving the bag on my way out. Another employee, who was probably a manager, was at the other checkout at that point, and as I walked out she asked whether I was the one who won and, after I said yes, asked whether I could come back the next day. I said that it won’t be the next day, but confirmed with her as well that it could be redeemed until May 1.
I threw the cornmeal in the backpack after stepping out, then pretty much ran most of the way back, but at least the rain had lessened. And since I saw 10:02 PM when I got close to this Mega Image, I decided to step in, finding bakery discounts and one of those apple pastries among those products. It was in the same bag with another pastry, probably an apple roll, so I decided to just take both, then looked around a little more, at which point dad called and said that he was in the area, standing in a line, and will be home soon. So I said that I was also in the area, specifying that I was in the nearby Mega Image, then asked what was he getting, and after he said that he was getting beer I actually had a look to see whether he was standing in line right there. I didn’t see him at that point, so I looked around a little more, then got in line… And saw him ahead of me. So I initially went to him, but after exchanging a couple of words I went back to my place, so I won’t cut the line. And, when my turn came, the cashier asked what that roll was and I said that I assumed that it was an apple roll, but she entered it as a pumpkin roll, saying that it didn’t matter because it had the same price, though the pumpkin roll was actually a little cheaper than the apple one. She hadn’t applied the discount, however, saying that I had given her too little before I pointed out the problem and she apologized and applied the discount.
Dad had waited, so we got back together, and then he removed the stove top, as planned, and while it soaked a little we both ate some of what I had cooked, though I only did so after moving the rest into a smaller pot. It was almost 11:20 PM when I went to the bathroom, quickly using the toilet and then washing the stove top… Apparently just in time, because the water temperature started to drop at that point, after having been burning hot in the evening. So, despite being done far more quickly than expected, the shower I took was uncomfortable, though at least that also made me rush, so I was back in the kitchen at 12:40 AM. That made me decide to stick to the original plan after all, making a pizza, though I had initially given up on the idea. So I ate an orange and a nice cake that I had, also washed what was in the sink, and made that pizza and the salad, starting to eat dinner at 3:35 AM and finishing a little after 4:15 AM. I got in bed at 5:30 AM. And I’ll also mention here that the following day, on April 4, I started reading Fire and Blood.

That should cover everything that was left from before April 8, but let me at least finish the first third of the month and also include April 10, starting with the early hours, when I ate dinner between 3:25 AM and 3:55 AM, after washing a large pot for dad. And it was just after 3:55 PM when I went out, with ten bottles that I wanted to put in the recycling machine at Kaufland, to get some of that Pepsi Max for next to nothing. The plan was to take two trips, using dad’s metro card for the first one and then giving it back to him, either here if I’ll get back before he’ll leave, which he said should be around 5:45 PM, or at the metro station if not.
I went to Obor, had a quick look through that outdoor area where I had found those cheap perfumes the previous time but didn’t spot any more, then continued to Kaufland, though when I got there I saw that they were just emptying the recycling machine, so I went in instead, mainly to look for that Pepsi Max, and while I found none left where it should have been, there were some in a cart that probably contained products discarded by customers. So I just got some more of those treats for Liza, so I won’t leave without purchases, and by that time they were done with the recycling machine. However, I had two of those brown beer bottles that the machines from Penny also didn’t accept, and that one didn’t accept them either, so I put in five of the others, then looked around for two more, grabbing them from a trash can in order to put in five more that would be accepted. Then I placed the treats in the backpack and went back in, finding those Pepsi Max bottles still in that cart and buying two of them, to use the discount vouchers. The machine didn’t react when I placed the first voucher on the scales, after scanning it, but an employee was there and she stepped in before I could ask, saying that employees enter those, and she logged on and did so.
After adding those bottles in the backpack, I went to Carrefour, entering with the purchases and finding a box of those nice mini cakes among the expiring products. And I also got a bundle of green onions, to be able to use the voucher I couldn’t use two days earlier… But the self-checkout machine “ate” a 0.50 RON coin, neither counting nor rejecting it, and throwing in a few smaller coins, in case it got stuck somewhere, didn’t change the situation. But I eventually left it like that, not calling for an employee and then going to that cheaper pharmacy, wanting to buy some pills for dad. However, the cashier tried to upsell a newer and more expensive version, and after I refused and asked once again for the regular one, she quoted a higher price, probably the one for that newer version. I said that it shouldn’t be that much, she said that the price had increased, so I said that I had checked on the site the day before and then walked away. And I checked again after getting back and confirmed that the price was still the old one, and actually did purchase those pills at that price some time later, from another location of the same chain.
Either way, after adding the purchases from Carrefour in the backpack after walking out of that pharmacy, I rushed to Auchan as well, entering with the purchases, getting what I wanted, for my parents… And ending up standing in line for quite a while, after choosing to go to a manned checkout instead of standing in line for the one self-checkout from that side that accepted cash, since there was just one couple there, but they took a very long time, needing help from the employee, so I was running late and rushed back to the metro station, and I was on the train when dad sent an SMS, just after 5:45 PM, to tell me that he hadn’t left yet. So, instead of going to Dristor in order to meet him there, I decided to get off at this stop and then ran back here, getting back just after 5:55 PM and giving him the metro card… And I shouldn’t have even rushed that much, since it was a little longer before he actually left.
After having lunch, I went out again when it was past 8:30 PM, seeing that Carrefour and Kaufland were closing at 11 PM those days. I took five bottles of cooking oil, knowing that Kaufland’s recycling machines also accept those, but I first went to Penny, and dad called while I was there and I took the opportunity to ask for clarification regarding something that I was going to get for him, then I got that product and one more thing, continuing to Kaufland after putting them in the backpack. However, only one recycling machine was working and there were other people there when I arrived, and I wanted to check whether any of that Pepsi Max was left anyway, so I went in, found some, hid one expiring product and bought another, added it in the backpack, went back to the recycling machine… And found that the one which had been working the first time had been turned off by then as well, so I couldn’t put in those bottles and get another voucher.
Carrefour was next, and I entered with the backpack and asked an employee to confirm that they closed at 11 PM, since I didn’t see a sign listing the hours, and he did. But I didn’t find anything to get, so I went back to Kaufland, had another look at the recycling machine, which was still off, then washed my hands and entered the store once again when it was past 10:05 PM. I scanned the label for that bread and for one sweet pastry that I would have wanted to get for my mother, but neither had evening discounts. But I got a couple of other things, then retrieved that expiring product which I had hidden and called dad to ask whether he wanted it, and he said that he did. And I also asked whether he thought that mother would also want some of what I had gotten for myself, and he said that she probably would, so I got one for her as well. There were two left among the expiring products, and when a young couple got there while I was on the phone and were interested in them, I was wondering whether they’ll take them, but they just took one and I could get the other. Then, after walking through the first set of doors, I added the rest of the purchases in the backpack, placing it on those cabinets, and put the bakery products in a small bag, walking away when it was almost 10:45 PM. And on the way back I found what was the last of those bottles that I needed to also get a 10 RON voucher from Penny.
I got back when it was almost 11:15 PM, finally going to the bathroom, to use the toilet and shower, an hour and a half later, after eating a banana that was going bad and two of those mini cakes, talking to dad about what he was going to take to mother and arranging those things. Then I clipped my toenails, got back to the kitchen at 1:50 AM, ate dinner between 3:25 AM and 3:55 AM… And when I got in bed I realized that I had forgotten the toenail clippings there, so I had to gather them and throw them away, and it was almost 5:20 AM when I actually got in bed.


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