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Quick Review: The Whitestar Queen

I randomly picked this up for free at some point, but it’s not even worth that, because there’s still the cost of the time wasted reading it, in case you actually do. As such, its one saving grace is that the page count seems wrong, because it only took me about an hour to read it and I could get it done in a single sitting, since it’d have been difficult to make myself continue if I’d have stopped.
I didn’t check, but maybe it was written by a kid, in which case that may be an excuse. And I’m not even referring to all of the mistakes, but to the childish story, structure and characters, the events that don’t stand the slightest scrutiny and, in general, the fact that it offers no reason whatsoever to put up with it even for that one hour, unless you really want to avoid leaving something you happened to grab unread. It’s the sort of thing that should make whoever put it out there want to hide from the world in embarrassment.

Rating: 1/5


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