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New Finds – LIV

I’ll start another awfully rushed post in this series with an actual new find, The Erinyes, which seems to be something of a supergroup… And includes Nicoletta Rosellini, who was the vocalist of Kalidia, which I included in another one of these posts but which has since disbanded, and who still is the vocalist of Walk in Darkness, which I included in another such post and which continues to release new material. In fact, I now saw that she’s in yet another band as well, but they just released their first song and I didn’t even listen to it, so let me finally get to the band that this paragraph should actually be about and say that the album was released over a year ago, but since they’re an actual new find that I only stumbled into last night, I don’t really have a problem with that. And the clear pick is Death By a Broken Heart, which is just a great song. The other songs that I listened to have some elements that I’m not exactly fond of, but it’s a matter of taste, not an objective lack of quality or skill, and the confidence and experience are obvious. Either way, let’s say that I’ll go with My Kiss Goodbye as the second pick.

Another artist who was in a band that I included in another one of these posts is Dianne van Giersbergen, as in the former vocalist of Xandria, and last month she released her second song as a solo artist, Unleash the Siren, so I can include her here. I do prefer After the Storm, which pretty much sounds like Xandria at their best, but any complaints about Unleash the Siren can be filed under nitpicking and very high expectations. And those high expectations also apply to what she’ll release next.

And, since I went down this path, this would be a good time to also mention Charlotte Wessels, as in the former vocalist of Delain, which I also mentioned in another one of the very first posts from this series. She has been a solo artist for some time by now, and she regularly releases new songs, but they’re mostly on her Patreon, so I’ll stick to what’s public for my picks and go with Against All Odds and, obviously, Soft Revolution. Other songs can be very different, and I’m not fond of the sound of some of them, but these are lovely, and Soft Revolution in particular is exactly what I expected from her in every way, also in terms of the lyrics and message.


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