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Walking the Route and Getting the Race Kit for Bucharest Marathon 2023

The initial plan for October 5 was to walk the longer part of the marathon‘s route, since dad didn’t need the metro card, but there was no hot water the previous day and the site stated that it’ll be off that day as well, for works needed to modernize the city’s system, so I had given up on the idea, since a cold shower after such a walk was no longer an option when it wasn’t that hot anymore, and in fact that was the first time this season when I felt cold in bed. So I got up late, well past 3 PM… Only to see that there was hot water, and the site no longer listed this area as affected. So I rushed, had lunch and went out a little before 5:15 PM. That obviously didn’t leave me enough time for that long part, so I settled for a part of the route that was even shorter than what had been initially planned as the shorter one, and I didn’t take the metro card, having no use for it. But I did take the new camera, maybe trying to get used to having it with me, as a step towards regaining the courage to attend events.
I started from here and went straight towards Unirii, and if the plan made before leaving was to cross before the National Library, since the main point of this walk was to do that part, from there to Vitan and back, when I got to that point I decided to cover the small distance left to Unirii Square as well. And when I got there I made the small detour to that Carrefour, without putting on the mask, but I didn’t get anything, considering some spoiling cucumbers but deciding against it, which proved to be a very good decision. And when I walked out the guard wanted to check me, so I pulled out the camera from the jacket. I also had a bar in that pocket, which I had taken to eat during the walk, but it was expired, which should have made it clear that I hadn’t taken it from there even if he would have noticed it, but he was satisfied with the camera when it came to the jacket, wanting to see the backpack next, so I took it off and opened the small pocket, slowing him that I just had empty bags there, and then he pressed on the backpack, letting me go when he was satisfied that I had nothing else in it. So, after some wasted time, I returned to the route, crossed and continued on my way.
I made a little use of the camera at one point, at first for a tree that was patched up with bricks, and then the threshold between the light and the dark parts of the walk was just when I ate that bar. I had intended to eat it later, but saw one of those bottles that would grant two products in Carrefour’s campaign and didn’t want to eat the bar after touching it, so I stopped to eat the bar and then picked up that bottle, putting it in a bag and then in the backpack, and noticed that it was quite dark by the time I got moving again, even though there had still been some light when I had stopped, so the transition seemed oddly fast. Other than that, what was notable from the point of view of the marathon was that work was still being done in a part of that area, but it was the sidewalk that was smashed to pieces. Admittedly, there was tape around that area, closing one of the lanes for traffic so people would be able to walk on it instead, but that meant that the road didn’t narrow as much in that area as it did in previous years, when one side or the other were completely fenced off. Otherwise, I still noticed that strange radio interference in a part of that area and tried to stop in the exact spots where I heard something other than what I was listening to, but voices were too muffled to make out what was being said. And I eventually grabbed another one of those bottles, adding it next to the first. Then I got a pretty good feel of the climb that’s on the way back to the National Library and then continued from there. When I reached Alba Iulia Square, I considered checking that Mega Image, but the guard was standing in front of the door and I kept going without trying to walk past him, covering the part of the route that’s on Burebista and then continuing only to that Profi.
That marked the end of that part of the walk, even though it meant leaving the way back on Decebal for another time, and it’s important to get a good feel of that area before the run, since it’s a climb that may not actually be steep at all, in fact being hard to even notice when you just walk, but it’s long and comes after 33 km, so it feels terrible at that point. But continuing would have meant walking all the way back here and not going anywhere else, and I had meant to also go to Kaufland that evening, so I also had a quick look in that Profi and then turned back and went towards Kaufland.
After going to the toilet, it was past 9:15 PM, possibly closer to 9:20 PM, when I entered Kaufland, getting some buns from the bakery area, then returning to the fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of potatoes and cucumbers, which had nice evening discounts. The scales printed a higher price, but the correct price showed up when I used a price checker. I also saw two last watermelons that were listed as being from Romania, and while one seemed too large, the smaller one also sounded fine when I knocked on it, so I took it. The price per kilogram was the highest one I ever paid for watermelon, but not by much, and while it was rather wilted when I cut into it, a week and a half later, it was good enough for a last one for this year. Either way, I then grabbed some more things and, while the self-checkout had worked fine until that point, just after I scanned everything it said that I had taken something off the scales, so I had to call an employee to override that message. And then I accidentally skipped scanning the store card, and that time I actually wanted to, being curious about something, so I hit back… And that message reappeared, so I had to call that employee again, but the closing announcement came while I was using the machine and he walked away right after overriding one more time, so I didn’t call him back when the machine skipped straight to payment when I continued the process, without asking one more time for the store card, nor did I try to go back again, just paying directly, since what I had wanted to check by using the store card wasn’t exactly important. At least I used all but one of the remaining vouchers obtained for recyclables. Then I took my time to arrange the purchases, but then I stopped again at one of the tables that are outside and arranged a little more, walking away just after 10:15 PM… And then stopping a couple more times before finally leaving that area.
Despite struggling to carry everything, I had a look in that Mega Image that closes at 11 PM from the door and saw discounted bakery products, so I put the bags I held in my hands in a cabinet and entered with the backpack and the bag that hangs from my neck, hoping to find one of those apple pastries. But I didn’t, so I just retrieved my things and walked out again. But when I got here and also checked the nearby Mega Image, leaving the bags I held in my hands next to the cabinets, I decided to buy a jar of peanut butter of one of their brands that was on sale, even if it’s made in Netherlands and just lists “non-EU” as the source of the peanuts. They were promoting that brand and I wanted to make use of that really good price to be all set for next year, if not even use some of it before the marathon, since it seemed a little better than the old one that I still had… Only to not use it then and see an even better deal some time later, but I couldn’t have known that then, but since the price was so good and I made use of that other deal as well, I have a small stock and will probably start having some of it these days, when I have some more long walks… And a tree planting event, assuming I won’t back out of it. But, to return to that evening, an employee was moving around that small store with a cart and passed by that spot twice while I was checking out that peanut butter, so I had to move aside, and the second time the weight of the backpack unbalanced me and I had to lean against the glass of a freezer so I won’t fall. She apologized multiple times and I took some more time before finally making up my mind and buying that peanut butter, then I retrieved my things and walked out.
I got back a little before 11:20 PM, with almost 25 kg… And I weighed under 46 kg. I then went to throw two small bags of trash down the chute and saw that the battery which had been there even on September 30 was still there, so I took it, thinking that I’ll take it to a recycling center at some point, though I’m yet to do that. Either way, I then washed some things, put some of the purchases in their place and ate a large apple and a piece of cake that I already had. It was almost 1:15 AM when I went to take a bath, being done at 2 AM. I then washed what was left, put the remaining purchases in their place, with the exception of the potatoes, which I just left in the bag, ate a bag of snacks while working on dinner, and ate dinner between 3:50 AM and 4:25 AM. Since dad had admitted his lack of self control and said that he’ll go through them right away if he’ll see them there, I had initially taken some of the purchases that were for him to my room, but before going to bed I decided that it was his problem and took them back. I got in bed at 5:30 AM.

The plan for October 8 was to get up at 10 AM, but when I got up to pee, a little after 9 AM, I moved the alarm to 11 AM, though I woke up again a few minutes before that time and turned it off and got up. Then I ate watermelon and lunch, even did the day’s squats, and left at 1:30 PM to walk the long part of the marathon’s route. I had dad’s metro card and a can, which I threw in the recycling bin at the metro station, and I was also wearing a mask when I left, but I took it off after getting off at Izvor, and after exiting the park, around the start location of the marathon, I also took off the jacket and put it in the backpack. And soon after that, as I was crossing that road at the start of the route, a gust of wind blew off my cap, right on the street, but I could retrieve it, and was careful to hold on to it after that.
Since I didn’t cross before turning towards Constitution Square, I was on the wrong side in that area, but at least I went right through the Square. Then I followed the route just to Unirii Square, not continuing to the spot where it turned, after that hotel, since I had walked that part already, so I then crossed and continued from there. And on Kiseleff I stumbled into what seemed to be an antiques’ fair and checked it out, having a look at some things, and there were some beautiful birds wearing armor pieces, very detailed and pretty large, and I asked about the price of one and was told 5000 RON! I’m surprised the guy let me handle two of them, in that case! I had thought that they just looked like silver, but at that point I asked whether they were actually made of it and he confirmed it… Though I spotted what looked like a dot of rust on one, which shouldn’t happen with silver. Either way, I then went back to a small bronze horse that I had spotted, checking it out a second time, and that guy got my attention and said that it was 50 RON, but I told him that I’ll keep looking and eventually continued on my way.
It was nice that Victoriei was pedestrianized that day, so I could actually walk on the street. Otherwise, I had grabbed another one of those bottles for Carrefour’s campaign by the time I approached that short but bad climb and took a few pictures of something, since I had once again taken the new camera, and I left the bag with the bottle on the ground and walked away without it, though I realized it after a little while and retrieved it. And I was just getting to the end of Victoriei when, a little after 6 PM, it suddenly got quite cloudy, the wind picked up even more and it got noticeably colder. But I only put the jacket back on when I stopped to pick up a second bottle, when I was once again around the starting area, having left the route when I got past Izvor Park, so I won’t walk that portion one more time. Then I went past Constitution Square once again, that time on the correct side, and continued to follow the route, ending up walking on Unirii Boulevard one more time because I had to keep going after returning to it.
It was around 7:10 PM or so when I got back to Unirii Square, so I’d have had time to keep going and eventually also cover the part that’s on Decebal, or even the entire part that I eventually covered two days later, or cross and return to Constitution Square, to cover the last part of the route, which would have taken far less, but on the one hand I did want to go to some stores, and on the other it was so windy that I was struggling to even keep my eyes open. So I decided to go to that shopping center to pee and wash my hands, then I exited through the back and ate the bar that I had with me, then put the mask back on and checked Carrefour, putting the backpack in a cabinet, and putting the camera in it as well. But the only benefit of going there was getting myself out of that wind for a while, so I then retrieved my things and went to the metro station, getting off at Carrefour Orhideea, entering with everything… And just walking out again.
After walking to Kaufland, I washed my hands, only finding soap after checking the toilet for disabled people, since there was none in either men’s or women’s, then I entered with everything, a little after 8:30 PM. Since I had forgotten that it closes at 9 PM on Sunday, I was surprised that the bakery area was almost cleared. But at least I got an expiring product for dad and the last bundle of green onions that was left, and which had an evening discount. However, none of the self-checkouts that should have accepted cash worked, so a regular checkout was open and I had to use it, waiting in quite a line. But at least I used the last voucher obtained for recyclables. Then I added the purchases in the backpack, but I set down the receipt while doing that and forgot it there, so when I realized it, after walking out, I rushed back and was relieved that the doors still opened and it was still there, so I could retrieve it.
I then took the metro to Obor, jogging to Carrefour, entering with everything and seeing that they were making the evening discounts for bakery products, so I got two sweet pastries, plus an expiring bread for dad, and managed to use the last self-checkout that accepted cash that was still open, an employee closing the next one when I got there and then waiting for me to finish in order to close that one as well. Then I took the metro back here and made the small detour to the nearby Mega Image, leaving the last bottle that I had grabbed in the parking lot, since it was large and I had grabbed it on the way from the metro station and had just held it in my hand. I entered with everything else, however… And then I once again just walked back out, retrieving that bottle.
It was almost 10:30 PM when I got back, then I put the purchases in their place, ate one of the sweet pastries and an apple and also took another pill, just in case. Dad also got back during that time and he went to take a bath first, so I went after he was done, at 12:10 AM, wasting some time on the toilet and then washing. I got back in the kitchen at 1:15 AM, but I mostly just talked to dad until close to 1:30 AM. I ate a bag of peanuts while working on dinner, so I got 950 calories just from that, and then I ate dinner between 3:25 AM and 4:25 AM. I got in bed at 5:30 AM.

On October 12, I left just before 3:55 PM, with a bag of trash, which I threw down the chute, and the plastic and metal, which I dropped in a recycling bin on the way. Since I had dad’s metro card and was going to take the metro from Dristor, I first went to Park Lake, washing my hands but not putting on the mask just yet. After a very brief look in another sports store, got one of those gels from that Hervis, that location seeming to be one of the very few places that still have it. But the gels were somewhat mixed in the boxes and I accidentally grabbed a regular one at first, only realizing it because there was a single cashier and I had to wait a little and had another look, so I rushed back and grabbed the correct one. Then I checked Carrefour and grabbed a nice sweet thing that was among the expiring products, and also a bag of rice from there, discounted by 75%, obviously because it still had a Nutri-Score label. However, when I tried to scan the rice at the self-checkout, the machine said that an assistant will soon come, though the message went away without anybody coming. So I tried again, with the same result. Then I entered the code manually, but the outcome was the same. So it was clear that the person from the computer was just clearing that message without even looking in my direction, since an employee did walk away from there but went to do something else, so I went there and explained what was going on, being told that it meant that the product was not in the system and, in fact, that someone else had tried to buy it before me. And no, there was no way to buy it, the guy asking me to leave it there, which I did.
I walked out of the mall with that product in the inside pocket of my jacket, but then I saw another one of those bottles and realized that the small amount of liquid that I poured out before taking it wasn’t water, so I walked back in through the other door and washed my hands again. Then I also checked Supeco, but the biscuits that I had meant to buy from there, also meaning to eat one, which was actually why I had kept my mask off until then, had increased in price, so I gave up on that idea and didn’t find anything else to get. And I also noticed that the scales were off, and when someone else asked an employee, she said that they weigh the products at the checkout again. Also, the beets had no price, so I asked about it and the guy at the checkout told me what it was, but it was a little more than at Kaufland, so I just walked out, also having a quick look in that Mega Image and then passing through that farmers’ market, glancing at the price of plums, on the way to the metro station.
I finally put on the mask before entering the metro station… And took it off after getting off at Unirii. Then I went to get the race kit, also walking that final part of the route in the process, which was why I got off at Unirii instead of Izvor. When I got there, I had a look at the bars and gels sold by the nutrition sponsor, then moved along and showed the guy the QR code, but he asked for my birthday and I hadn’t prepared for that, so I stared at him for a few seconds. But I eventually managed to blurt it out and received the number, then moved on and also received the t-shirt. A guy who was ahead of me was trying one on and it looked small, so I asked what size it was and he said that it was an S, which made sense, but I just got the regular M, also trying it on before going to receive the rest of the kit. Then I set everything down on a pallet and checked what was in the kit, being quite pleased with the contents, unlike before this year’s half marathon. The 20% discount code for next year’s half marathon and the shot of liquid magnesium were quite enough on their own, and there were a couple of other usable things as well. Either way, I then put everything in the large backpack… And the moment I stepped out of the Sport Expo area my brain started working again and I thought that I should have said something to that guy about my birthday being right on the day of the race.
On the way back, I entered that Mega Image, with the backpack and after putting the mask back on, and I picked up two of the chocolates that I had intended to get, since there was a 60% discount on a second identical product for chocolate those days, but it didn’t apply to products that were already on sale and that specific kind had gone on sale that day, the discount being 20%. The cashier told me that, but he initially said that he had actually calculated it before and it was better that way, which was obviously wrong. So I’d have gotten what was in fact a 30% discount for each the previous day, when this deal would have still applied but the 20% discount hadn’t yet kicked in, but that day I’d have had to settle for just 20%, so I obviously didn’t buy them anymore, and I didn’t go back to get the other kind that I had considered either.
Carrefour was next, and there I did put the backpack in a cabinet, and I found two bags of bio (organic) apples that were among the spoiling products even though the apples themselves looked fine, just the bags being torn and wrapped in cling wrap. And those apples were on sale those days, so buying them for half of the sale price was a great deal, and I did weigh them, making sure that the bags weren’t torn because some of the apples had been removed from them. I only bought one, however, thinking that I’ll get plenty of apples the following week, from their campaign… And that was true, but I should have still bought both. And I should have also bought the mushrooms that I had meant to get, since I saw them there, but I was also going to go to Obor and made the wrong decision to leave buying those for that point. Then I retrieved the backpack and grabbed another one of those bottles on the way back to the metro station.
After getting off at Obor, I entered Auchan with everything and got what I could find out of what I had meant to get plus one bio (organic) egg that I found among those sold by piece and some expiring mini cakes. That location didn’t have the fat-free version of the nice yogurt that I had meant to get and, while they did have the one with 2% fat, that yogurt was also on sale at Carrefour, albeit for a slightly higher price, and I was buying it for the morning of the marathon and about to spend about three times more on it than I’d normally spend on one yogurt, so I decided to stand firm and only look for the one with no fat and, supposedly, a tiny bit more protein. Either way, by then I was expecting Auchan’s self-checkouts to round down the total in order to make it divisible by 0.05 RON, which once again happened, and then I arranged the purchases.
On the way to Penny, I stopped in another Mega Image, entering with everything and getting two of those other chocolates, so I could take advantage of that deal, plus a bag of spoiling carrots. And I stopped one more time before reaching Penny, to sit on a bench and add the bag that I had some of the purchases in into the large backpack. Then I left the backpack on the cabinets and got a couple of things from Penny, and I also saw that the beets had the same price as at Kaufland, assuming that they weren’t going to have an evening discount there, so I decided to look through the few that were left and found three good small ones, getting those as well. And the cashier gave me exact change, with several 0.01 RON coins, which is strange for Penny, since they tend to round in order to avoid using those coins and even reject them if the customers give them some.
After retrieving the backpack, I rushed to Kaufland, put my things in a cabinet, washed my hands again and entered the store a couple of minutes after 9:20 PM. Since I found that some bread that I could get had an evening discount, which often doesn’t happen in that location, I got one, plus a few other bakery products. I also asked about the olives with almonds that were on sale, but I was told that they no longer had any, which was not surprising, considering the deep discount, and probably also the fact that they’re an interesting product to begin with. Either way, it was a good thing that I had bought those three beets from Penny, since I found only a single good one left at Kaufland, so I got that as well, plus a bag of spoiling black radishes.
I was really rushing at that point, and I rushed even more after retrieving my things, but the weight obviously meant that I couldn’t run to Carrefour, and I also had to try a few cabinets until I found one that locked, only putting the other bag in there and entering with the backpack and with the bag that hangs from my neck when it was already past 9:50 PM. At least I found that yogurt, so I grabbed one, but despite seeing some bread that I could get that had the evening discount, I decided against getting any, which later proved to be a problem. But the immediate problem was that I couldn’t find any of those mushrooms. So I was almost running around, trying to see whether they could be in any other spot if none were left in the normal area, but when an employee asked whether he could help me and I told him what I was looking for, he said that if none are there, then none are left. So I just bought that yogurt, but the employees were just closing the last self-checkout that accepted cash, I had to use a regular checkout, and the cashier just gave me the bills as change, not bothering to add the 0.05 RON coin, and I didn’t comment. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet, arranged my things and got back to the metro station.
I got back a couple of minutes before 10:30 PM, with over 22 kg, and I once again weighed less than 46 kg. Then I ate one of those bio (organic) apples and a small bag of bagels. And that apple was just so tasty! I don’t normally expect such products to be so much better in terms of taste, but that one really seemed like one of the best apples I had in a very long time, so I really should have bought both bags. Either way, dad once again went to wash first and I washed and cleaned some of what was in the kitchen and even did the day’s squats before he was done. I went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash, at 12:20 AM, being done just after 1:30 AM. Then I ate two of those mini cakes and only had a combined lunch and dinner between 4:55 AM and 5:50 AM. I got in bed at 6:40 AM, despite not getting on-line and leaving a couple of things unwashed.

I was obviously still awake when dad woke up, at 7 AM, and while I managed to fall asleep while he was getting ready to leave, I woke up when he did leave, then fell asleep again, and then I was woken up again by chainsaws, or circular saws, or whatever they were, this garden that’s behind the building, which was tended by someone, being cleared. They seem to have left the young trees that are next to the fence, but the workers took the fruits. They were also taking apples from the large tree while they talked, and at least they left that tree alone, and the fir as well, though they were talking about whether the scaffolding would fit around it, with some saying that it’ll be cut by those workers but another one saying that it’ll be pruned, so hacked up, but not cut down… Though hacking a tree up like that is a death sentence anyway.
What that told me was that the building was going to be insulated, retrofitted. It had escaped the process so far, even though it had been done to all of the others from this area, and I hoped that it’ll keep being passed over, considering what it means, but no such luck, so even though at the moment they’re just working on the roof and basement, without even any scaffolding set up just yet, the drilling and other noises that start at 7 AM and continue until evening mean that I have to function on as little as an hour of sleep, and then the constant noise messes me up even more, and I’m looking at probably another year or so of even worse conditions.
To return to the morning of October 13, they were done quickly and I tried to get back in bed after that, but I was too angry and depressed to sleep despite being so awfully sleepy, so I eventually got back up and ate another one of those bio (organic) apples, then returned to bed once again and eventually got back to sleep, but I was drifting in and out, and around 2:15 PM I was woken up one more time by the sound of cutting and banging on metal, and then I continued to drift in and out of sleep until around 5:15 PM, when I actually got up… And at that point I saw that a fence had appeared, closing off this space that’s behind the building unless you have a key to the gate.
Otherwise, after first dealing with a load of laundry, it was too late when I started cooking the pasta. I obviously didn’t have any of those mushrooms, and I also forgot that I wanted to add some olives, but I decided to add some carrots. Either way, it was very late when I finished cooking, so I considered eating a combined lunch and dinner once again, or even switching, to work on and even eat dinner while working on the pasta and then eat the pasta later, but I eventually started eating lunch when it was past 1 AM, got back in the kitchen when it was past 1:30 AM, and had dinner between 3:15 AM and 3:45 AM. That was the first day in a very long time when I only brushed my teeth once, before going to bed.


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