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Four More Runs to Fully Catch Up

On November 24, after getting in bed at 5:20 AM, I got up when the alarm rang, at 1:30 PM, but after waking up around 11:45 AM, when dad was in the bathroom, I slept poorly, since I wanted to go to pee but couldn’t, so I got back in bed, apparently fell asleep again, woke up once more and did go to pee close to 12:10 PM, then got another brief nap before dad went out, and one more until a bad dream woke me again, seconds before the alarm rang. Then I saw that dad had brought my jacket back, after having it dry cleaned after planting trees, which was nice. He had also taken it there, and I meant to pick it up myself after the run, but then he said that he was going to make a detour before going where he had to go that day, since he was driving, and bring it when he’ll get back, around 6 PM. However, that was when he meant to wake up at 12:30 PM and leave at 1 PM, and he ended up waking earlier and leaving at 2:10 PM, so he used that time to pick it up and bring it back before leaving. Either way, 15 minutes after he left I realized that I had forgotten about the tea, being so relieved when I rushed to the kitchen and saw that some of the water had boiled off but without spilling and turning off the stove. On the other hand, when I checked the jacket, I saw that they had stapled a label to it, with three small staples, which obviously left some marks… But what was done, was done, so I had the usual stuff, albeit replacing two of the almonds with the last two apricot pits, and the sweet thing consisted of two of those nicer biscuits received after planting trees, with added honey, and I left at 3:45 PM, wearing the full running gear. The reported temperature was 10-11°C, holding steady, and it was overcast, but the walk to the park wasn’t as uncomfortable as I feared.
The time was 47:44.14, with sector times of 4:06.92, 4:59 (4:58.28), 5:52.66, 4:28 (4:27.97), 5:02.15, 5:51 (5:50.54), 4:29 (4:28.62), 5:08 (5:07.88), 5:54.22 and 1:55 (1:54.90), making for lap times of 14:57.86, 15:21 (15:20.66) and 15:31 (15:30.72). I wanted to stay under 48 minutes, but Carrefour’s campaign meant that two and a half weeks had passed since the previous run, so I doubted it. And when I pushed from the start and felt that I was already tiring before the long straight of sector one and slowing by the end of it, I was worried… Only to be shocked by that great sector one time. And sector two was really good as well. I couldn’t keep it up on sector three, but I still squeezed under 15 minutes for the lap. However, I still knew that getting under 48 minutes was the best that I could hope for, and lap two proved it, leaving me with a decent buffer for lap three but no more than that. I did have a passing thought of getting under 47:30, but that’d have required going faster on lap three and there was no chance of that, sector two proving it. But at least I was less than a minute slower than that previous run, and I was very content with that.
After having stumbled on an escalator on November 19, I still felt some pain, mainly in my right leg, but it faded as I ran. However, my left knee started giving some warnings from sector one of lap two, and on sector three of lap two I first needed to snap my back and then there were warnings from both ankles. Otherwise, I briefly stopped on sectors two and three of lap three, to see the time. As for people, I slowed a little on the long straight of sector one of lap two, behind another runner, because someone with a dog was next to the lane and I couldn’t overtake. Other than that, there was obviously some weaving and going the long way around, plus a little hesitation because of a dog and also when I went around another person with a dog who was edging towards the lane, but nothing notable, and on lap three it suddenly seemed oddly clear. But, since I mentioned people, I noticed that a guy who ran past as I was getting ready to start and whom I overtook after a while was wearing shorts and gloves, and after a while I realized that he rather had the right idea when it came to the gloves, because at least my thumbs were quite numb by the time I was halfway through the run. But I managed, and otherwise it was just fine.

After jogging back and having a quick look in the nearby Mega Image, I had lunch and changed, though I left the running t-shirt on, and left again a little after 6:45 PM. I first went to Carrefour, getting a number of things, which included a cheap knife that I happened to spot among the discounted products and one of those apple pastries that wasn’t among such products, because those pastries had a regular discount there those days that made the price only a little higher than the discounted one usually is at Mega Image. Then I put the purchases in a bag and left it in a cabinet when I got to Penny, just buying some sweets for my mother, since I asked about the biscuits that I wanted for dad and was told that none were left. And then, after retrieving my things, putting everything in a cabinet when I reached that Kaufland, going to the toilet and entering the store a little after 8:45 PM, I didn’t see any bread or anything that I could use as bread left in the bakery area even though no discount labels were placed yet, so I just looked around a little and then walked out, retrieving my things.
I was rushing to the other Kaufland, but since that took me close to a Mega Image that I don’t usually check, I decided to have a look, noticing that the listed closing time was 11 PM, though I was sure that it used to be 10 PM. Either way, I put the bag in a cabinet, but didn’t take the time to dig out a 0.50 RON coin, so I didn’t lock it even though it could be locked, thinking that I was just going to be in and out. However, an employee was just starting to make the bakery discounts… And they were of 90%! And, while there was no bread, two of those apple pastries were left, so I really shouldn’t have bought that one from Carrefour. So I asked if those were also going to get discounted and she said yes, but that she had to do them in order, so I picked up another pastry that already had the discount label and, after wandering around a little, returned there and started looking through the lists of ingredients… At which point that employee told me that I wasn’t allowed to look there! So I incredulously asked how could I not be allowed to check the ingredients, and after she asked a coworker whether it was allowed and he told her to let me read, she said that she had never seen anyone do that before. Either way, she eventually got to those apple pastries and let me know, at which point a woman also reached for them, then pulled back when she saw me reaching for them and the employee also said that I had been waiting for her to get to them. However, I told her that we’ll split them, and while she was initially reluctant, I said that I was just going to take one and the employee also said that I only wanted one, even though she couldn’t have really known that, so I took one and walked away. Unfortunately, I did so quickly, wanting to escape a situation that kept getting ever more awkward, so I grabbed the one which had already been bagged, so it had probably been taken by someone earlier and left somewhere in the store.
After retrieving my things, I put everything in a cabinet when I reached that other Kaufland, washed my hands once again, and entered the store when it was close to 9:40 PM, so it wasn’t surprising that the bakery area was almost cleared. However, while the listed discounts were lower, when the employee saw me looking she said that they actually were of 75%, but there had been no time to place the new labels. I tried to ask what something was at that point, but she had already left, so I scanned the label from that spot, confirming the 75% discount, and when she came out I also asked whether those products were what that label said, taking them, since I could use them instead of bread, when she confirmed. Then I went to get some green onions, which had an evening discount, and saw an employee tearing the tops off, so I got three bundles and a bunch of tops… And I was gathering those tops when a woman came to tell me that bananas had a deep evening discount… Only for my initial reaction to be to say that I wasn’t interested, which would have made it awkward if I’d have gone there right away, so I wandered around a little even though the store was closing soon, also grabbing some sugar at that point. But I did eventually go to the bananas as well, at which point I saw that they weren’t just very cheap, but also really good, which really doesn’t happen when they’re that cheap, so I grabbed a few whole bunches before making my way to the self-checkout… Which listed the full price for the sugar, and the employees ignored me when I raised my hand, so after a little while I just continued and saw that the discount applied at the end, so it was fine. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and took my time to arrange everything in the large backpack.
I then continued to Auchan, entering with everything when it was close to 10:30 PM and just getting water and a few biscuits for dad. I was looking for one more kind of biscuits when a guard told me to go to the checkout, since the store was closing soon, so I did, but just three checkouts were still open, all of them manned, and I rushed to the one with the shorter line, but after nevertheless waiting for a while, when it’d have been my turn the employee noticed that I was pulling cash out and told me that it was only for cards, and I only looked up and noticed the sign as well at that point. But at least the others did accept cash, so I went to one… And ended up being the last customer, the other line moving faster. So the store was already closed by the time I was checked out and I just carried the water outside, taking my time to arrange everything after that, even though it was raining, as it had been since I had left again in the evening, albeit not badly. Either way, I was still there when a woman was forced out by the guards, but I didn’t really pay attention until the end of that event. And it was past 11:10 PM when I walked away, and then I had to stop a few times on the way.
I got back a couple of minutes after midnight, with 26.5 kg, though after eating a banana and cleaning the litter box, I went to throw a bag of trash down the chute. Then I spread out the purchases, ate the apple pastry from Carrefour, and went to wash when it was almost 1:10 AM. I got back in the kitchen 45 minutes later, put the purchases in their place, washed and cleaned what was in the kitchen, and finally started eating dinner, initially in the kitchen, at 4:20 AM, moving to continue in my room ten minutes later and finishing when it was past 5:10 AM. I got in bed at 6:15 AM, without getting on-line, so I only later saw that no visits were recorded on November 24.

In the early hours of December 2, I ate dinner between 3:20 AM and 4 AM, in the kitchen, also having some of the old peanut butter on some of the slices of bread. But the large blister that has been under my tongue for quite some time bothered me again, and when I looked, after eating, it was as if another blister was developing on it or it had burst, so I bothered it a little and it filled with blood, but didn’t burst, so I used a little of something sent by my mother after dad had told her about it, even though I hadn’t wanted to use that until then, and I noticed that it’s mainly against candida. However, it seemed that the blister did burst while I slept, since there was a little dried blood there when I got up, after the alarm rang, at 1 PM, and while the place was sore, the blister was smaller and I could see through it, so I had probably swallowed whatever else had been in it. But it soon went back to how it was before. Either way, I had the usual stuff, with the yogurt being a “Greek” one with 10% fat and 5% protein, and the sweet thing two of those nicer biscuits, with added honey. However, I once again forgot the water on the stove, going to my room while dad was getting ready to leave, and he didn’t let me know either, so I only realized it when he was just about to leave, but we were once again lucky, because a fair amount of water had boiled off, but it hadn’t spilled and turned off the stove. And I put on the full running gear and left at 3:10 PM, when the reported temperature was 13-14°C, likely dropping by 1°C by the time I finished.
The time was 48:38.01, with sector times of 4:16.64, 5:02.34, 5:55 (5:54.91), 4:38.06, 5:08 (5:07.72), 6:04 (6:03.68), 4:31.16, 5:10.25, 6:03 (6:02.56) and 1:51 (1:50.69), making for lap times of 15:13.89, 15:50 (15:49.46) and 15:44 (15:43.97). It was Saturday and just after the National Day, so I started by thinking that if the park will be terribly crowded and I won’t even get under 50 minutes, I’ll continue to 16 km, but quickly realized that if I’ll be that slow, it’ll be entirely my fault, and each of the first two sectors were faster than I thought they’d be and the first lap made me wonder whether I could keep it up and get under 48 minutes. But the first sector of lap two made it quite clear that it wasn’t going to happen, and each sector that followed only confirmed it more and more, so I ended up just aiming to stay under 49 minutes, which wasn’t a problem. But it was a poor time, and the crowd wasn’t enough of an excuse, the notable problems caused by people being enough to say that I’d have gotten under 48:30 otherwise, but not more than that.
While it was less crowded than I feared, it did get somewhat worse after the first lap. On the first sector, I just went on the grass a little, but cut a turn while doing so. On sector two of lap two, a roadblock caused me to go on the grass once more and another to slow a lot and probably stop for just an instant, and then I also hesitated when a guy cut across the path in front of me. On sector three of lap two, it was a good thing that I had good “brakes”, because a girl was running with her dog and the dog suddenly cut across the path, to a guy on a scooter whom I was just passing, and I just managed to stop before all of us got tangled up. On sector two of lap three, I had to go on the grass and around a bench because of another roadblock, going slowly because that area is also somewhat sloped towards the lake. On sector three of lap three, I again slowed and likely stopped for an instant because of a roadblock. Plus various moments of weaving and going the long way around. Otherwise, on sector three of lap two I stepped in a hole that I didn’t know was there, under the lane, but just with my left heel. And I stepped in another such hole on lap three, though I’m not sure exactly where. Either way, it was also with my left foot, and it wasn’t that bad. But the notable physical problem was the pain I felt in my upper abdomen from the end of sector two of lap one, and I only started to gradually get over it on lap three. Some of it was reflected from my back, but probably not all of it, and it was hard to run like that, so it most likely slowed me a fair bit.

I quickly checked the nearby Mega Image on the way back, then ate a banana and lunch, even did the day’s squats, changed, though I left the running t-shirt on, and after going to drop a bag of trash down the chute and returning to wash my hands, I left again at 7:15 PM. I had dad’s metro card but didn’t use it, taking my chances nearby, first in Carrefour, also dropping off two burned out light bulbs that I had taken with me. And I did find one product that I could use as bread among the discounted ones, but only if I wasn’t going to find anything else, so I hid it and just got a discounted pastry, two expiring yogurts and a cabbage, putting them in the backpack and leaving it in a cabinet when I got to Kaufland. Then, after eventually making my way to the bakery area, I saw some products that were very similar to that one from Carrefour, but slightly cheaper, thanks to the evening discount which had just applied. But I still didn’t really want to get something like that, so I scanned a couple of other labels, but when I found that those products really didn’t have an evening discount, I just bought an expiring product, added it in the cabinet and returned to Carrefour. However, while I retrieved that product from where I had hidden it, I eventually just put it back among the discounted ones and hovered around the bakery area until just before 9 PM, wondering whether they’ll make more discounts. But there didn’t seem to be any sign of that, so I walked back out.
I washed my hands before entering Kaufland once again, but those similar bakery products were no longer there by then, and when the employee was moving everything that was left into one area, I asked her about that other product that wasn’t discounted and she said that it really won’t be. Still, I hovered around, eventually caught a moment when she wasn’t there and grabbed the two labels which I had scanned the first time as well, but scanning them again only confirmed that they had no evening discounts. But I did get a sweet pastry and three buns, including one that I consider to be too expensive at half price, but I found myself grabbing it right after asking about those other ones and thought that I could combine it with one that I already had and use them instead of bread that night. Then I grabbed a few more things, made my way to the self-checkout, and while I was uncertain that the price of the regular buns was correct, I didn’t comment because the labels had been placed over each other, I hadn’t really checked carefully, and the price that I thought they should have was only slightly lower.
After retrieving what I had in the cabinet, I was arranging the purchases when the closing announcement came, and then I went to that Mega Image as well, putting the backpack in a cabinet and entering with the bag that hangs from my neck… And doing so just in time, since an employee was grabbing all of the discounted bakery products, scanning them and throwing them in a basket, and the one bread that I could get from there seemed to be next, but I reached over when she turned to drop the other products into the basket and grabbed it. I then asked whether she was throwing those products away and she said yes, but it actually seemed like she was getting them for herself… Or that she was about to increase the discount, so I wandered around and waited, finding some bread with a 90% discount that I could get for dad, so I got one, and also some cheese for myself. That cheese also expired the next day, but the discount was still 50% at that point. However, more of it was left, I decided to have another look at the expiring products before making my way to the checkout, and at that point the remaining ones had new discount labels, listing 90%, so I left that one and grabbed one of those instead. And when I went to the checkout, I saw that the employee who had taken all of the discounted bakery products was dressed to leave. Then I retrieved my things and arranged the purchases.
I got back a little after 11:05 PM, put the purchases, with the exception of the cabbage and my bread but including some that dad had left scattered, in their place, talked to dad a little after he finished his bath, then ate the sweet pastry from Kaufland and went to wash when it was close to 12:40 AM, being done 50 minutes later. Then I put what was left of dad’s purchases and my cabbage in their place as well, rearranged the vegetables in the fridge, dealt with my bread, washed what was to wash, moved what I wasn’t going to eat that night of that expiring cheese into a jar, prepared some things for what I planned to cook the next evening, and eventually ate dinner between 4:30 AM and 5:20 AM. I got in bed at 6:20 AM, again without getting on-line.

I should have been able to finish writing everything that’s above before midnight, but I checked some five minutes earlier and noticed that I had gotten signed out, and my host just migrated the sites to another server and this seems to have messed some things up and the way I have things set up meant that I couldn’t sign back on normally, and it took me several minutes to figure out a solution, so it was actually a little after midnight when I posted what’s above, minus the last paragraph, though I did set the time to 11:59 PM. And then I edited the post in order to add that paragraph and this one a little later. But I meant to write about two more runs in this post, to really catch up, so I had to add the rest before the next run and managed to do so, adding what follows Tuesday evening.

On December 4, after once again being terribly slow in the kitchen, I ate dinner between 3:25 AM and 4:10 AM, then got in bed at 5:20 AM and got up when the alarm rang, at 1 PM. I then had the usual stuff, with the yogurt being another “Greek” one with 10% fat and 5% protein, but I had checked the apples the previous evening and noticed that a huge Red Delicious one, possibly the largest one received from Carrefour’s campaign, looked like it was going bad, so I took that one and realized just how bad it was getting when I cut into it. It is possible that it had been up against the back of the fridge before I had checked them and frostbitten as a result, I couldn’t recall, but I could only recover a few small pieces of it that looked more or less fine, and at least those were really good. I did also try a couple of small pieces that looked quite bad and I didn’t notice any foul smell or taste, but I didn’t dare to eat more. Either way, the sweet thing consisted of two nicer biscuits, expired months ago, with added honey, and I left just before 3:35 PM, wearing the running gear plus the shirt from the old running suit, two pairs of socks, the gloves and that thing on my neck, pulled up on the way, and I obviously also wore the jacket on the way, keeping it tied around my waist as I ran. The reported temperature was 3°C, and 2°C when I finished.
The time was 49:41.79, with sector times of I believe 4:25.29 and 5:23 (5:22.82), then 6:07.43, then I believe 4:46 (4:45.88) and 5:18.37, then 6:10 (6:09.94), 4:39 (4:38.94), 5:10 (5:09.53), 5:50 (5:49.81) and 1:53.78, making for lap times of 15:55.54, 16:14.19 and 15:39 (15:38.28). I’m quite certain that I saw the correct time after the first sector, but that awful time for sector two made me wonder whether the first sector hadn’t actually been ten seconds slower, and I had actually been surprised by that time, since I had felt particularly slow from the start. But I know that I was particularly slow on the long straight of sector two, and I’m pretty sure that I was faster on sector two of lap two, so the times are probably correct. But then I was also confused about sector one of lap two, finding after sector two of lap two that I could no longer remember whether the total time after sector one had been 20:41.42 or 20:42.41, but I remembered thinking that I had been 20 seconds slower in terms of the exact time, which I consider to be the normal difference between sector one of lap one and sector one of lap two when things aren’t going well, so I assumed the first option. If it’s the second, the time for sector one of lap two is 0.99 worse and that for sector two of lap two is 0.99 less bad.
Otherwise, I expected to be slow, running in those conditions and dressed as I was for the first time in a long time, so I already mentioned that the first sector seemed oddly fast, if I saw the time correctly. But then the times ended up as bad as I thought they were going to be, sector two of lap one standing out as really awful, again assuming that I saw that first sector time correctly. I struggled to get under 16 minutes on lap one and at least I managed that, but after that I was thinking that I’ll have to push to even stay under 51 minutes, 50 minutes seeming quite impossible. However, after lap two I thought that I should get under 50:30 and pushed from the start of the lap, and pretty much gave it everything on its third sector, wondering whether I could get under 50 minutes after all, and being surprised to find myself safe at the end of the lap. An awful time, of course, but under those circumstances I wasn’t particularly disappointed… Even if, without counting three that were obtained in entirely special circumstances, I have to go back before the hospitalization, when I was so anemic and weak, to find worse times.
I slowed because of a roadblock on sector one of lap two, but otherwise there were unusually few people, so that can’t be any sort of excuse for such a time. And I found myself avoiding the damaged spot on the lane that was a risk of tripping without even really noticing. But there was once again pain in my upper abdomen from the end of sector two of lap one, again starting to lessen only on lap three. Otherwise, I slowed for a few seconds on sector three of lap one, to see the time, but after that I got better at looking at the stopwatch under the new circumstances, with the glove that could cover part of it and the long sleeve that made its position slightly different. Taking off the left glove to press the button and then putting it back on probably cost me a little time, however, as I only kept it off on the final sector. And, on the topic of clothing, as I was making my way to the start location, going down the stairs, a man was running up in just a t-shirt and shorts, and while the shorts would have been too much and at that moment I was amazed, since I was shivering despite the shirt and jacket, after the first lap I was thinking that I could have also been running with just the t-shirt on, though it would have been a problem until then. But I didn’t overheat as I was. And my nostrils were tightening a little at times, because of the cold.

After getting back, I ate a banana and lunch, changed, though I left the t-shirt and shirt on, and left again at 7:15 PM, with a bag of trash which I dropped down the chute and a few dried out pieces of cat food that I left for some cats outside. I first went to Carrefour and bought a few things, putting the bread in the bag that hangs from my neck and the rest in the backpack, then went to Kaufland, very quickly checking another store on the way.
At Kaufland, I tried several cabinets but found no free one that locked, so I used the toilet and entered with everything, at 8:50 PM. There were bakery discounts at that point, but of 45%, yet when I saw that one of those breads was left, I took it, then scanned some labels, found that the products that had regular discounts didn’t have evening discounts but some buns with no discount labels did have them, so I took a sweet pastry and two buns, then got some more things. I spotted another one of those breads left by someone among the refrigerated expiring products, but neither grabbed it nor took it back, and at 9:30 PM bakery discounts of 70% were announced, yet when I went back there I saw the employee coming out with labels listing discounts of 75%, so I stood around for a while and then rushed to a self-checkout to check, confirming those discounts for other products but seeing that they hadn’t increased for that bread and that sweet pastry, since I had taken the last ones. Maybe if I’d have taken back that bread which had been left by someone and nobody’d have grabbed it right away, I’d have had the higher discount for mine as well, and I could have also changed that sweet pastry with one that had the higher discount, but in the end I kept what I had taken and added two more buns of one kind and another of another kind. Then I waited for 9:45 PM before going to the self-checkout, but the discounts didn’t increase again. And I was arranging the purchases when the closing announcement came.
As I left the store, a man asked me for money to supposedly buy food for his little girl, and he had a stroller, and I was meaning to give away the two buns I initially took and one of those picked up at the end, but I wanted to give them to a homeless person, not to someone openly begging, and definitely not to someone with a kid, so I walked away and, after a little while, moved the other two buns and the sweet pastry into the bag with the bread and left those three in the other.
Then I went to the Mega Image that closes at 11 PM, put just the bag that hangs from my neck, with all of the bakery products, in a cabinet, and just got some eggs. The guard had apparently gotten sick and the cashier asked whether she should call the ambulance just before my turn came, but I turned to look and didn’t see anyone, so I wondered what that was all about until I walked out, after retrieving that bag and putting the eggs in another, and saw the guard on a bench, looking like he was in a pretty bad shape, and what looked like some explosive vomit on the sidewalk.
I gave those buns to the first homeless man I saw on the way back, though another man was talking to him just then and he also had a soup. I saw another homeless man just after crossing that street, but he was smoking and drinking, so I wouldn’t have cared, yet when, a little later, I saw one more, sleeping on a bench, I thought that he might have needed those buns more than the first one, but there would have been no way to know that when I saw that first one.
I got back a little after 10:50 PM, put some of the purchases and some things brought by dad in their place, ate the sweet pastry from Kaufland and went to wash a little after 12:10 AM. I was done just before 1 AM, but then I put the other purchases in their place, arranged in the fridge, saw that dad had left a mess on the balcony that you couldn’t even get past and did a little about that as well, also washed a few things and dealt with my bread, so I only ate dinner between 4 AM and 4:55 AM. And I got in bed at 6 AM, once again without getting on-line. And the following night I might have finished eating at 3:40 AM even though I’d have started a little after 3 AM, but I cut myself pretty badly and it seemed like dad had taken all of the band aids, so after searching around and doing what I could, I took it easy and started eating at 3:35 AM, and took it easy while eating as well, so it was past 4:30 AM when I finished. I got in bed at 5:35 AM, after meaning to make a bandage but finding that dad had also taken all of the opened gauze and I didn’t want to open a new one, so I gave up.

On December 12, I got up when the alarm rang, at 1 PM… And found that there was no hot water, and when I checked the site and saw that it was going to be off until Friday morning, I obviously couldn’t have known that it was actually going to return sooner, being worried that it might not even return then, plus that the forecast for Friday wasn’t good for running anyway, so I decided to go ahead with the plan to run and had the usual stuff. I just wasted time on the toilet, however, despite feeling that I had to go, so I eventually cut my losses, had two of those expired nicer biscuits, with added honey, as the sweet thing, and left at 3:25 PM, wearing the running tights, but the t-shirt and undershirt that I was wearing inside those days, plus that thing on my neck, and also the jacket on the way, tied around my waist as I ran. I also took some bags and money. The reported temperature was 9°C, and it should have been 7-8°C when I finished, but I had asked dad to check for me and he forgot, and I didn’t rush to have a look when I got back, when I’d have at least been able to see what it had been at 5 PM, so I just know that it was 4°C at 7 PM, which doesn’t say anything about what it was earlier.
The time was 48:38.10, with sector times of 4:21.01, 5:11.34, 6:00 (5:59.69), 4:35.13, 5:10.68, 5:55 (5:54.47), 4:35.22, 5:05 (5:04.78), 5:55.56 and 1:51 (1:50.22), making for lap times of 15:32.04, 15:40.28 and 15:35.56. I started somewhat hesitantly and the first sector’s time was better than expected, but the rest of the lap was poor and, if I didn’t think that I’ll get back under 48 minutes in the first place, that first lap didn’t just make that a certainty, but also made me doubt that I’ll even stay under 49 minutes. Lap two gave me some hope, however, so I pushed on lap three and after sector two I wondered whether I could manage a really good sector three and even get to 48:30. But there was no chance of that, so I had to settle for just being closer to 48:30 than to 49 minutes.
I might have slowed a little in order to see the time better on sector one of lap three, and definitely did so on sector three of lap three, but that was pretty much it. On the other hand, I was a little worried about the jacket, since it started turning at some point, I think on lap two, and from the start of lap three it felt like it was slipping and pulling my tights down, since the t-shirt was tucked into them, so it wasn’t sliding over it. But the tights were tightened well, so I’m not sure whether the jacket would have slipped any lower anyway, but at least that made it settle into a position soon enough, and from sector two of lap three it seemed stable. Otherwise, it was quite wet, but oddly enough the lane didn’t feel particularly soggy in most places. There were, however, two damaged spots that were a risk of tripping. So I avoided what I could, but I could use the lane as well.
The strange thing was that all of the other runners bar me and one guy had jackets on, even if one guy had a jacket and shorts. But that one guy was topless! He had a large backpack, but was only wearing pants, and he was running in the opposite direction, so we kept passing each other. I saw him the first time moments after starting and obviously looked surprised, since he nodded at me, so after that I tried to ignore him, but I was trying to figure out where we were going to pass each other again, he was slower than me, and it was hard to be certain that he’ll get to what for me is the end of the lap before I’ll finish the third one, yet the fact that I didn’t even see him coming at that point made me think that he might have stopped by then. Still, he covered at least three laps like that, or more if he had started earlier.

I didn’t take a mask, so I just pulled that thing up when I entered Park Lake and just got an expiring sweet pastry from Carrefour, put it in the jacket’s inside pocket and continued to the new Penny, just quickly checking two other stores on the way and then getting some garlic and some more roes from there.
I got back a few minutes before 6 PM, seeing that dad had already put water on the stove, and he took it to the bathroom as well, and then I washed with it. After I was done, I ate an orange and another piece of that pie that dad had brought, I think made by his sister, and then made mamaliga, with some fish which had also been brought by dad in it, and that was one large piece of fish. But I also poured in the water that I had boiled carrots in quite some time before, which I had kept in the fridge since then, and while it looked fine at the top, I didn’t look at the bottom of the jar, and when I poured it I saw something dark fall in, and there was some whitish slime left in the jar, so I wonder whether that had been black mold or who knows what crap. I tried to see whether I could dig something out, but I couldn’t, so I have no idea what it was. Either way, I also did the day’s squats, late at night.


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