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New Finds – LVII

Since Alterium is the new band that I was referring to in October, in the 54th post from this series, and they’re scheduled to release their first album in less than a month, I’ll start directly and say that my two picks are Drag Me to Hell and Siren’s Call. The fact that the songs are so polished should come as no surprise, seeing as the band may be new, but its members are experienced, and some of them even worked together before, in Kalidia, so it may be a matter of picking up from where they just left off. I’ll be glad of it if that is the case, but I’m expecting more good things from Alterium either way.

The next band is Roses Unread and they’re much older, but they did release one song half a year ago, Down and Out, so that will be my first pick, while the second one is The Ugly Truth. Years earlier, I see that they released full albums that at this point they seem to try to bury, but this counts as something older than the most recent releases, so it’s good enough, and the sound is also good enough. It is harsher, and quite clearly rock, so not what I’d normally go for, but it caught my attention anyway, and I’m tempted to say that fans of the genre will enjoy it more.

As for the last band, Project Arcadia, this is an actual new find, and the one I picked to include in this post out of several bands that for some reason YouTube decided to recommend to me lately and which had more in common than the fact that they have male vocals, and that’s the fact that they recently returned after a long hiatus. In Project Arcadia’s case, we’re talking about some ten years, and they also don’t seem to care about posting most of their old material, so I’ll just go with Shadows of the Night for one of my picks, while Rusty Cage is the one I picked out of the new songs. Once again, it’s not what I’d immediately go for, but there is enough here that I can appreciate, and such stories, of once again becoming active after such a long time, are nice in themselves.


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