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The Remaining Odds and Ends from May and the First Week of June

I was thinking that I won’t post about days that don’t include runs or other notable events anymore, the last such post being on September 3, but I guess I’ll go for it after all, maybe at least in order to get myself to finally post about that June 19 that I referred to multiple times. That won’t be in this post, however, because it’ll start from May 22, when I left at 1:50 PM, taking a mask with me but just carrying it around all day, without putting it on. Penny had that campaign at the time, so I took the 11 bottles that went towards the 10 RON voucher, putting ten in the machine when I got to the one from Decebal, but I didn’t actually enter the store, since the point was to submit form 230, since on paper I had still been “employed” for the first months of 2022. I had taken an old newspaper with me, in case I’ll need to wait in line, but there was no need for it, as I lost more time looking at the ticket machine and watching as others used it, until I was confident that I knew how to get the correct order number, and I hesitated even after that, eventually asking the only employee who was immediately available, who was a cashier, where to file that form. Since she told me to take an order number, which I already had, I waited for it to be called… And then ended up going into the other room and asking whether that was the right place, finally going to the correct room after being told that it was the other one. Then I handed over the two copies for the form and my ID card, but the ID card wasn’t even needed and everything was done moments later.
After quickly checking that Profi as well, I went back to Penny, needing to ask an employee about something, since none of those products were left on the shelf, but he pointed me to the area for products that are on sale, where I found plenty, so I got a few things, then took my time to arrange everything in the backpack, after also putting the purchases in a bag, since there was some frozen meat among them and blood could, and did, seep out. Then I went to Kaufland, grabbing another one of those bottles on the way, even though I saw more of them, since I only needed one more. And I put my things in a cabinet, washed my hands… And didn’t find any green onions left even at that hour! So I just got a couple of other things, then retrieved what I had in the cabinet, added those purchases in the backpack, and washed my hands again, after having handled something sticky. Then I continued to Auchan, quickly checking another Profi on the way, without bothering to use a cabinet. And I entered Auchan with the backpack as well, getting bread and water for dad and also seeing a piece of that good bread left, so I asked how much it weighed and bought all of it, even though it was a little more than I thought. I also saw that some nice sweet things had a 50% discount if you used the store card, so I rewarded myself with the box with the lowest quantity. Then, after also using the tiny amount that was on the store card, I took some time to arrange everything, splitting between the backpack and three bags. And I also had a very quick look through the farmers’ market on the way back.
It was just after 6 PM when I got back the first time, with over 15 kg. I put the purchases, with the exception of the bread, in their place, washed what was in the kitchen, ate some of those sweet things, and left again at 7:30 PM, meaning to go to Obor but deciding to go through the park and finding myself liking the area once I was on the other side. I keep making a note of how those apartments look when that area that’s around the stadium is closed and I need to go around it, but the small gardens that are in front of those that are behind the park are even nicer, so I decided to explore that area little and then just go to those stores instead.
After checking a few other stores from Mega Mall, I just got some small bags of bagels and just a little more garlic from Carrefour. An employee stood right next to me as I used the self-checkout and I wondered why, but she left when I was done, without saying anything. Then I put the purchases in a bag that also contained some other bags and went to Kaufland, washing my hands, putting that bag in a cabinet, and setting my mind on having a good look at the expiring products, since I saw a receipt that contained something that seemed quite nice and which had been deeply discounted. It was only after I entered the store that I realized that those other bags were also in the cabinet, and at that point I forgot that I still had the one that hangs from my neck and one more in the backpack. Either way, even though most of the seeds had been scraped off it, I grabbed the last of those breads that was left, as well as a few buns… And then I saw expiring breads, including a few good ones, and thought that I shouldn’t have gotten those from Auchan, but I nevertheless took two at first… Only to later notice that the bag that one of them was in was torn, so I eventually put that one back, but at that point I had another look and grabbed two others, one of them seeming really nice. And there were plenty of other expiring products as well, and employees were working on them, either increasing the discounts or setting those that expired that day aside, but I didn’t get anything else, just waiting for 9:45 PM before making my way to the self-checkout. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet… And only then realized that I had those bags in the backpack. And, after arranging the purchases, I finally put on the jacket, after having carried it around until then, including on the first trip.
I also went to that Mega Image, putting the bag that hangs from my neck in a cabinet, entering with the backpack, and seeing that one of those apple pastries was left and discounted. However, I decided to first have a look around, meaning to only get it if it’ll still be there when I’ll look again, so I grabbed some expiring olives before returning to the bakery area, at which point a woman asked where I had found them and I told her, though no more were left. But, after getting that pastry, which was still there, I had a better look and decided that I didn’t want the olives after all, so I put them back and then found that woman again and said so as I passed by her. But she was in front of the packaged olives and said that she had already bought some. Either way, I grabbed another expiring product on my way to the checkout, then took my time to arrange the purchases and also count the coins that I had left. A guard was standing around me as I did that, but said nothing.
I got back a little after 11:05 PM, then rearranged a little in the freezer, to make room for that nice bread, which was large, and also for the one that expired that day. After that, I ate an orange, had lunch, and finally went to wash at 12:50 AM. It was past 1:40 AM when I was done, then I put the other purchases in their place, sliced two of the breads from Auchan for dad, ate dinner between 3:40 AM and 4:05 AM, and got in bed at 5:25 AM.

After getting in bed at 5:20 AM, on May 29 I went out when it was almost 4:15 PM, with ten regular bottles, the remaining two that went towards the 10 RON voucher, and the three tickets that had a total of 20 of those bottles on them, though two were on one that was from before the campaign had been extended, so I had taken those two more bottles in order to replace those listed on that one, in case it won’t be accepted. I was messed up, digging deep in order to fake being somewhat functional, but I went to what at the time was the new Penny, put the ten regular bottles in the machine… And that ended up being another winning ticket! But that only came later, and that day I wanted the 10 RON voucher, so I then looked for an employee, spotted the one who talked to me when I won the first time, told her what I wanted… And she went to read the regulations listed on the machine, saying that, after all that time, she didn’t know the details of that part of the campaign. But at least she then came back to say that everything was fine and the boss was going to come in a moment, and she did come after a little while, taking those tickets and handing me the voucher. However, the expiration date was still listed as June 1, and when I pointed out that the last draw was going to be on June 2, she said that they’ll probably extend the validity of those that will be won then by a few more days, and a few more days might also be added to the ones like the one I had just received, but they should normally be used that week.
I did mean to buy some things and use that voucher right away, but I couldn’t find everything in that location and therefore couldn’t get to the required total, so I then walked out and jogged to the one that’s next to that Auchan… Only to forget to take a turn and find myself at Auchan, so I went through that parking lot and around, losing some minutes. But at least I did find plenty of things to buy from that location, including some expiring products, so I calculated what to get in order to reach a total that was just over the required amount and used the voucher without problems. My mind was set on paying the exact amount, so I left the five 0.01 RON coins there even though the cashier pushed them back to me, but what caused more of a problem was the older woman who was after me, since she said that she’ll help me bag the purchases and I kept thanking her, but in truth she was getting in my way and actually made me slower. Either way, I then took the time to arrange everything in the backpack, walking away a couple of minutes before 6 PM and running just about all the way back.
I got back just after 6:20 PM, drenched in sweat. Then I put the purchases in their place, had lunch, and left again at 7:50 PM, with ten things to take to Kaufland, for another voucher. I just needed three, for one voucher, but we have a pile of those things, so I took ten. However, I first went to that cheaper pharmacy, walking past Tei on the way there… And that was a bad choice, because after getting some tea for myself, I decided to also get some for dad from there, then went back to Tei, put my bag in a cabinet… And found that the tea which I had just purchased for dad was cheaper there. So I got some more of those, and some others for myself as well.
After retrieving my things from that cabinet, I put the teas back in one when I reached Kaufland, then put four of those things in the “turtle” before wondering how that campaign really worked. So I then went to the information desk and asked how to get that voucher, being asked how many of those things I had and saying that I had six, which was what I had left at that point. Then I was told to put them in the “turtle”, which I did, then returned to the information desk and saw that the employee had placed three vouchers there, which would have been the correct amount for nine of those things. Another person was there at the time, however, so even though the employee had gestured towards me, I stayed away until she actually told me to pick them up. Then I washed my hands, entered the store when it was just after 9 PM, and heard the employee from the bakery area tell someone else that the discounts won’t increase past the 50% that was already applied that evening, so I got one sweet pastry, after scanning the label, to confirm the discount. Then I also grabbed the dishwashing detergent that was discounted with that voucher, and when the self-checkout machine told me to place the item on the scales after using the voucher, I placed a few coins there, since that voucher doesn’t have any measurable weight. And that actually worked, which probably surprised the employee who came to ask whether the voucher had applied, but he then just said that in that case he’ll take it away and did so.
After retrieving what I had in the cabinet and arranging everything in the backpack, I ran to the other Kaufland, pulling the mask down after a little while. I made a brief stop at that Profi on the way, but only to take a glance from the entrance area, turning around when I didn’t see beets there either, after not finding any at either Penny or Kaufland. And there weren’t any at that other Kaufland either, but I pulled the mask back up after I got there, put the backpack in a cabinet, washed my hands again, entered the store just after 9:40 PM, grabbed one thing from the bakery area, dug through the spoiling lettuce with root and eventually took one, also grabbed another expiring product for dad, and I was picking a few small chili peppers, also for him, when the closing announcement came, so I rushed to the self-checkout… And while I was there an employee asked whether someone had a store card, so I said that I did, and she asked me to scan it for the person who was using the next machine, so I did. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and arranged everything before walking away. I’d have wanted to wash my hands one more time, since they were sticky after digging through those lettuces, but I didn’t want to stay there even longer when the store was already closed, so I didn’t. On the other hand, I found a cart with the coin in it in the parking lot, so I connected it to others and retrieved the coin.
On the way back I also checked that other Profi, putting the bags in a cabinet but probably entering with the backpack, though I’m not entirely sure. Either way, I found a handful of beets, but there was no price label and they were rather soft, so I didn’t ask and just walked out, retrieving what I had in the cabinet. Then I also checked the non-stop Mega Image, putting the bags in a cabinet and getting one of those apple pastries, which was discounted, and one other thing. But that was while they still used the old system that required those discounted products to be scanned separately, so the cashier first scanned the other product, I paid for it and she pulled out the change, but she kept it, then scanned the pastry, took some of that change, pulled out what was left and handed it to me, which left me confused, since something didn’t seem right. She quickly explained what she had done and then told me to check on the receipts, so I did, noticing that she had given me 0.10 RON less, but I had found 0.20 RON in there, so I just walked away and shrugged it off when she asked whether I had understood. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and initially meant to go back to that Profi and ask about those beets after all, but that interaction had messed me up even more and after a little while I gave up on that idea and turned back. However, when I was almost at the park I decided to also check the Mega Image that’s next to Tei, though I was still pretty much in shock and ended up entering the park, then exiting it at the corner, going back and around, and taking a longer router after that as well. And when I got there, I put the bags in a cabinet and then just retrieved them and walked out, since I saw beets but they were much more expensive than they used to be. And when I later checked on-line, I saw that same price at Profi.
It was almost 11:45 PM when I got back, then I put the purchases in their place, ate the sweet pastry from Kaufland and what was still usable from a banana, and went to wash at 1 AM, being done just after 1:40 AM and eating between 3:35 AM and 4:05 AM, after doing some other things that I still had to do. I wanted to record something that started just as I was getting in bed, but I only then realized that I had forgotten to start the recording, so I got back on the computer and did that, missing the beginning… And then went back yet again, because after getting back in bed I realized that I wasn’t sure that I had selected the correct option for the end of the recording, so it was past 5:25 AM when I really got in bed. And what was annoying was that the computer case had started vibrating again, most probably because of the higher temperatures. And my feet were also swelling to some extent.

In the early hours of June 2, since dad had of course once again forgotten to take a little bag of trash before leaving in the morning and I had stuffed more things in it and needed to drop it down the chute anyway, I also printed and put up two signs about the lost camera, on the elevator door, at ground floor, and at the building’s entrance, on the inside. However, they were gone by the time I went out in the evening, at 7:20 PM, after having lunch. Either way, I threw a little more trash down the chute at that point, then went to finally donate those cans of cat food which I had stashed and was left with after Micky died, along with some remaining medicine which had been bought for her. I should have also added the little special food that we had left, but I forgot about it, and it’s still there even now, so I need to see what to do about it, since it’ll expire soon. Either way, I had meant to donate it to an NGO, but when I told them about it, they told me to take it to a vet that they worked with instead, so I did that, getting there just after 7:50 PM, handing over the bag and just saying that I had been told by that NGO to drop those things off there.
Then I continued to Obor and got water for dad from Auchan. The only self-checkout that accepted cash from the exit that I needed was actually manned at that point, but the employee didn’t cause any problems. Then I split the water between the backpack and the sturdy bag that I had taken with me and continued to that mall, had a quick look in that bookstore, washed my hands, put the bag in a cabinet, finally put on the mask which I had just carried with me until then, and entered Carrefour with the backpack.
Even though the beets were still at the old price in Carrefour, I didn’t get any that day. But I started by seeing two large bags of salt that were at half price because they were torn, and dad uses that salt for bathing, so I took one, weighed it, and decided to get both when I saw that it actually had more than the listed weight. I also found some spoiling chili peppers and got the smallest bag, even though that still seemed to be too much. There were expiring eggs as well, and while most were too expensive even at half price, there were three cartons at a decent price. Two had one broken egg in them and one had two slightly cracked ones and one that was obviously from somewhere else and apparently expired for almost a month, but I took that one and the other one of that same kind, since the third was different, found a place where I could check more carefully, swapped those three eggs with undamaged ones from the other carton, then put that other carton back. And I also checked the peppers and eventually replaced three bad ones with two good ones, keeping the total weight exactly the same. In between, I also saw discounted bakery products and they included one of those apple pastries, so I took it, along with another sweet pastry, two breads for myself and four for dad. And, as the only product that wasn’t expiring, I also got some pizza dough.
There were employees at both self-checkouts that accepted cash, but while one was feeding the machine with cash, the other one was just buying three cartons of the same kind of expiring eggs that I was getting, so she had probably set them aside earlier. Either way, she went back in after paying, leaving her receipt on the machine, so I asked if she didn’t need it and she turned around to get it, saying that she definitely did, to prove that she had paid for those products. And the discount label didn’t properly cover the normal bar code for the peppers, so both prices ended up scanning and I told the employee from the other machine that I needed someone to remove the full price, though she then called a coworker to come and do so.
Carrying everything was going to be a problem, and that problem became worse even before I walked out of the checkout area, since the bag where I had the bags of salt tore and just taking everything out of there was a struggle. But I managed to carry everything to the cabinets and I was just retrieving what I had in that cabinet when the closing announcement came. Then I took some time to arrange everything in a way that allowed me to move a short distance, so I could get to a bench. The lights turned off just when I got there, but that bench was in front of a store that was still lit, since an employee was still doing something inside, so I then really took the time needed to arrange everything, also tying that torn bag in a way that still allowed me to use it.
Since I had dad’s metro card, which was why I had dared to get such heavy things in the first place, I then made my way to the metro, with just one more stop in order to retie that bag and rest. I rearranged a few things in the bag that hangs from my neck while waiting for the metro, but another problem appeared because I took my phone out of my pocket, so I won’t sit on it, and I forgot about it when the metro came and I rushed to grab everything, so it fell, the headphone jack getting pulled out. But everything seemed fine, and I picked it back up… But when I also picked that torn bag back up, it once again got untied. Still, I somehow managed to get in the metro, with everything, and tied it again before getting off, even though it was hard to keep my balance while doing so, and then to stand up again when the metro arrived at this station. But I managed it, and then slowly made my way back here, with a few more stops on the way, a couple of them in order to retie that bag, until I found a way that made it last a little more, and the last one just to rest. My back really wasn’t happy.
I got back at 10:55 PM, with a staggering 30 kg. Then I ate the banana that we still had and the other sweet pastry, as in not the apple one, dad put the water and salt in their place and I put the other things in theirs, somehow even managing to squeeze all but one of his breads in the freezer and just leaving my bread. I also washed some of what was to wash and finally went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash, at 12:40 AM. I was done at 1:35 AM, but I still had some things to do, also dealt with one of my breads, and ate the bag of snacks with peanuts that we still had while making the salad. I ate dinner between 3:45 AM and 4:05 AM. And, unsurprisingly, my legs were burning the next day.

I didn’t even manage to write what’s above this point before midnight, adding the last two paragraphs a little later, and I still had two more days to add in order to have a chance to get to June 19 in just one more such post, if I’ll write it at all, so I edited the post one more time before going to bed in the morning, in order to add the part about June 4, and I did so yet again Tuesday evening, in order to also add June 7.

In the early hours of June 4, I washed the cast iron pot and a pretty large piece of enamel came off one of the handles, which wasn’t exactly a surprise, since I had noticed what seemed to be a crack in that area for some time. Either way, I then started eating dinner at 3:05 AM, but actually finished at 3:35 AM. And while, just like the previous morning, I had set the alarm to ring at 10:45 AM, to watch the Formula E race, it was before 10:15 AM, maybe closer to 10:10 AM, when I woke up the second time, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, finally turning off the alarm and getting up when I checked the time again and saw 10:38 AM. I even did the day’s squats while watching, and after the race I ate something that could count as lunch.
I left at 1 PM and had a quick look in this nearby store, checking the prices of what dad wanted. Then, after a quick glance through the farmers’ market and that Mega Image, I went to Supeco, but I didn’t find the red onions that I had gone there for, and the carrots were imported, even though both were listed as available, Romanian and at good prices on-line. Admittedly, that site refers to the other location. And at least I found some spoiling beets and black radishes and got those, being charged for both bags, and they were quite bad, the beets in particular, but at least the price was good and I managed to use enough from them.
After putting those purchases in the backpack after walking out, I continued to Kaufland, washed my hands, finally put on the mask which I had taken with me, entered the store with the backpack, and saw what seemed to be the best price that could be found for carrots those days. They were listed as being from Turkey, but that seemed to be the rule at that point. However, I just found the price label, none actually being left. But there were some packaged ones, and while those had a higher price, after looking around I managed to find a handful of scattered ones. They had probably fallen out of torn bags, but I didn’t tear any myself, just grabbing a few of those and weighing them, so I got them at the price of the unpackaged ones. I also got just two red onions, which were listed as from Romania, though the way they looked made me doubt that. The price was higher than what I had seen on-line for Supeco, but I hadn’t found any there and they were supposed to be even more expensive elsewhere. And the paper towels were discounted for just two days, and that was the second one, so I got those as well, then put those purchases in the backpack and moved those from Supeco into a bag.
I wasn’t sure where to go next, but on-line I had seen a lower price for the last thing from dad’s list, parsnip roots, at Penny, so I thought of the one from Decebal, where I could check that Profi as well. But then I decided to go to the one that’s next to that other Kaufland… Only to quickly check the vegetables from that other Profi on the way and then once again end up going the wrong way, and some time passed before I realized it, at which point I wasn’t sure where I had ended up, and trying to sort of find my way forward led to ending up behind the Kaufland that I had left from and therefore losing some 20 minutes or so. At that point, I once again meant to go to the Penny from Decebal, thinking that it’ll be faster… But then I changed my mind yet again, deciding to go to what at the time was the new one, where I could also check the number of the winning receipt for the last week of that campaign. However, when I approached Park Lake I ended up deciding to also check Carrefour after all, so I put the bag in a cabinet, entered with the backpack, and then just left again and retrieved that bag, so I just wasted some time. And I was in a hurry, so after walking out of that mall I pulled down the mask and continued to that Penny, even briefly trying to jog, though I quickly realized that I won’t be able to keep that up and just walked as fast as possible… And when I got to the end of the park I changed my mind one more time, deciding to go to what at the time was the closer Penny and getting there at 3:35 PM, pulling the mask back up, putting the bag in a cabinet, without locking, entering with the backpack, just quickly getting what I needed, then retrieving that bag, throwing the parsnip into it as well and jogging most of the way back, until I realized that I no longer needed to.
I got back just before 3:55 PM, so it was no problem to catch the start of the Formula 1 race, and what was strange was that I felt better after getting back than I had in the morning, and even better than the previous day. But I felt worse later, and I didn’t nap at all, unlike the previous day, and at night, after getting back to my room and spending a little more time on-line after starting to clean the kitchen after dad’s cooking, I went back there and took quite a long time to try to somehow fit what was left of one of my breads in the freezer. Then I dealt with the other one, finished washing and cleaning, and started eating dinner at 3:30 AM, finishing at 4:05 AM and getting in bed at 5:20 AM.
One highly unusual thing was that the previous reboot had apparently set things up in a way that meant that I hardly got any of those CPU warnings unless I was using LibreOffice, so there were some while I wrote something that evening, but then the notification that I set up to appear when there’s such a warning showed up again at night, without LibreOffice being open, and when I checked the logs I saw that there had actually been 23 of those warnings at once! There were a handful of times when I saw five at once, and it’s possible that there were six or maybe seven on extremely rare occasions, but I’m quite sure that I never saw more than that, so it was really concerning, but while I have no idea what triggered it at that point, it’s a relief that nothing of the sort happened again since then.

On June 7, I left at 1:35 PM, with 11 plastic bottles, just meaning to put them in the recycling machine at Kaufland and enter a raffle since I was at it. I had dad’s metro card, so I went to the metro station, and while I had just taken a mask with me at first, I no longer felt that putting it on would make me stand out that much when I got there and saw two quite young people who were wearing masks, so I put mine on as well, and then waited for the next metro, since one had just left as I was on the stairs.
I went to Obor and first checked that place from the indoor farmers’ market that I had bought those cheap apples from after the half marathon, but that person wasn’t there. So I looked around, but the prices had increased for apples, and the situation was obviously the same outside, the only cheap ones being really bad and still having a higher price than those which I had purchased then. So I didn’t get any at that point, continuing straight to Kaufland, putting ten bottles in the machine… And just getting one receipt for that raffle. It was supposed to be one entry for five recyclables, but I guess it meant at least five, so I should have split them if I wanted two entries. Either way, I kept the last one, then just bought some of those treats for Liza, putting them in the backpack on the way to Carrefour, entering with them, and just getting another carton of expiring eggs, which I added in the backpack when I got back to the indoor farmers’ market. And then I did get some apples after all, but they looked bad and when I said that I wasn’t sure that I’ll use anything from them, the person who was there said that it was my choice, she didn’t put any in my bag, and she remembered that I had also looked the first time and said that there had been more of them to choose from at that point, yet I had walked away. Either way, I tried to put the bag on the scales but couldn’t reach, and while she acknowledged that, she didn’t help in any way, so I tried again, managed it, then asked how much it was… Only for her to just say 1 RON, without even looking at the scales, which I believe listed about 2 RON, at 1.5 RON / kg. Then again, the price label had been written over and the current price might have been just 1 RON / kg. And those apples really were quite spoiled, so I threw away quite a lot and had to eat what was left rather quickly.
After getting back here with the metro, I noticed that I had a few minutes to spare, so I checked the nearby Mega Image as well and got a sesame bar that was among the expiring products, giving the exact amount to the cashier only to have her ask for the full price, so I pointed to the discount sticker and she apologized for not seeing it and confirmed that I had given her the correct amount. She didn’t give me a receipt, however, and I didn’t insist.
I got back seconds before 6 PM, and then I even did the day’s squats, in the bathroom, before showering. And at night I made mamaliga, and while after eating the rest I could easily peel off what was otherwise stuck on the cast iron pot, there was a large burned area on the bottom which was hard to wash off, some traces being left even after multiple “sessions”. Of course, back then I hadn’t yet learned how to minimize the risk of burning it and was still trying to clean it so the enamel was just about spotless, while now such incidents are rare but I also learned to accept more and more faint traces left and damage to the enamel. So far what’s on the inside is still superficial, but that probably won’t keep being the case for that much longer.


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