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New Finds – LVIII

While this may well be one of the most rushed posts from this series, it’s one that really deserves the title, because the first band, Mystfall, is the only one that I didn’t stumble into this evening, but a couple of weeks ago, when the video for Silence was posted. So that’s my first pick and, while the vocals could definitely be better, it made me want to include them in such a post quickly. The problem is that most of their other songs include growls, and they tend to be particularly harsh and jarring, the real pity being that a couple of those other songs are otherwise better that Silence. The one that would have otherwise been my clear second pick is also completely destroyed, in my view, by what’s actually a single and brief moment of growls, so instead of sticking just to those that they already have videos for, I ended up listening to the others from their album as well, and that led to my second pick being Centuries. It could have been another song that doesn’t have growls, but instead of picking those two that are otherwise so different from the others in that way, I decided to go with one where the growls can be more or less acceptable, because they worked them into the song instead of making them blast it to pieces. So those who have a good tolerance for growls, not to mention those who actually like that sort of thing, may have an even better opinion, but I found things, and songs, to like even so.

Moving on, Symphonia is one of the bands that I stumbled into today, and it seems to be another one that just released some new material after a long hiatus… And after apparently changing most members. That new song is Legolas Song, and I’ll leave the spelling as it is, even if the lack of the apostrophe really bothers me. Even the female vocals are not something to write home about, and they should just do without the male ones, but I nevertheless found enough there to want to include them here… Even though I might be inclined to say that in some ways the older song that’s my second pick, Lamia, is better. That one does stand out among those older songs, however, the others “screaming” of being an early effort and insecurity, and the vocals are still weak. But it is interesting to see bands getting what seems to be a new start, so let’s see where they’ll go from here.

As for the third band, that’s Waldkauz and I didn’t just stumble into them this evening, but actually while writing this post, and it made me set aside the other new find that I initially wanted to include, but which had no new material. Admittedly, Pagans of Our Time isn’t true new material in their case either, but the English version of what seems to have been one of their first songs, but if it wouldn’t have been in English, it’d have never caught my attention, so it counts and it is my first pick. The problem is that few of their songs are in English in general, but out of the few that are and have also been posted officially, I’ll go with the lovely He Missed the Stars as the second pick. It seems to me that Pagan folk in English is rare in general, and if you also want to avoid both those who are all too traditional and/or ethnic and growls, the options are even more limited, so stumbling into them felt like a breath of fresh air and I just had to include them right away, even if I just quickly listened to the few English songs that are posted officially while writing the rest of this post. I had plenty of misgivings and caveats about the other two bands included here, but I can easily recommend Waldkauz.


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