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All Reviews on HonestGamers and New Uptime Record

When I decided to switch to HonestGamers for my reviews, I was thinking that I’ll copy all of them, with the probable exception of the one for Forsaken World, over there over the course of three months or so. However, I only finally managed to do so after one year and one month, though at least the last one added was that one for Forsaken World, after asking the site’s founder about it and being told that it is acceptable to submit such a review that is basically there for historical reference, describing how a game was at certain a point in time. And the two new reviews written during this period, those for King of Dragon Pass and Hero of the Kingdom II, are just posted here and there, not also on MobyGames. And this also means not only that the problem that I mentioned when I activated the new version of the Games Played list no longer exists, but that a problem will appear if I’ll finally add those games there without making the switch from MobyGames to HonestGamers there as well, so I really should do that… But I haven’t made any changes there ever since activating that new version, and updating the ratings would be the important part, but that’s a truly daunting prospect and I have no idea when or even if I’ll get around to it.
On the other hand, speaking of things that I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing, after failing to copy all of my old reviews there even within one year after switching to that site, I was hoping to also write the review for Diggles during this additional month, since I finished it back in March, and that was why I delayed adding that Forsaken World review there, meaning to push myself to write that one first and then still copy that other one by the time 13 months passed since switching to using that site. But that didn’t work, so I eventually just put that one there as well, making some changes at the beginning, and it remains to be seen when I’ll finally write that one for Diggles. And I’d say that at the moment I’m probably pretty close to finishing the first Vampires Dawn game, so I’ll have one more review to add at some point. But don’t expect the fact that my rule was to write reviews for the games that I finish if they don’t have enough on MobyGames to mean that I’ll go back and write proper reviews for previously finished games that don’t have enough on HonestGamers.

On the other hand, I managed to improve the computer’s uptime record by another day, to 111 days. Or, all right, a little under one more full day, since the current record is 111 days, four hours and what should be a little over 34.5 minutes, or close to 35 minutes, if that sounds better, since I timed how long it took between taking the screenshot and the computer actually rebooting and that time was 1:39, give or take a second, depending on my reaction time. Either way, the reason for rebooting was once again Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM), which had started giving that update error that forced me to reboot when the previous uptime record was set earlier but hadn’t asked for a reboot right away, nor after the problem worsened and I had to keep trying several dozen times until it finally did update, but eventually the update wasn’t applied for one file, even if there didn’t seem to be any reason for that to happen, so it did ask for a reboot at a moment when the uptime was 107 days, so this seems to happen a pretty fixed amount of time, or perhaps a pretty fixed number of updates, after reboot. But, when I was so close to a new record, I obviously wasn’t going to reboot unless I absolutely had to, so even if EAM started causing more problems after that, some notifications not being displayed and even on-demand scanning seeming to no longer work, I waited and only rebooted in the early moments of Friday, to set that new record. And, other than that error stating that EAM hadn’t shut down properly, which also happened that previous time, I was quite surprised that there didn’t seem to be any issues. That still leaves me needing to shut down the computer one of these days, since I have some things to do, and also want to clean it while I’m at it, but I won’t get into that now.


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