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After Watching The Golden Compass…

I have to say that I’d want one of those daemons. At least it’d be someone to talk to. And someone who’d understand too, obviously.
I remember taking the official test (which seems to no longer be available) some time ago and that it said my daemon would be an ocelot. I liked that, both because the traits it was said to represent seemed like a good match and because I like ocelots.

It’s been especially lonely these past few days. Not that there were many people that I was talking to before, but even those few seem to have vanished. I don’t know whether that’s because they left somewhere and “forgot” to mention it or are just busy or something’s wrong… I just know that it really sucks… Hell, it’s not just that I hardly seem to be getting any “normal” messages anymore, but also newsletters and apparently even spammers have taken a vacation! It’s quite eerie.

A year ago I was talking to her… Now I have no idea what’s going on, what has been going on since then…
I’m too hurt, worried and scared by too many things to even be able to tell them apart anymore. There’s just this crushing jumble of pain and sadness and worry and fear which can’t quite squash me like a bug because there’s always a lower place, a worse place, to sink to…


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