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Unfortunately Needed to Replace Headphones

My old headphones broke on the left side as well some time ago, after breaking on the right side perhaps about two years ago, and attempts to glue them back together failed. Not that the failure was surprising. Considering how badly they broke and that the glue on the right side was holding really well, it was obvious that the left side had to give when I was bending them to put them on or take them off, as it became a clear weak spot.
I used sticky tape for a while, but that wasn’t working. A first attempt, before the glue, gave me headaches because they weren’t positioned properly on my head anymore. The second attempt, after the glue and my attempts to put them back together by melting some of the plastic failed, was a little better, but still not quite right. So I eventually gave in and ordered some new ones…
And that sure was a mistake… Some of the rules that apply to clothes apply to headphones as well, meaning that it’s very hard to make the right choice on-line, and this was very obvious just now. The ones I eventually settled on were SteelSeries 3H VR, because they seemed to be like I wanted them in the areas that interested me, despite the fact that they also had a lot of things that I’ll never need, such as the microphone or the fact that they’re designed mainly for FPS gamers.
To make a long story short, the sound quality is great, the microphone doesn’t bother me since it can be slid away and they look easy to clean, which was an issue I had with the old ones, but the problem is that I was looking for headphones that go around the ears, like my old ones, not just on them. So I eliminated a lot of others during my search because they went on the ears and then went and picked these ones because I didn’t realize they were just the same!
My first reaction after I got them was to throw them away and start looking for new ones, but I have no idea what to pick, because I looked for quite some time and didn’t find anything else that I was satisfied with. For one, it’s incredible how few headphones have a volume control on the cord, when for me that’s so crucial when using them for a computer that I didn’t even think there could be any that didn’t have one until I started looking more carefully! So I’ll give them a chance for a while, see if I get used to them, but right now my ears hurt quite badly and I’m a very unhappy customer. At least it’s just my ears and not my head, though I’ve worn them for hours and even tried them with my glasses on, which almost immediately caused headaches with the old ones since they’d press the frame of the glasses hard into my head…

But the real problem with replacing those headphones is that she bought them back then, so they were an item I had on me for many hours each day that was somehow connected to her. And now that’ll be gone… And yes, knowing that I was going to need to replace them was one reason for feeling so awful lately. And now that they are replaced, and with something so unsuitable as well, it’ll only get worse. Though at least the bad choice is my own, so I’m only paying for my own mistake…


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