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I’m Confused…

Women’s actions caused by their hormones: not accepting anyone around them, crying for any or no reason, rejecting any attempt of communication, sometimes even becoming violent, in “that time of the month” or at menopause, plus the more-or-less permanent activities like looking at everything in every shop and buying all sorts of crap.
Men’s actions caused by their hormones: wanting to have sex often and with many women, looking after women and making the necessary rankings, becoming violent sometimes, watching sex (if not live then at least in movies) and being very interested in various sports and risky activities.
The list is of course nowhere near complete. Anyway, the idea is that generally those actions are accepted for women, but not for men. What’s the difference?
We could have some… areas for calming down in public places, with punching bags and computers with violent games installed (contrary to opinions often voiced lately, violent games are calming… at least as long as there’s still something working right in your head). Problems with looking after women, watching porn (or “live” sex acts) and being interested in sports and risky activities are things that are about mentalities and mostly affect the couple and not the society in general, therefore being the easiest to solve theoretically, but the hardest practically. And about the sex part, it could be a long talk, but as a first solution I really can’t see why prostitution is not legalized and regulated in a way that would ensure the satisfaction of both parties involved…
I condemn for the most part, though not completely, the actions from both lists above. But I think that everyone should do what they want and we should find ways for these actions to not disturb the ones who don’t want them. And when I see similar things relatively accepted from one side and relatively not accepted from the other, I’m among the ones who plead for accepting all, not for forbidding all.

Hm… I was thinking for some 2 weeks now how to write about choosing death (suicide and euthanasia) and look what I found myself writing about after all…


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