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Let’s Start with a Saturday Update

It’s been a while since the last time I had nothing written in a week before the weekend, so I should just throw something out here today and then see what I’ll manage to write about tomorrow. If it comes down to it, I did manage to write two non-personal posts last week, so I could get away with two personal ones now. I’d certainly rather not waste last week’s effort so quickly, but the option is there if needed, especially since I heard that there’s a chance that I may be alone tomorrow, in which case I doubt I’ll feel like struggling for several hours to come up with something non-personal to post.

But enough with the introduction. What I should be saying here is that I finally started reading those books. More specifically, I picked up The Born Queen on Monday, saw that it had about 600 pages, thought I’d take it relatively easy and go through about 100 pages per day… And ended up finishing it on Wednesday, though at one point I thought I might even finish it on Tuesday. It was a little hard to get going after not reading any proper books for so long, had to take a break after about 20 pages, then another after about 20 more, but then something clicked into place and I saw just how starved for reading I was.
There’s also a tiny two-paragraph review that I quickly wrote for it as soon as I was done, and if anyone’s interested I wrote similar ones for The Briar King, The Charnel Prince and The Blood Knight as well. As I said there, The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone is one of the very best series I ever read and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in high fantasy, in spite of the various criticisms that all but the first book received.

Still on the topic of books, the book fair is taking place here this week, and I went there yesterday. Didn’t get anything from there, and in fact there was hardly anything that caught my eye in any way, finding myself somewhat more interested in what was being sold in the little traditional foods fair that was taking place outside, on one side of the main alley, but at least I went, unlike last year. However, not getting anything from there doesn’t mean that I didn’t get any new books thanks to it, because that little bookstore that hasn’t been participating in several years is still offering a 20% discount on all titles during the fair and I passed through there on my way back after noticing that something I was curious about was cheaper there even at full price than it was on the Romanian branch of Books Express.
I do have to say that I really don’t like that little bookstore, since it’s so small and cramped and there are usually two people working there in one way or another. In fact, I had never managed to buy anything from there myself so far, only entering a couple of times and quickly becoming too panicked to even be able to look around well, but yesterday that changed and I could even talk to the cashier briefly, seeing as one of the books I was looking for after seeing on their site wasn’t on the shelves and he had to look through the stacks of books they hadn’t yet sorted properly for a copy. Maybe that was in part because I didn’t see two people working there anymore, certainly was also thanks to the fact that there were two other guys there before me and they kept him occupied for a while, so I could browse without feeling watched, but what matters is that I got the two Witcher books that have been translated in English so far, which were the ones I actually went there for, and also The Eternity Artifact, because I happened to notice it there, I do rather like the author‘s work and, at a mere 23 RON after discount, it was surprisingly cheap… And that “surprisingly” became “shockingly” after I checked its price on Books Express afterwards and saw that they’re currently selling it for a staggering 66.75 RON! And no, that’s not for the hardcover edition…
So, to conclude, I haven’t bought any books in a year and a half and now I bought seven in a month. Just read one of them so far, and that only happened this week, but I’ll be going through the rest now as well, since I got myself started. The Eternity Artifact should be next, for a change of scenery and because it shouldn’t be directly related to anything else, and then I’ll see. I still plan to leave A Dance with Dragons last, however.

Otherwise, a worker mowed the weeds behind the fence that’s behind the building here yesterday, which may be a first, as so far there were some people ripping out whatever they could get their hands on around this time of year. Thankfully, and unlike in previous years, this time the bushes and trees seem to have been left alone, the only taller vegetation that was sadly removed being the plants that had coated the fence. This still leaves me looking at a metal fence with barbed wire on top and piles of dead vegetation scattered everywhere behind it instead of a healthy sea of green, but with the taller things left alone for once, it is much less bad than I was expecting. I only hope that they actually plan to leave them be for once and aren’t just taking a break for the weekend and coming back next week to finish the job…

This should be it for now. There would be one more thing to say about how yesterday went, but I’ll leave it out. It was expected to some extent, seeing as I do that whenever I need to interact with others outside, but I feel crappy enough whenever that happens and yesterday it was worse than ever before, so… Yes, this should be more than enough for now.


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