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Spraying Room, Botanical Garden, Thinking of a Long Night Run

Though boxes and some other things are still under the desk, after vacuuming what can be said to be one side of the room on Sunday, finally dusted the bookcase and the books and put them back after eating last night. Switched a couple of books around on purpose and noticed I had placed a few wrong in the piles, which made it harder to remember where they were supposed to go, but think I got them back in their right places. Also put some stuff back in the desk, so when I’ll also vacuum and get the stuff that’s under my desk back next to the wall, I should be done. But with my mother being here these days, not sure when I will vacuum, so I’ll just include the part about spraying my room in this post instead of waiting to be done with all of it.

Speaking of my mother being here, I was just told Sunday that dad meant to bring her Tuesday but she’ll probably be brought by someone else Monday, but they didn’t know when. The problem was that this was going to happen because the washing machine that was at my grandmother’s broke down for good and they bought another, which they wanted to bring here, taking our old one there. Since it was bought with grandmother’s money, that struck me as unfair and I had already said so, but didn’t get anywhere with dad, as he just said it may be unfair but it’s efficient, since they use it a lot less there and this one has some issues too, so there’s no point in buying two, though if this will also break down we may soon get to the point of needing to do so anyway. But at least the new one is A+++, Whirlpool TDLR 65210… But it seems that they hadn’t tested it there and are only doing so now, as I’m writing this, and it leaks, so they’ll see what they’ll do with it.
Either way, the point was that somebody with a van, I think a neighbor from there, was going to bring that washing machine and take this one, meaning that he’ll come here too. However, a note left by dad Monday no longer mentioned that neighbor, but instead said that they don’t know if my mother will still come that day because it depends on the washing machine fitting in my cousin’s car. So I couldn’t do much of anything that day, worried they may just show up, but at least I had eaten and crawled back in bed at 4:40 PM, and shortly after that dad got back, and while I didn’t wake up when he came in, I did as he was in the kitchen, and then got up when he quickly went back out, realizing what that probably meant and just managing to pee and rush back into my room as they were opening the door. Didn’t hear any other guy, but did hear my cousin… And his adopted child! So I just put headphones on and quickly put on some music, loud enough to cover that voice, and just sat here until I went to eat at night… At which point I found an annoying note from my mother on the kitchen table. After tearing it up in annoyance, ignored it, but the next day, when she said that someone will come to see her and they’ll stay in the kitchen just as I wanted to make popcorn for the match, I did throw “and you’re still asking things” over my shoulder before getting back to my room and again staying here until I went to eat at night.

Getting back to spraying my room, as I already mentioned, I did that Thursday and Friday. Thursday I set the alarm at noon, moved what I could, dad moved the desk, then I protected myself as well as I could and sprayed where the mold was visible, in this corner where the desk is, and continued with this part of the room that didn’t require the bed or bookcase to be moved, just letting dad help a bit with a spot above the window. Used that cheap spray I bought, since I had two of those, but used a lot of it, finishing the first one and starting the second that day and almost finishing the second as well the next day. Now it remains to be seen how good it is.
After I was done, got ready, took that t-shirt which had turned pink and the few issues of National Geographic which had gathered since last dropping some off at such an event, having just finished reading the May issue that day, and at 4:40 PM left to drop them off at another free shop, this time at that cat cafe I had taken way more issues of National Geographic to last year. Interestingly, I was again greeted by a small dog that was at the gate, and I heard other people comment that he hadn’t even barked at me in a way that indicated surprise.
Since I didn’t have the metro card, walked there and back, and just couldn’t focus, after having slept very little the previous day and not enough that day either and spraying, which probably had worse consequences than the effort itself would have had. So I ended up missing the spot where I had to turn, trying to get to the same place in what I thought was another way instead of just turning around, realizing quite some time later that I just kept going in the wrong direction and finally finding my way after losing plenty of time. Then, after just dropping the stuff off and leaving again, I stopped in a little park I found on my way back, sat on the bench and read two chapters of the book, which I had also taken with me. I was a few pages from finishing that second chapter when a drop fell on the page and I ended up first holding the book up, exposing less of a surface area, and eventually, as it started to drizzle just as I was finishing, trying to hold it so the cover would be on top, looking up to read. Then got back, rain never getting worse and even stopping by the time I arrived back here, at 7:35 PM.
Was awfully sleepy, but had stuff to do and there’d have been no way to sleep in my room anyway, though I could at least spend some time in here again by then. So started by washing the windows, at least on the inside, then vacuumed the area that’s normally under and behind the desk, took a break to eat an apple and some corn puffs, then cleaned the dust inside the computer a bit, wiped the desk, cables, UPS, keyboard, mouse and pad, then went to the kitchen to read some more until dad finally got back, around 10:50 PM, so he could move the desk back and I could get the computer back in it and everything hooked back up.

The next day, got up to pee at 11:35 AM, but didn’t need to align my schedule with dad’s anymore, so managed to get back to sleep and got up two hours later, taking my time before starting to work, first moving the bed. The boxes were next, and since the one that’s on top of the others had fallen the day before, I first set it down, then tried to push them instead of picking them up, just to lower the risk of anything like that happening again… And yet everything that was on those boxes, including the two old mice and the old switch, fell, so had to pick it all back up, and don’t know whether that had other consequences as well. Then, as I tried to carefully pick up the other box and set it down next to the desk, I somehow “managed” to hit the desk with it and had the CDs and DVDs that were on it fall, though at least they fell on the desk and not all the way down to the floor. And then the first books I took out of the bookcase fell on the floor as well. But at least I managed to end it there, taking a moment to snap myself out of whatever state kept causing me to make things fall and I could put everything on the bed without any other such mishaps. Then moved the bookcase, vacuumed a bit and sprayed the rest of the room, unfortunately getting some of that spray on the door as well. Had sprayed the door, as well as the back of the bookcase, where I actually saw a bit of mold, with that other kind of spray, purchased for the top of the kitchen cabinet back then, and had wanted to wait a while before wiping, but I rushed to wipe the door then, yet some quite obvious traces were left even so.
After being fine while I worked, I seemed to have done something to my back as I was getting ready to leave, but it wasn’t too bad, my right ankle worrying me more, as it had bothered me all day, probably due to all the pushing, and it still bothered me the next day as well. But, to get back to leaving, did so around 6:05 PM, not having any plan at first, just meaning to wander around, having dad’s metro card too, yet as I was going out he asked whether I needed money and gave me a fair bit, so I first went to Supeco again, getting a few things, then to this pharmacy for toothpaste and also to the Carrefour from that area. Wondered whether to walk from Supeco to the pharmacy, but decided to go to the next metro station and take it for one stop, yet ended up getting on the wrong one, seeing one already there and rushing in without looking well enough. Don’t think I lost time though, since the other one was just coming in when this one reached the next station, so I could change there and I guess that’d have been the one I’d have taken either way. So I got to that pharmacy, waiting in quite a line but finding a 0.50 RON coin on my way out, then passed through the farmers’ market and was surprised to see quite a few still there, ending up getting some cheap apples from one, though it was about 8:30 PM and I thought that market closed at 7 PM and had seen plenty leave even around 6 PM in the past. Then waited in another long line to get a few more things from that Carrefour and walked back, entering the building at 9:40 PM.
Since I couldn’t exactly vacuum at night, I rushed to gather the stuff I had placed on the floor, to protect it from the spray to some extent, then vacuumed the areas that’d normally be under the bookcase and bed. Eventually got to the kitchen to eat, but first washed some of the stuff dad had left and “managed” to hit the large cast iron pot he had bought some time after I dropped the old, smaller one and smashed the enamel. It only fell a few centimeters as it slipped from my hands, but it struck the edge of another pot that was in the sink and I saw a crack on the enamel, though at least it’s just on the outside… And then nothing else fell when I got back to my room after eating, moved the bookcase back, put the books on the floor, changed the sheets, turned over the mattress and moved the bed back as well. It was a bit past 4 AM when I finally went to shower and around 4:45 AM when I finished, so I just quickly checked something on-line and went to bed.

Saturday I went to the Botanical Garden, using that found metro card, since dad needed his. Left at 4:55 PM and was through the gate at 5:40 PM, after standing around for a couple of minutes, since I thought I was too early and couldn’t immediately see the person we were supposed to go to. But she was there, sitting on a bench, and quite a number of others had already arrived, judging by the marks on the list, so I also made my way to Magnolia Alley, though I did so slowly and also had a quick look at something on the way. The event was only supposed to start at 6 PM, after all.
The event in question was the inauguration of Magnolia Alley, as part of the planned Taxonomic Sector, the volunteers who took part in creating the area over the past few years being invited. It was said that a total of about 1800 people took part, but about 100 attended. This inauguration had already been postponed twice due to the weather, or at least due to the forecast, and even that evening there was supposed to be a 40-45% risk of thunderstorms, but the weather held just fine. Unfortunately, the Black Tulip magnolia, which was supposed to be the centerpiece, was chopped in half by some asshole the week before, so it was moved in front of the entrance to the sector and replaced.
Also unfortunately, for me personally, while this time I didn’t forget the camera anymore, the battery was low, leading to what I say is the problem with the fact that you can find pretty much no cameras that still use AA batteries anymore. It tricked me too, showing two lines out of three when I left, but that was apparently a false reading, as I got a low battery warning as soon as I took the first picture and it only worked until the more formal part ended and the volunteers were invited to serve themselves from the sweets, snacks and drinks that were available, take pictures, take a potted plant and so on. So I once again had to make do with my phone after that point, so the image quality of the pictures I took suddenly turns to crap. Still, ate a lot of sweets, actually feeling a bit nauseous after that, and also worried about having eaten with unwashed hands, and took my time to take pictures of all the other plants that were there as well, leaving the sector at 7:15 PM. Was sure glad that I had clothes that protected me, considering the number of mosquitoes and how badly bitten the others were.

Speaking of mosquitoes, I do seem to have at least one bite, but I actually didn’t notice it then, and I remember that I woke up with an itch in that spot when I was napping, though I forgot whether that was Sunday or Monday. It also looks odd, quite red and seeming to get larger, so it is a bit worrying and I’ll keep my eyes on it. But the mosquitoes themselves definitely are a concern, possibly even the main one, for the long night run I’m seriously considering taking part in. I might manage to do without buying anything else until then otherwise, but if I am to attend it, I’m tempted to go look for some spray or lotion to protect myself, though if I’m to use it before leaving it definitely won’t protect me all the way to the end and I don’t think I’ll carry it with me.
I just noticed this event before going to eat Monday night, though it’s apparently the third year, and while it’s quite insane and I haven’t signed up yet, I’m quite sure I will. I mean, I keep saying there should be a night run here, and while I’m referring to an actual marathon, or at least half marathon, taking place late in the evening or at night, this is interesting enough. It’s nothing official and also not competitive, so the roads won’t be closed, we’ll just run on sidewalks and through parks and the pedestrian areas of the Old Town, so there will be waiting at stoplights and the pace will be slow, with everyone needing to stay in a group and adapt to the slowest ones that want to continue, though at the same time anyone is free to come and go whenever they please. There will also be no actual refreshment points, but instead four places where we will stop to take water, needing to have bottles with us for that since they want to discourage the use of single-use plastics, a longer break being planned when we’ll reach the first such place, with some sponsored talk about nutrition taking place then. The route is also not fixed, the planned one having some 40 km but some parts of it not being clearly specified even now and a note making it clear that, depending on the conditions and the speed of the slowest participants, parts may be cut in order to reach the finish area at the scheduled time, around 5:30 AM.
With people being told to gather at 8:30 PM and the start scheduled for 9:30 PM, that means a total of eight hours, making it possible to complete the entire route, since I see that last year they covered 34.3 km in seven hours. That does make it seem that they just walked, averaging less than 5 km/h, but they say that they’re aiming for 7.5-10 km/h while running, the average dropping due to all the stops, and early on I guess there will be many of them, considering the traffic and the first part of the route, which is completely on roads, or more exactly sidewalks. There will apparently also be a lot of stairs to climb late at night, likely close to 3 AM, in Carol Park, so after much of the distance would have already been covered and people will be very tired.
What’s nice is that the start location is this nearby mall where that Carrefour also is, so I’ll just walk there. The finish is at the National Library, so I could use a metro card to get back, but could also walk, even after covering such a distance, since I doubt I’ll have dad’s card then and, either way, one clear problem is that I’d rather not take anything with me other than something for water, which I’ll need to have on me. They do say that participants will be able to leave their stuff at the start and it will be carried straight to the finish, so if they drop out they won’t be able to retrieve their things unless they go there anyway, and possibly around the scheduled finish time, but I’m rather wary. Also, my phone credit is expired and right now I can’t fit charging it again in the budget, and it’s not like having my phone wait for me at the finish will do much good, any problems being likely to appear on the way. Could consider taking the camera, but then again, probably not. As for shoes and another t-shirt, those may be useful, but at the same time not really needed and probably too much trouble under the circumstances.

I didn’t run this week so far and, if I’m to take part in that event, I won’t. However, have a new record for squats, 2:20, managed both yesterday and today! Just a second better than the previous one, but it counts. My left hip bothered me again while pushing that hard, and had done so Monday as well, when the time was around 2:25, though there was a replay just then and I therefore can’t be absolutely certain. Sunday it was 2:32.

Otherwise, I wonder if something happened with the cable used for the cameras as I moved the computer, since Saturday I assumed that I got an unrecognized device notification when connecting the camera after coming back from the Botanical Garden because the battery was so low and it was turning off, and it worked after I charged it, but now I used the old one for something and it happened again, twice. Yes, this had pretty much empty batteries in it too, but it wasn’t turning off, and after I pushed the cable in better and tried again it worked, though I didn’t feel it move at all when I did push.
And while I’m at computer issues, yesterday Vivaldi gave me the dead bird error twice, once on a GOG.com game page, and once when I tried to enter Carrefour’s anniversary contest game. That game page had loaded properly at first, but then I wrote a message in another tab, it likely unloaded, and then I saw that when it tried to load again. Since I had never seen that before, looked it up and saw that it’s some generic crash image, either caused by video or by a detected memory leak, or possible other issues as well, and refreshing the page worked just fine. However, refreshing that game led to the session being considered as completed, with zero points, so no chance to win anything, and while they say that the game is meant for mobiles, and you even need to show any discount codes won directly on your mobile, screenshots not being accepted, so I’m not even sure how I could use one if I would win it, it was quite odd to have that happen twice on the same day when it had never happened before and I hadn’t changed anything then. Granted, didn’t use Vivaldi much before, only started to use it more regularly these days, after getting signed out of GOG.com on Internet Explorer, but still…

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Another Game from the Doc, Lost Cookies and Another Sector Record

Finally sprayed in my room Thursday and Friday, but the books are still on the floor and the boxes under and around the desk, so I can’t even sit here properly, and since I want to throw something here quickly to avoid another Sunday update, I’ll just stop Wednesday for now. The one exception I’ll make is to mention that last evening I managed to post the quick review for the book I had finished the previous evening, again in both Romanian and English in the version on Goodreads, just before midnight, and then immediately after midnight I checked the GOG.com forum and saw that I had won another game, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, from the same guy who does these massive giveaways. Meant to not enter this one, feeling embarrassed enough over all I had won from him so far, which I listed last time, but since I ended up posting in the thread anyway, decided to just enter for this one game, and then for one more when he added it to the list, and I was again one of the winners. If I counted correctly, there were 27 entries for this game and four copies, so it was quite popular, though I don’t know in which order the winners were selected, since he says he tends to start with the games he considers most popular and go down from there, and therefore how many of the others had already won something before then. But it would appear that I was the first drawn for it anyway. Also saw that I had received the code at 5:50 PM, but since it was after midnight when I redeemed it, I’ll consider it as obtained on June 15.

Speaking of that forum, something happened as I got on-line Monday, opening it right after I had the antivirus update and finding myself signed out. I was opening topics in new tabs, the first two, opened while it was still downloading the updates, were normal, but then it started installing the updates and I found myself signed out in the next ones opened. At first it somehow still remembered that I’m using the light theme, but then I guess something happened to that cookie as well and it reverted to the default dark theme. And since, while the old parts of the site, including the forums, still work, and more recently even some game pages started working again, signing on GOG.com remains completely impossible in Internet Explorer, I now have to open Vivaldi whenever I go there and not just when I want to check the front page or a game page that still doesn’t work.
For that reason, though nothing else seemed affected, Wednesday evening I tried to restore the cookies from last month’s backup, by first looking up how you can get individual files from such a backup, then simply copying those old ones in the cookie folder, after moving the existing ones away. Yes, that means I simply copied the current cookie files elsewhere instead of using the export function, forgetting it exists despite having been reminded of it as I was looking up other options… And since simply copying the old files made IE act as if cookies had been cleared and it maintained that behavior after I copied the current ones back, I actually had to clear the cookies and sign back on everywhere that evening, which was quite a pain, and some of the ads I’ve been getting since then are annoying too. Also, wonder if something else broke in the process…

Since I just took a break to do what actually were yesterday’s squats, since I didn’t do any then, should also mention that I only timed them Sunday and Monday, the time being 2:35 and 2:31, respectively. But the more important bit when it comes to being active was Wednesday’s run, when the time was 48:23, with sector times of 4:20, 4:32, 6:06, 4:30, 5:04, 5:58, 4:34, 5:14, 6:11 and 1:54, making for lap times of 14:58, 15:32 and 15:59. The exact times I saw were 48:23.43, with sector times of 4:20.62, 4:31.47, 6:06.46, 4:29.59, 5:04.08, 5:58.09, 4:34.56, 5:13.26, 6:11.20 and 1:54.10, making for lap times of 14:58.55, 15:31.76 and 15:59.02. Wanted to push on the first lap’s second sector, to have a proper new record for it and also be absolutely certain of it, so I did that and managed to beat last week’s by ten seconds. Considering the exact time, it was actually close to 11 seconds, and if I’d have stopped the stopwatch a tenth earlier I’d have been able to list it as such, but as it is, I’ll have to make do with this and know that I could still do at least a little bit better, since I went around a few people and also didn’t quite choose the shortest way under the bridge, at the end.
Wanted to go out early, seeing a high of 31°C, but after eating a salad with tomatoes in it at night, I first woke up to pee at 7 AM, which was too early. Woke up again at 10:05 AM, but waited for dad to leave first, and was eventually leaving at 11:45 AM, starting to run exactly at noon. It was indeed rather hot, sunny, and the wind was a bit of an issue too. I guess it also helped a bit with the cooling, but it remained an issue in a few areas. But, of course, the main problem was pushing so hard so soon, which left me needing to struggle to finish. I guess I had a little bit of help in the form of someone to chase for part of sector two of lap two, but then I maintained that pace for the next sector as well and in general I stuck to my targets almost perfectly, having aimed for 15 minutes for the first lap, 15:30 for the second and 16 for the third. Did rather hope for a faster sector three of lap three and pretty much the same total time as last week, but that didn’t work out.

On the way to the park and back, saw how the mayor is completing the destruction of a good part of the green spaces on either side of that street, as part of his campaign to do so all over the Sector, creating parking spaces where the sidewalks used to be and new sidewalks, paved with the same pink stone he’s so fond of, where the gardens in front of buildings used to be. The trees are left standing, but encased like that and with who knows how much damage to the roots, they don’t tend to last long once this is done, and everything else in the part of those gardens that ends up being paved is obviously gone. This area had actually escaped for quite some time, but I guess it was only a matter of time, especially after they had started on one side and reached a certain point. Hardly anything will be left of this Sector’s greenery, at least when it comes to the more or less natural areas, mature trees and these gardens, and the fucker still brags about this being the greenest Sector and even the greenest urban area in Romania!

After coming back from the run, grabbed something to eat, made another tea, showered and went back out just after 3:05 PM, heading for Arcul de Triumf and entering it around 3:50 PM. After having been unable to visit it back in April and then seeing that it remained open on the same terms, with a book as the “entrance fee”, until June 15, I kept saying I’ll go and hadn’t until then, so it was pretty much my last chance, considering that I had stuff to do the following days.
Interestingly, though I obviously took a book with me to donate, along with the one I was reading, nobody was at the entrance when I entered, right after two young women, so I just walked right in. The three of us were the only ones there at the time, and it’s a good thing they came when they did because it’d have felt awfully weird to be there all alone. Unfortunately, when I got to the top and saw the view, I realized I really should have taken the camera and didn’t. Had told myself to get it but completely forgot when I went out of my room, so I just had my phone to work with and that didn’t do such a view justice. Still, did what I could, finished looking at what was inside as well, then went back out… Only to see that someone was at the entrance then, but I wasn’t about to go to her and ask whether I should give her the book now that I was already out, so I had a good look all around the place too and then left, along with the two women, who were right behind me. Got back at 4:55 PM, with a chapter and a bit of the book read on the metro, on the way there and back.

As for Tuesday, the original plan was to spray my room then, or at least do the first part, with the rest of it done Thursday, but there was a storm that lasted until morning and the forecast mentioned occasional storms until evening as well. Of course, these days tossing a coin has a similar chance of being accurate when it comes to the weather as the forecast, so it barely dripped a few times and there were moments when it was even somewhat sunny, but dad said it’d be better to wait for a drier day and I agreed, which led to doing it Thursday and Friday and being left with the stuff lying around even now. But at least the actual work is done, and I hope I won’t need to do it again until next year.
Either way, still had to buy some stuff Tuesday, so at 2:25 PM I was heading out, also taking some plastic bottles and cans, as well as the book. Took the free bus to Auchan, reading on the way, but when I got there I saw that the recycling machine was full, and when I tried to ask a guard to call someone to empty it he didn’t even let me finish. He was talking to someone on the headset and I didn’t get to say what I wanted emptied before he just nodded impatiently and pointed just as impatiently in what I thought was the direction of the machine, making me assume that he had already called someone and was telling me to just get back there and wait. However, after finishing a chapter while standing around the corner, I wandered around for a while and eventually, half an hour after asking him, or trying to ask him, to call someone, gave up, leaving the stuff on the machine and going in the store, gesturing at him as I walked past but not actually saying anything. Considering the reduced rewards, what I had was just worth 0.40 RON, but if they’re just left there I’m not even sure they’re dropped off in the right place, and either way everything I left was still on the machine as I went back out, having bought just one thing. Was looking at a few other things, but since I was ignored like that, it was my way to show my displeasure.
The thing is that I walked back from there, heading for this other farmers’ market where there’s that store that I can get that bio (organic) yogurt from even cheaper, so I could have taken the bottles and cans back and tried to use the machine that’s there. Still don’t know how that works when it comes to the rewards, it may require going to some recycling center with the receipt if you don’t want to donate the amount, which would be too much trouble and downright awkward for such small amounts, but I could have at least found out, and donated the amount in that case. But I didn’t even really think about it, just going there, buying one more of those buckets, plus some green onions from the market itself. Then got back here, dropped off the stuff and went right back out to the Kaufland and Carrefour from this area, also taking the things I assume are best dropped off at Kaufland. Then got what I wanted from each of those as well and was back here at 6:50 PM.

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Quick Review: Blestemul zorilor (The Curse of Dawn)

It still reads quickly, and maybe also because I got more used to it, but it seemed better written than the first, and the number of obvious mistakes has been noticeably reduced, though for me it remains unacceptable. Otherwise, I wasn’t necessarily bothered by many things, though this again has in good part to do with the fact that I don’t care about the characters. And I know flashy action isn’t spared early on, and the bus scene at the gas station in Hungary is actually funny, and at the same time again very “real”, reconfirming this anchoring in Romanian realities, with the same odd exception of some “miles” instead of kilometers.
Still, scenes like the one from that church, or the attack that caused the crash, plus all the dead, can’t not attract attention at a level impossible to control, regardless of all the spells used. I mean, they’re not allowed to have a Facebook account and the concern about any possible witness with a phone is mentioned, but they do things that would make all the news and attract the attention of entire cities and there’s no mention of consequences. But speaking of consequences, the rape is rather troubling due to this approach that seems very common and possibly even sought after, apparently actually by women, where “don’t” becomes “don’t stop” and rage quickly turns into desire.
As for Nicol, it’s I’d say downright sickening how dumb she becomes, even if the reason is obvious. And what happens to mothers of boys was clearly specified in the first book, so it’s pointless for it to be a “surprise” in this one. But I keep returning to wondering how come she has a child, and I’m not saying this just as a militant antinatalist furious over the fact that such a main character exists, but considering that at the beginning of the first book she mentions abortions, so even if she was quite obviously bewitched to keep him, anyone else, starting with Roxana, should have realized that something’s very wrong, and maybe even exactly what.

Rating: 3/5

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First Interval Training

I can say that Thursday was my first attempt at interval training, at first aiming to push as hard as possible on sector one of lap one, sector two of lap two and sector three of lap three but realizing after that first sector that I’ll have nothing left on lap three if I do that and deciding to just alternate, the fast sector three also being on lap one, and then just struggle to make it to the end after sector two of lap two. The total time was just decent, 48:13, but sector times were 3:56, 5:01, 5:24, I think 4:35, most likely 4:42, probably 6:18, 4:42, 5:26, 6:20 and 1:49, making for lap times of 14:21, 15:35 and 16:28, so I have new records for each sector and also for one lap. Do have exact times as well, and I’m actually more certain of the hundredths than of the seconds on that second lap, so assuming the seconds are right, the exact times I saw were 48:13.71, with sector times of 3:56.20, 5:01.50, 5:23.87, 4:34.71, 4:42.35, 6:17.86, 4:41.98, 5:26.46, 6:19.45 and 1:49.33, making for lap times of 14:21.57, 15:34.92 and 16:27.89.
The issue is that I seem to remember something about 59 seconds at one point but it doesn’t fit with anything, the most likely total times between the end of sector one of lap two and the end of sector one of lap three may have caused me to get confused, as I recall them as 18:56, 23:38, 29:56 and 34:38, and I’m quite sure I didn’t calculate the time for sector three of lap two, being surprised that the total time was still under 30 minutes at that point and calculating just the time for lap two, and since that was 15:35 I ended up believing the time for that sector had been 5:35 and it obviously didn’t add up, making me even more confused. But I am quite certain of that sector two time, being a new record, and I guess I’m pretty sure of all of them in the end, but I’m just making a note of this confusion, just in case something did happen with my memory.
Either way, managed to avoid another cramp when I woke up that day, since a muscle was again about to react like that when I stretched but, after having it happen Tuesday and Wednesday, once on each leg, I managed to react just a bit faster and prevented it from happening again, which likely made quite a bit of difference during the run. Still felt a bit tired as I was starting to run, and hadn’t even eaten what I normally would before a run, but went out at 3:15 PM and it worked out quite well in the end, despite being quite exhausted after that last fast sector and just struggling to finish, resulting in that awful lap three. Probably had a couple more seconds in me on that sector two of lap two, actually, since I took a couple of steps after the start of the sector before going for it, then I think a tiny fly got right in my eye, and then a teen on a scooter actually looked straight at me as he was coming towards me, then turned his head away and turned around right in front of me, making me need to quickly avoid running into him. And since I mentioned that tiny fly, still felt something in my eye when I got back, and while I thought I washed it out at that time, when I again felt something there at night I had a look after washing well again and actually pulled a tiny fly out of there. Now I somehow doubt it was the same one, as I had noticed something flying around my room just before feeling something in my eye at night, but it was a weird moment either way.

The timed squats during this period were 2:31 yesterday, 2:34 on June 2 and I think 2:42 on June 1. And since I mentioned June 2, slept really poorly that morning. Woke up around 6:40 AM and took over an hour and a half, probably closer to two hours, to get back to sleep, but kept briefly drifting off during that time as well, yet had those dreams that made me think I was still awake yet one scary detail was different, so I was waking up again immediately and getting more and more frightened, and the sleep I did get after that period was quite restless as well. Also, speaking of sleep, two days later I was first woken up at exactly 11 AM by a call, but I didn’t answer and didn’t learn anything when I later tried to look up the number, so no idea what that was about.
Otherwise, since I’m at odds and ends, Thursday I noticed a couple of double middle clicks again, though those were the only obvious ones during this period, so it’s still not worth the trouble, and the risk, of taking it back to the store. On the other hand, on May 31 I did confirm that a process of G DATA Antivirus, AVKWCtl.exe, is responsible for those brief freezes happening every 15 minutes, but asking support didn’t produce any solution, whether for that or for the update issues I keep having. And also on May 31, but actually in its early hours, after eating at night, I saw someone ask for a cheap piece of additional content, costing $0.59, on the Community Gifting thread on the GOG.com forum and I had the equivalent of $1.08 left on the Paysafecard code still lying around, so I bought that for him and a copy of Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition for the Community Giveaway and cleared it out completely, the remaining balance being 0.00 RON. Had purchased that game for myself more than five years ago, for $2.99, and I’m yet to even install it, since the requirements state that it doesn’t work with integrated graphics and I didn’t even care to try to check whether that’s actually true.

As for buying stuff, Monday I woke up at 8:55 AM and was out the door one hour later, since it was no longer raining after having been rather stormy at night and the forecast stated that the break was going to end around noon. Had the metro card, so went to the Kaufland and Carrefour at Obor and got what I meant to get from there, though for the first time I didn’t see discounted, expiring stuff at that Carrefour, probably because it was early and they hadn’t gone through the shelves yet. Did use that discount code received for taking an on-line survey for Carrefour though, so I saved 10 RON that way. And then I also got some cheap apples and cabbage from that market on the way back, and returned here at 12:50 PM, quite sweaty due to having taken my jacket and the rain not returning. Felt a few drops just as I was getting back, but nothing else and it actually got sunny right after that, the weather only changing again after dark. So I left the jacket here when I went right back out to go to Auchan as well, using their free bus both ways and returning again at 2:45 PM. There was no hot water again that day, and in fact I had to wait until after I woke up on Wednesday to shower, because the site stated that it should start working again at 6 PM on Tuesday but it was only starting to get warm when I was about to go to bed, having still been cold even an hour and a half or so earlier, when I brushed my teeth.
But to return to buying stuff, went out again yesterday, leaving just as the Nadal-Federer match was starting and getting back just in time to see the last few points, in the last game. The idea was to get some spray against mold, since I really need to spray in my room again. Probably should have done it back in April or so, but now I finally asked dad to help me move the desk and he said he’ll be able to, so next week we should do that, when we’ll find a day without rain, so I’ll be able to spend the day outside after spraying, that will also work for him. The thing is that the spray we tended to use seems to have been recalled recently, apparently due to a risk of something coming off and the solution spilling on the user, and if when I checked on-line and saw it listed as available at two Auchan stores I never went to before I thought that maybe they had a new shipment which they had just distributed there first, when I got to one of them that day I saw that they only had the other kind from that brand. And since I heard the guy stocking that area tell someone else that they just did the inventory but are waiting for the manager to get back from vacation before ordering new stuff, I guess that instead of those stores getting new shipments first, they may in fact be the last ones that get updated and the information I saw was outdated. On the other hand, it may be a matter of the picture on the site being wrong, since the price was the one listed for the product I was searching for and the site didn’t actually mention the exact name of the product, so I went by the picture.
Either way, despite the fact that the kind I found is mainly for bathrooms and I think has a lower concentration but is sold at the price I expected to pay for the other one, I did get one, but also two of another kind, which is much cheaper and has a higher listed concentration… And when I got back I saw another one, of yet another kind, in the place where we keep them, so I guess dad had purchased one as well before I went there, even though I told him I was going to do that. But the bathroom is in a dreadful state as well and I’m sure there are places with plenty of mold in other rooms too, so it’s not like we won’t need them. The problem is that we keep maintaining these conditions that make mold always appear, and it’s only getting worse with just dad here, since he doesn’t care about this and continuously behaves in ways which clearly create those conditions.

Before ending this, I’ll also mention that I took the book with me yesterday, reading a chapter each way on the metro, finishing after I got off both times, since I just had a couple of pages left. Then I finished it after getting back, and in the evening also posted the quick review, in both Romanian and English on Goodreads. And I will say that I feel quite betrayed by Alma, who praised these books while she read them to the point that I got it in my mind to buy them, instead of warning me away due to one of the lead characters having a child, that child also becoming her motivation and, spoiler warning, ending up being crucial to the plot. I mean, I’m a militant antinatalist, with overpopulation as my main cause and considering having children under the current circumstances as the worst single crime anyone may commit, and on the recommendation of a friend who conveniently “forgot” to point out these “little” details I end up buying a series of books about a fucking breeder and her spawn, which series is also very well anchored in the day to day reality of Romania, so not something I can pass off as happening in another world, another time, another place, but something that, fantasy elements aside, is taking place right here and right now! Not that the books themselves, or at least this one, would be anything more than average, but this lowers my opinion of them even more and makes me quite angry at everyone involved, myself included.

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Quick Review: Copiii intunericului (The Children of Darkness)

At least it reads quickly, and managed not to piss me off for reasons other than the obvious, but that’s because I no longer gave a fuck about the characters. Otherwise, any other positive aspects I may mention are minor things and/or also go both ways. For example, except some “miles” instead of kilometers at one point, I recognize that it’s well anchored in Romanian realities, but perhaps too well, not only because I don’t want obvious “reality” in what I read, it’s why I read fantasy after all, but also because some things used as explanations would confuse those who haven’t lived here, or merely tore themselves away from those aspects. Or I’d say nice touch with Nicol’s Romglish, but if it’d be another language I’d complain about the lack of translation, and that also applies to that coworker’s bits of Italian.
Speaking of Nicol, I “disqualified” her completely from chapter two, for the obvious reason, and the rating is so poor in good part because that becomes the main motivation and even theme, so I have some choice words for the person who praised the books until I got it in my mind to buy them instead of warning me away from them. Otherwise, day to day things are presented in detail but the relevant action is on fast forward, including instant romance. Then, perhaps it seems to sound strange to me also because it’s extremely unusual for me to read a book by a Romanian author, in Romanian, and the verb tenses that keep seeming out of place to me may have to do with a regionalism, but at least the typos and grammar errors are obvious and some are really jarring, which is the least you’d expect to no longer find in something that’s not only not self-published, but a second edition as well. And it’s Lenore, not Leonore. And Nightwish didn’t break up at all in 2005; they just kicked one person out. And, regardless of the spell, how do you screw, roughly too, when you’re so burned, considering that this changed only after that?

Rating: 2/5

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