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(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – I

After going to the kitchen a few minutes late, slicing two of dad’s breads, finishing cleaning and washing after him in the kitchen, with cold water, since we had no hot water those days, and then making too much salad and using parts of a cabbage that made it take even longer, in the early hours of October 17 I ended up eating dinner between 4:05 AM and 4:55 AM and getting in bed at 5:45 AM. Then, after getting up, I had lunch and left at 4:25 PM. I thought that it was the first day when Carrefour’s campaign was taking place in a location from Bucharest, at Baneasa, and I had 32 plastic bottles split between the large backpack and a bag, having taken 20 that should be easily accepted, eight of those granting two products, two that I wanted to check whether they’ll be accepted, and two more that I just threw in there after the rest. And I had the metro card and also realized that it was much better to get off at Aurel Vlaicu, so I only had to walk half the distance, but still picked up one more of those bottles that granted two products on the way to the metro station and another one after getting off.
I know that I was in that mall’s parking lot when I checked the time and saw 5:53 PM, but I was wondering whether the place where I had to give the bottles was outside, so I looked around and at least a couple more minutes, if not a little more than that, passed before I entered. Then I found that place, inside the store, just next to the entrance, had a look and decided that I was going to give eight of those bottles, thinking that each two products that I’ll get in exchange for one of those will count as a single product, as it was before, so I could get eight products from two of the categories. However, after giving the 20 bottles that I was allowed to give in one day, including those eight and not including either of those that I wanted to try, since the machine didn’t accept them, the girl who was there being surprised in case of the beer bottle, I was told that I could get 28 products, but from at least seven categories, so the limit of four of one kind still applied, only the total increasing. But that wasn’t a problem, and I got four Golden apples, weighing 727 grams, four apples of some other kind, possibly Jonaprince, weighing 651 grams, four Kapia peppers, weighing 518 grams, four eggplants, weighing 1.162 kg, four tomatoes, weighing 859 grams, four red onions, weighing 248 grams, and four kohlrabies, weighing 792 grams, and I also entered the raffle… But then I was told that the following day was the last one at that location, the first having been the previous one, and also that the next location will be Colentina, which should have been the last one, in late November. And on top of checking the regulations the previous evening, so after the campaign had already started at Baneasa, and seeing no change, I had also sent a message to Carrefour’s Facebook page to ask whether there were any changes and was pointed to the regulations and told that there was no indication that there were going to be any!
I was quite confused at that point, and if what I had just been told was true, it meant that I had lost one day, but there was nothing that I could do about it then, so I put my things in a cabinet and entered the store again, having a look, taking pictures in order to get the prices for what I received and try to identify the apples, and just getting an expiring mix of fruits. Then I washed my hands, took my mask partially off, washed my face a little as well, went to sit at one of the tables that are outside of that mall and ate that mix. Then I put my mask back on, returned inside and peed, the janitor opening the door while I was in the stall, though she then waited outside of the bathroom even while I washed my hands. Then I retrieved my things from the cabinet and arranged everything, walking out just after 7:35 PM and grabbing two more of those bottles after getting off the metro at this station.
I got back at almost 9:15 PM and set the water to boil, but when I saw that it seemed to start boiling sooner than I expected, I turned off the stove and went to the toilet, then turned it back on and also warmed the tea. One pot took longer to start boiling, but after I poured the other two in the bathtub, I refilled them and, while I was waiting for them to start boiling again, I ate a part of the cake sent by my mother. Then, after washing, I ate a bag of snacks while spending a little time on the computer, then I got the plastic bottles that I was going to take the next day ready. I initially planned to also take the glass bottles that weren’t going to be accepted in this campaign to a recycling center that I was going to pass by, since I thought that I was going to have to walk all the way, but after gathering all of them, I changed my mind. Then I weighed what I received and put those products in their place, struggling to find room, did the day’s squats, sliced three more of dad’s breads and struggled to make them fit in the freezer, also took another Paracetamol, just in case, and decided to start taking the plain vitamin C that I still had, and finally ate dinner between 4 AM and 4:45 AM. I got in bed at 5:35 AM, after dad got back and we exchanged a few words.

It was a little before 9 AM when I was woken up by noise from outside, the work on the building having apparently really started, the roof getting scraped and everything sliding down a chute that hung all the way down and ending up right under my window. I tried to curl in a ball and cover my ears and did manage to get some more sleep, but in the form of brief and agitated naps, with messed up dreams. And I was startled once again when I heard dad put his key in the door, so I checked the time, saw 12:54 PM, and rushed to ask him something, at which point he also said that he planned to be back by 5 PM, in which case he could leave me the metro card again. I had to know ahead of time, however, seeing as, if he was going to be late and I’ll have to walk, I was going to have to leave before 4 PM. But either scenario allowed me to stay in bed a little longer, so I moved the alarm, which was set to ring at 1 PM, to 1:30 PM. There was no way to get back to sleep, however, and when I checked the time again and saw 1:19 PM, I turned off the alarm, got up, opened the window… And had to close it again after a little while, since my room was filling with dust. I opened it again after they seemed to have finished with that mess.
I had asked Carrefour for the correct, updated schedule for Bucharest by e-mail as well, specifying what had happened and the conflicting information I had received and asking for the answer to actually be written in the reply, not sent as a link, but the reply just pointed me to the regulations, not even mentioning the other file which had appeared, which stated that the campaign had indeed started at Baneasa on October 16, but would still remain there until October 19, and that everything else remained unchanged. And when I asked again, I was asked where had I found that additional file and for a phone number, so I pointed them to that file, but said that I wanted an answer that I could show to those who are there and I couldn’t do that with a phone conversation. On the other hand, on Facebook, where I had also explained what had happened, the guy at least admitted that the campaign had started earlier at Baneasa, but seemed to know nothing more than what was written in that new file, asking who had told me about any other changes. And, of course, dad also forgot to call, so I beeped him off the landline when I was about to leave and he called back and said that he was on his way back, so I had time to also have lunch after all, and then left, with the metro card, at 4:40 PM. I once again had 32 bottles, which included eight that granted two products, including the four found the previous day, and the ten other good ones which I had also brought back the previous day, obviously leaving behind those two that weren’t going to be accepted.
Despite taking the metro and therefore once again only walking half the distance, I found four more of those bottles, and all of them towards the end, the first when I was approaching that mall, the second in its parking lot, and two more right at the top of a garbage can that I passed by just before entering, so somebody hadn’t bothered to take a few steps and exchange them for four fruits or vegetables. I entered Carrefour at 6:10 PM and asked for clarification, also showing what was listed in that new file, and a guy who was there asked me to show him where I had found it, handing me his phone, and they were quite baffled when they saw it with their own eyes, saying that somebody would have told them if it was true. So, while that guy seemed to be discussing it with someone else, I gave the 20 bottles, but only including the four that granted two products which I had found, since there weren’t more categories that I was interested in, and I got four Golden apples, weighing 745 grams, four apples of another kind, I’m not really sure what, maybe Idared, but other possibilities are Jonaprince or even Jonathan, weighing 702 grams, four Kapia peppers, weighing 366 grams, four Bianca peppers, weighing 360 grams, four squashes, weighing 1.332 kg, and four tomatoes, weighing 911 grams. Then I wandered around the store for a while, once again taking pictures of prices and apples, actually having the new camera with me that day, but I didn’t find anything to buy. And that guy was there when I was about to leave, but by the time I worked up the courage to go and ask whether they had learned anything new, he had left, so I wasted a little more time, but when he still hadn’t returned, I asked one of the girls and she said that their information was correct, not what it said in that file, so that was the last day in that location, while between October 20 and 22 it’ll be at Colentina and Colosseum, in parallel.
I walked out just after 7:05 PM, but got off the metro at Obor and went to Auchan, since 25% of the price of canned products and spices was returned on the store card those days, up to a maximum of 12 products per card. And I entered with the backpack, where I had everything, since all of the cabinets either were locked or couldn’t be. However, after buying 12 products, I found that only 5% was returned for the cinnamon, which is what’s normally returned for products of their own brand, the additional 25% only being returned for the other products, so I asked about it and the employee, who was the same one who had previously insisted that 2.51 was lower than 2.26, at first kept pointing to the other products and telling me that I had received the 25%, and when I kept insisting that I was asking about the cinnamon, she said that the deal doesn’t have to apply to all of the products. So I went back and took pictures of the announcements that were placed all over that part of the store, and during this time the deal was once again announced through the speakers as well, so I rushed back to her and asked whether she had heard that announcement, and she finally used her headset to tell someone that a customer kept pestering her and won’t go away without an answer, and then told me that the cinnamon in question is listed as a “mirodenie”, not a “condiment”, and I’m using the Romanian terms because both translate to “spice”, the difference being that “mirodenie” refers specifically to plants that add flavor while “condiment” is generic, but may be said to mainly refer to “spicy” things. Either way, it was very cheap, much cheaper than another brand would have been even after deducting the 25%, so I left it as it was at that point and went back to the metro. And I also quickly checked the nearby Mega Image when I got here, putting the bag with the purchases from Auchan in a cabinet that didn’t lock and then retrieving it.
It was close to 9:40 PM when I got back, with 12.5 kg, but quite a few of those were just from Auchan. Then I set the first set of pots to boil, ate a piece of cake from my mother, put a few of the purchases in their place, and got on the toilet after I poured those pots in the bathtub, since dad was here and he brought the second set while I was washing my head over the side of the tub, with cold water. Then, after bathing, I weighed what I had received and put those products in their place, ate some grapes, and had dinner between 3:25 AM and 4:15 AM, during which time I also sent Carrefour another message on Facebook, to explain the situation and once again ask for exact information, and wrote some quick notes about the day. After also doing the day’s squats, I got in bed at 5:25 AM. And I’ll also add here that I checked Auchan’s site and saw that they had four brands of ground cinnamon and, oddly enough, the deal applied to the two that were more expensive, but not to the two cheaper ones, so I also sent a message about it, also complaining about that employee’s attitude and mentioning that it wasn’t the first time I had been on the receiving end of it, and it was weeks later when I received a reply, saying that their deals are always listed in the store, which clearly wasn’t the case then, since we were talking about the same kind of product and the same area of the store where all of those signs were, but also letting me know that the employee in question had been required to repeat her customer service training.

On October 19, when I woke up a little before noon, when dad was in the kitchen, I checked for replies from Carrefour and the e-mail stated that the correct dates were those from the new file, but on Facebook I was told that they’ll check and get back to me, and hadn’t until then, so I sent another message, saying that by then they could just ask someone from Baneasa to have a look and see what’s happening, and after that I did get a reply, saying that what those from Baneasa had told me was indeed correct, so the campaign wasn’t at Baneasa anymore and will move to those two other locations between October 20 and 22, and I was also given all of the other dates, which remained unchanged, along with apologies for the situation. And that update was removed from the site, but while I was told that they’ll upload the correct one soon, some time later the same file was uploaded once again! Either way, after another nap and some more time spent in bed after waking up, I eventually decided to go to Auchan Titan, leaving at 6:55 PM and looking for what I hadn’t found at Obor, since it was the last day when I could get that 25% and I had two products left, since the deal hadn’t applied to the cinnamon.
I initially meant to just walk there and then see whether I’ll have time for anything else and still get back in time to pay the maintenance bill, but once I was out I decided to run to Carrefour first, pulling down the mask after a little while. But that proved to just be a waste of time, so I rushed out and ran to Auchan, taking off the jacket after a while and holding it in my hand until I got there and put it back on. Then, after a quick look at a place that sells socks, I entered Auchan and saw some sweet pastries that were two for the price of one if you used the store card, and the ingredients seemed fine, so I got two of those, and also two whole wheat breads with seeds, since the price was even lower than that of their regular whole wheat bread after it got reduced. Since I recently saw that bread at twice that price, it was probably 50% off that day, though I didn’t see that listed anywhere. Either way, I accidentally dropped one of those breads while looking through them, and the tip was out of the bag and it hit the floor, and I just wiped it and put it back, feeling rather embarrassed. Then I looked for those larger bags of pepper, the site stating that they were in stock at that location, but I couldn’t find any and when I asked an employee he also said that there were none left. So I just got some tarragon for dad, used a self-checkout and ran back, which gave me enough time to check both Penny locations that are on the way, each time throwing the bag in a cabinet but not locking it. I got an expiring hummus from the second location, put it in the jacket’s inside pocket, then removed the jacket before walking out, once again holding it in my hand while I jogged back.
When I entered the building, I wanted to put the jacket back on, thinking that it might make me look a little less disheveled when I went to pay that bill, but as I unwrapped it from my arm, that hummus fell on the floor. But at least it didn’t break and splatter, so I put it in another pocket, paid the bill and got back a few minutes after 9 PM. And the hot water had returned, so I meant to do 200 squats before washing and did them in the bathroom, but I lost count and probably did 210. Either way, I then made mamaliga, with many things in it, including that protein yogurt taken before the marathon, since I wouldn’t have dared to eat it otherwise, after it had been in the heat all day.

On October 20, I got up after the alarm rang, at noon, and left at 2:50 PM, with 28 bottles, as in 20 regular ones, including three small glass ones, and the eight granting two products that I had just carried around two days earlier. Most were small, so they all fit in the large backpack. And I also took the paper, dropping it off in a recycling bin on the way to Mega Mall, since I went there first, putting the backpack in a cabinet, taking a cart and getting the seven bags of cat litter that I meant to get. I could have gotten less, since I had to use the voucher received for the new kitchen TV and seven would have been required for the total to exceed its value if I wouldn’t have gotten anything else, and I grabbed a number of expiring and spoiling products, but I stuck to that original plan, since that cat litter was discounted and those vouchers with 20% of the value were also offered for all pet products those days, so it was the perfect moment to stock up. Then, after retrieving my backpack, I somehow managed to stuff all of the purchases in that cabinet and continued to Colentina, grabbing more of those bottles on the way.
I got there just before 5:25 PM and the same people who had been at Baneasa were there as well, and the girl who gave me the products was particularly nice, so I gave eight of those bottles that granted two products and got four Golden apples, weighing 547 grams, four eggplants, weighing 1.181 kg, four squashes, weighing 1.674 kg, five Bianca peppers, weighing 807 grams, since that girl dropped the fifth one into the bag with a smile, four beets, weighing 2.168 kg, since she picked large ones and actually dug for a particular one and said that she was giving me that one that she particularly liked because she knew me by then, four celery roots, weighing 2.167 kg, and four apples of other kinds, which weighed 825 grams but seemed different, two or three likely being Red Delicious and one or two probably being either Gala or Jonaprince, and I didn’t weigh them separately. And the guy who had asked me to point him to that file had also arrived by the time I was done, and he thanked me for sorting things out and when I told him that they had uploaded the same file instead of a corrected one, he checked the site and saw that they had finally uploaded the correct file by then.
After putting what I had received in a cabinet, which was a little tricky, since the location for this campaign was just in front of the cabinets, some of them being completely blocked and others only accessible by reaching over a table, I entered the store and meant to buy some underwear, since those vouchers were also offered for “men’s textiles” those days and the kind of boxers that I’ve been wearing since shortly after I started running were actually available in that location, which isn’t the case pretty much anywhere else. However, I first bought two of the four, wanting to make sure, and when the receipt came out I saw that it didn’t contain any voucher, so I called over an employee and she told me that “textiles” meant “things like t-shirts” and didn’t include underwear, and when I said that in that case I wanted to return them, she said that they don’t normally accept returns for underwear. But I hadn’t even walked out of the store, and obviously hadn’t tried them on, so I insisted and she told me to go to the information desk and see what will happen. So I set the underwear aside and tried to scan the expiring bread which I had also meant to get… Only for the full price to scan as well, the sticker with the discounted price only partially covering the regular bar code, and I couldn’t get myself to call that employee over yet again, so I just walked away from that self-checkout, leaving the bread but taking all four of those boxers with me even though I had just paid for two. And that obviously caused some confusion at the information desk, when I tried to explain what had happened and handed all of them over along with the receipt that was just for two, but they eventually refunded me for the two that I had paid for and took all four back. Then I retrieved my things, put everything except the bag with the remaining bottles that granted two products in the backpack, used the toilet, and walked out at or just after 6:45 PM.
On the way back to Mega Mall, I quickly checked a Profi and also that Mega Image from Pantelimon, which had reopened by then, just putting the bag with those bottles in a cabinet each time, without locking, and then retrieving it. Then I retrieved the other purchases and two of the bags of cat litter from the cabinet that I had left them in and made my way back, grabbing another one of those bottles on the way and arriving here when it was almost 8:50 PM, with 25.5 kg, though 12.5 of them were only from Mega Mall. Then I dropped everything off, put the expiring mozzarella and pastries in the fridge, took what I had received out of the backpack, since I needed it as well, and went out again just after 9:05 PM, with a wheeled bag that I had asked dad to leave for me. And I managed to stuff four of the remaining five bags of cat litter into that wheeled bag, then I put it in another cabinet, leaving the last bag in the first one, and grabbed a few more expiring products, one of them even adding a small voucher on the receipt. Then I retrieved everything and made my way back once again.
I was back for good at 10:25 PM, with just 8 kg on me but pulling 23 kg, though that was easy. Then I tried to move the cable box to the kitchen TV, to be able to watch the qualifying for the race there, since the station broadcasting it is not available on analog… Only for dad, who was taking a bath, to call me to help, because he had flooded the bathroom once again! It wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time and he claimed that he hadn’t fallen asleep again, but that he was rubbing his legs and hadn’t noticed the water level, even though the water would have had to keep flowing for quite a few minutes after reaching what would clearly be a “danger” level before so much of it would have ended up on the floor. Either way, I rushed to mop up as well as I could, then washed the slippers, once again needing to resort to using the old ones, threw the yogurt in the fridge, and decided to take my shower before qualifying, though I first arranged a little more in the bathroom and finished just when Q1 was ending. Then I put the remaining purchases in their place and just split what I had received into two bags, one for what we were going to keep and one for what should be taken to my mother, leaving weighing for another time. I also prepared the bottles for the next day, cleaned and washed what was in the kitchen, ate some of the supposedly spoiling grapes which I had grabbed from Carrefour the first time, finding that they were pretty much flawless, and also that other thing which I had grabbed on the last trip, and had lunch between 3 AM and 3:35 AM, while working on dinner. I ate dinner between 4:20 AM and 4:45 AM and initially got in bed at 5:40 AM, but then I remembered that I wanted to use some hand cream, especially since my right thumb was once again really cracked, so I got back up to do that.

This is how far I got before midnight, but I clearly had to include this first “series” in a single post, so I edited the post Tuesday evening in order to also add the parts about October 21 and 22.

On October 21, I meant to leave later, but when I woke up at 10:15 AM to pee, I decided to get up and get ready, hoping to even be back in time to watch the handball match. So it was just after 12:30 PM when I left, with 30 bottles, ten of them granting two products, and I went straight to Carrefour Colentina, picking up a few more of those bottles on the way, and also spotting a recycling center that’s right on this slightly shorter route to Obor and offers a little more for glass than the one which I had initially meant to take the glass to.
I got there at 2:05 PM, then went to the toilet and put on the mask, since I had taken it with me without putting it on until then. However, after having a look at the available products, I wasn’t even sure that I was interested in six categories, so I was still trying to decide whether to give all the 20 regular bottles or 16 of those and four of those granting two products, and that caused me to lose count, and the machine displayed the number with quite a delay, so I saw 15 and gave one more to the girl, but that was actually the 17th, so I could just give three more of the others, ending up with just three products from the sixth category, which ended up being potatoes. So I got four Golden apples, weighing 622 grams, four beets, weighing 597 grams, four long red onions, weighing 244 grams, four regular onions, weighing 578 grams, three potatoes, weighing 363 grams, and four apples of another kind, weighing 681 grams, but I have no notes about those, so they could have been any of the kinds that I tend to confuse, meaning Idared, Jonathan, Jonaprince or Gala.
After putting everything in the backpack, I went into the store and bought some things, all of them from categories that those vouchers were also offered for those days. I had the impression that there was a single functional self-checkout that also accepted cash and a couple with a full cart was using it, so I waited behind them, but after a while the man told me to go to another one, and when I said that they only accepted cards he said that wasn’t true, so I had another look and saw that he was right, and also found a 0.50 RON coin when I moved to another machine. And I used the 10 RON voucher which I had received for doing their survey as well. On the other hand, I also meant to buy some peanuts, but despite checking on-line before leaving and seeing them clearly listed among the “salty snacks” that those vouchers were offered for, they were unsalted, so I had some doubts, and the employee who was assisting in that area was the same one who had been there the previous day and I didn’t want to end up calling her over for a similar problem once again, so I left them there. Then I took some time to arrange the purchases in a bag, added it in the backpack, and walked out a little after 3:15 PM.
I think I picked up two more of those bottles by the time I got back here, but “managed” to miss something much bigger, since I meant to also check that Profi and somehow just walked past it without realizing it. But I did check the Penny from Obor, just putting the bag with those bottles which I had picked up in a cabinet, buying some things… And ending up paying the exact amount by accident, even though the cashier would have accepted less. I had taken coins out of my pocket, but when I saw the total I wanted to give her another 1 RON bill, leaving just 0.15 RON in coins, yet when she saw the coins she asked whether I wanted to get rid of them and said that if I had 1 RON in coins she’ll take that and it’ll be enough. Well, I didn’t want to get rid of them, but hadn’t planned to be asked to and pretty much froze, just managing to mumble that I thought I had 0.90 RON when she said that she thought I had 1 RON. And she said that 0.90 RON would also be fine, but despite going through the motions that made it appear that I was counting, I just couldn’t, so it was only later, after calming down to some extent, that I realized that I had somehow, completely by accident, given her exactly the 1.15 RON that I should have paid, even though she’d have been willing to accept 0.25 RON less. Either way, when I went to the cabinets the guard also asked to check my backpack, which made me even more anxious, but even though it was obviously full, he said that he didn’t want me to open it, just patting it, and when I said that I had products from Carrefour in it and had the receipt, obviously referring to the purchases, he said that it was fine and moved away. And at that point I realized that I hadn’t taken the receipt for what I had just purchased, but couldn’t get myself to turn around and ask for it.
Between being asked for something I hadn’t prepared for, not knowing how much I had actually paid, not having the receipt to be able to check in case I’ll forget what the total should have been, and the thought that the guard probably suspected me of something, I was pretty much a complete mess at that point and fitting the new purchases into the backpack was a real struggle, so I’m not really sure what I did or how I walked out of there, being pretty much in a daze that only started to gradually clear after crossing the road. So I eventually stopped on some stairs and took my time to check that I actually had everything in the backpack, probably getting in the way of others and looking pretty weird, both while checking and after that, as I struggled to get the heavy backpack back on without having a high enough surface to place it on first.
Even without all of that, it wasn’t certain that I’d have gotten back by 5 PM, when the match started, but all of that lost time and the weight and the heat, that day’s high being 32°C, that didn’t allow me to recover it meant that I was only about to enter the park at that hour. So I decided that I might as well make the little detour to the nearby Mega Image as well, leaving just that bag next to the cabinets, retrieving it on my way out, and getting two more jars of peanut butter, since the discount for the second one made the price per unit even lower than what it had been when I had purchased the first one. And I’m yet to open any of them even now, so I shouldn’t have bought that first one, but there was no way to know at that time.
It was close to 5:25 PM when I got back, with over 15 kg, so I guess I had 14 kg before Mega Image and just eight before Penny. Either way, after cleaning the litter box and putting watermelon in a plate, I took out a bag of trash, dropping it down the chute. Then I ate the watermelon and most of one of the new bags of corn puffs and did the day’s squats, in the kitchen, before going to the toilet and washing. Then I finished the corn puffs and ate a sweet pastry while weighing and arranging what I had received, including the products from the previous day. After that, I rushed to post the week’s first post, and at night, after straightening some bottles, I made pizza, eating between 4:05 AM and 5:05 AM. I got in bed at 5:40 AM.

If I felt that I was able to do it, I meant to leave early on October 22 as well, so when I woke up just before 10 AM, I took some time to think about it and eventually did get up when it was almost 10:20 AM. Then I had lunch, did the day’s squats, and left when it was almost 12:45 PM, with 30 recyclables, including some straightened plastic bottles, 14 bottles that granted two products, two glass bottles and a can. However, I somehow ended up turning right on Pantelimon instead of crossing and then going left, losing some time before I realized it, at which point I crossed and jogged back to where I should have been. Either way, I picked up a few more of those bottles on the way, the first one actually before leaving the building, since I checked the garbage room that’s on this floor and spotted it there.
I got there a little after 2:20 PM, washed my hands and put on the mask, since I had once again kept it off on the way, but different people were handling the campaign that day, or at least at that hour. That made me anxious, and when the guy asked whether I was there to recycle while I was still trying to decide what to get, I started giving him the recyclables, trying a glass bottle and a can, at which point he put the can in the other machine and said that plastic bottles go in one and cans in the other, and then also trying some straightened bottles, at which point he said that they should be as straight as possible, but they worked. However, while there were many different products that I’d have been interested in and I could have easily picked nine categories, I ended up giving him six regular plastic bottles, on top of the glass one and the can, so I could only add 12 of those that granted two products and therefore select eight categories, ending up with four Golden apples, weighing 604 grams, four beets, weighing 811 grams, four Bianca peppers, weighing 429 grams, four parsley roots, weighing 270 grams, four carrots, weighing 368 grams, four potatoes, weighing 1.289 kg, four regular onions, weighing 529 grams, and four apples of other kinds, weighing a total of 647 grams, and I once again didn’t weigh them separately even though three were quite clearly Jonathan and one might have been Gala, but I’m not entirely sure about that.
Since the machine stopped after the first three items, so the guy had to sort it out and then continue, and another receipt was just for the can, I ended up with three, and that seemed to confuse the woman who took them and asked what I wanted, since she asked for the first category, put those products in a bag, then used another bag for the second category, and then told me to pick 14 more products. So I pointed out that I should have a total of 32 products, eight categories, and had just told her two categories, so I had 24 products, six categories, left, and after a moment she agreed. I also asked why was she using separate bags and she said that they had plenty, so I said that they may want to avoid wasting paper, especially in a campaign that was intended as an environmental one, and she did put all of the remaining products into the third bag. However, when she finished placing another category of products in the bag and I hesitated a moment before telling her the next one, she asked whether I wanted cucumbers, probably because nobody was asking for those, being so small, and that broke my concentration and after rejecting her suggestion I found myself saying that I wanted carrots instead, since they were next to the cucumbers, and forgot that I had meant to ask for long red onions at that point, ending up skipping over them completely. As for the apples, I pointed to the crate with Golden and that with what seemed to be Gala, but I think she grabbed those last four apples from another crate, and they probably tend to confuse and mix the apples just as well, so I ended up with what I said above. And when it came to the four beets, after grabbing two large ones she paused and searched for two small ones.
Either way, after putting everything, including the remaining bottles, in the backpack, I entered the store with it and bought a few things, all but one of them once again being from categories that those vouchers were offered for those days. And yes, I did get some of those peanuts that day as well. Then I struggled for quite a while to put the new purchases in the backpack with rope straps which I had also taken with me, after which I tried to wear it under the large one, but it wasn’t working, and I had those remaining bottles that granted two products in the large backpack even though it’d have been useful to hold that bag in my hands, to be able to quickly add any others that I might find on the way back in it, so I removed them and put the purchases in the large backpack as well. I’d have saved a fair bit of time if I’d have done that right away, but as it was, I once again walked out a little after 3:15 PM, exactly at the same time as the previous day.
At least I didn’t miss that Profi again, but after throwing the bag with those bottles in a cabinet that didn’t lock, which seemed to be the case for all of them in that location, and entering with the backpack, I didn’t find anything to get, so moments later I retrieved it and walked out. Then I also checked the Penny from Obor, putting both that bag and the backpack on the cabinets but then once again just retrieving them and walking out. And I entered that Carrefour as well, trying to find a large cabinet to put the backpack in but eventually just putting the bag in a small one and entering with the backpack, since the only unlocked large cabinet couldn’t be locked. And, after somehow missing that until then, I noticed that the price of the small bags of frozen spinach was good, much better than that of the large ones, and those vouchers were also offered for all frozen products those days, so I got some of those for dad. Then I retrieved that bag and the fact that I held it separately did end up being useful, since I found a couple more of those bottles on the way back. Otherwise, it was pretty hot that day as well, considering the date, but “only” up to 29°C, so not as bad as the previous day.
I got back just after 5:10 PM, rearranged things in the freezer in order to somehow make the spinach fit in there as well, and then made popcorn and ate some of it and watermelon before going to the toilet and to wash. I almost finished the popcorn while spending some time on-line and trying to get myself to write that week’s second post, but it was late in the evening when I actually finished the last little bits of popcorn, also eating two little sweet things at that point. I also weighed what I had received, washed what was to wash in the kitchen, somehow found a way to make everything fit in the fridge, and had dinner between 3:50 AM and 4:35 AM. I got in bed at 5:25 AM.

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(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – II

At least I managed to get myself to shave in the early hours of November 10, but that meant going to the kitchen around 1:25 AM, and there were some things to wash as well, and I made a salad that was too big, so I ended up eating dinner between 3:20 AM and 4:05 AM. And I was increasingly worried about the blisters, probably canker sores, on the lower left side of my mouth, but at the time I was only aware of the small ones, on the inside of my lower lip and on that side of my tongue, which had been there for quite some time and seemed to be getting worse, noticing that the left side of my tongue tended to feel swollen after I ate and bothered me. I had popped the blister from my lower lip a few days before and it was better for a couple of days, but then it reformed, so before shaving I popped it again. And I’m sure that I had both burned and bitten myself badly in that area quite a few times, but I had no idea how recently or whether those problems appeared after that or the swelling was what caused me to bite myself in the first place.
Moving on, that was the first day when Carrefour’s campaign was taking place at Orhideea, so I had lunch and left at 4:20 PM, with dad’s metro card, which was again not being read, so I had to show it in order to pass, and 30 bottles, 12 of them straightened and eight granting two products. But I took the metro from this station, got off at Basarab and went to Kaufland first, leaving the bag with some of the bottles on the cabinets, since I didn’t see large ones at all, and just buying some cornmeal, which I put in the jacket’s inside pockets, since I had taken the warmer one. Then I retrieved that bag and walked to Carrefour.
The people who were handling the campaign in that location were different from those from the previous locations, and they were just adding more vegetables when I got there, so I waited a little, then asked whether I could put the bottles in the machine myself, which hadn’t been the case at the previous locations, and was told that I could. When one of the guys saw the straightened ones, he said that they may not be accepted, but I got it to work, and the machine also accepted a small one from that brand of beer that has those medium ones that keep getting refused by the machines, and I also put in four of those that granted two products. I received four Golden apples, weighing 559 grams, four carrots, weighing 398 grams, four onions, weighing 868 grams, four red potatoes, weighing 650 grams, four parsnip roots, weighing 727 grams, and five heads of garlic, weighing 197 grams, since the guy added one more.
After putting everything in the backpack, I entered the store with it, finding that the price of that bread that I get for dad had dropped even more, so I bought quite a lot, plus a few other things, those other products granting those vouchers those days. And those vouchers were also granted for frozen products, which hadn’t been listed on-line, but I didn’t get any of those, wanting to ask dad first. On the other hand, several products were being promoted in the store and I eventually took popcorn, but I didn’t eat it inside the store and also didn’t get a sample of yogurt, since that promoter wasn’t there and didn’t even return while I wandered around for a while longer, and I wasn’t sure that the one cup that was left there hadn’t been tasted by someone else or otherwise tainted. And the time I lost while waiting for that promoter meant that the one self-checkout that accepted cash which still worked when I first passed by it was also closed by the time I wanted to use it, so I had to use a regular checkout and the receipt that contained the voucher received for previous purchases that I used was taken away… And then I saw that green onions and radishes had appeared among what could be obtained in exchange for recyclables, and that was actually the only time when I saw either of those products, and it was obviously too late for me that day. So I arranged the purchases a little, washed my hands, and walked out, pulling down the mask once I was outside and eating that sample of popcorn on the way to the metro station, finishing before pulling out the card.
I got off at Titan and went to that Penny, putting the bags with the purchases from Carrefour in a cabinet but entering with the backpack. And I bought quite a number of things, including some expiring mozzarella that the cashier forgot to scan the discount code for, even though I had placed the expiring products with that label on top, so I let him know and he sorted it out. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet and arranged everything, then rushed back, since dad called a little after I walked out and I had to give him back the metro card, so there was no more time to also enter a Mega Image and see whether I could buy a knife that I wanted.
I got back a couple of minutes after 8:30 PM, with almost 18 kg. Then I put a load of laundry in the washing machine, also put the other purchases, with the exception of the bread and the zacusca, in their place, ate something sweet and a bag of bagels, weighed what I received, washed some of what was to wash in the kitchen, did the day’s squats, wasted some time on the toilet, washed, watered the plants on the balcony, also put the zacusca in its place, in that cabinet from the balcony… And as I opened that cabinet, the light bulb that I had placed on the inside of the door fell and some flimsy components and wires broke, so I guess that dad had knocked it down while getting something else, probably making it end up on the edge of the shelf, only held there by the closed door, and never even noticed, since he obviously denied ever touching it. Either way, I then hung the clothes to dry, straightened more bottles, ate some baked pumpkin while cleaning up in the kitchen, sliced one of dad’s breads and put the others away, and finally ate dinner between 4:20 AM and 4:55 AM. I got in bed at 5:35 AM, after dad got back, and it took me a while to fall asleep.

Well, while it started later, the work on the building continued even on a Saturday, so I was woken up by drilling at 9:38 AM and minutes later decided to get up, to at least be able to use the metro card once again, since dad had said that he was going to need it after 2:30 PM. And, while he slept through the drilling as if it wasn’t even happening, he did wake up before I left, to use the toilet, and at that point he said that he only needed to be at Dristor at 2:50 PM, so I had even more time and we could meet there. So I left at 11:20 AM… Only to realize after a while, when I wanted to see how the garbage bag that I had placed over the large bag that contained some of the bottles was positioned, in case I’ll find more of those bottles that granted two products, that I had forgotten to take that large bag! So I ran back, retrieved that bag… And as I was walking away again I realized that I couldn’t remember whether I had locked the door again, so I rushed back one more time, confirming that I had, and actually, finally, left at 11:30 AM, with 32 bottles, once again including 12 straightened ones and eight that granted two products, but also the four remaining small ones and one medium one from that brand of beer and one other bottle that I wasn’t sure would be accepted. And I actually did spot one of those bottles just steps away from the spot where I was when I meant to check that bag and ended up turning around, so I grabbed it and put it in that bag. Then, despite rushing, after once again showing the card at the metro station and getting off at Basarab, I still checked Kaufland, leaving both the bag and the backpack on the cabinets, but I didn’t find anything to get, so I then retrieved them and continued to Carrefour.
Since I found no line when I got there and the guy said that it was a good thing that I came to recycle, I assumed that it had been quite dead until then, but towards the end he said that my timing had been perfect, because there had been huge lines earlier, people waiting for half an hour, and I came just after they cleared completely. But there weren’t many interesting products left to get, so I didn’t use any of those bottles that granted two products, though I at least managed to put in all of the straightened ones, even if a few required a couple of attempts, as well as that other one that I wasn’t sure of and the small ones from that brand of beer. The medium one still didn’t work, however, not even after several attempts and trying it right after another one that was easily accepted, as the guy told me to do. Either way, I ended up receiving four Golden apples, weighing 641 grams, four apples of another kind, maybe Idared, weighing 578 grams, four red potatoes, weighing 644 grams, four white potatoes, weighing 768 grams, and four carrots, weighing 624 grams.
After arranging everything in the backpack, I washed my hands and entered the store, with it. And those products were still being promoted, so that day I sampled three of them, ignoring the popcorn, since I had already had some of that the previous day and didn’t dare to ask for another sample. But I’d have liked to sample two more products, since they were being offered, yet in one case the promoter was not at her post and didn’t return while I wandered around a little longer, and the other one didn’t have samples laid out when I looked, and I’m not actually sure that she did offer samples and wasn’t there just to talk and hand out fliers, and I didn’t ask. But I did have some of that yogurt with cereals, the promoter saying that it was gluten-free “Greek” yogurt, so after eating the sample I said that I assumed that she meant that the cereals were gluten-free, since the yogurt can’t contain gluten. And that was all I did in that Carrefour that day, since I decided to leave buying the frozen peas for later and didn’t find anything else.
When I got back to the metro, there was nobody at that entrance, so I couldn’t show the card, but at least at that station you can get from one entrance to another without going back up, so I did so… And when I showed the card to the guy who was there, he said that his coworker could make a duplicate, for free, so I had that done and could then use that card normally, getting off at Dristor and going to that non-stop Mega Image to buy that knife, and also getting some bio (organic) eggs that I spotted among those sold by piece and an expiring sweet thing. I made a mistake when I calculated the total, thinking that it was 0.10 RON more, so when I thought that I was rounding down a little when I told the cashier how much it should be, I actually rounded up a little more, and I received the change according to what I said, but so be it, and I had found a 0.10 RON coin while I was there anyway. Then I arranged the purchases in the backpack and walked out, dad calling as I was on my way to check whether that new Penny had opened yet, finding that it still hadn’t. But I had told dad that we’ll meet there, so I picked up another one of those bottles, even if it was quite soiled, and waited for him there, to give him what was then a working metro card. And he also didn’t seem to know that you could request such duplicates, albeit only at certain stations and between certain hours.
After we went our separate ways, I went to Carrefour Park Lake, still holding that dirty bottle. And, after seeing that there were hardly any free cabinets, and none of those were large ones, I decided to enter with the backpack, but I didn’t want to put that bottle in it as it was, so I eventually put it in a small cabinet, without locking, since I had no 0.50 RON coin and didn’t care to use that machine just for that. And then, while I once again left the frozen peas for later, I bought a few expiring products, including an expiring piece of bread which I bought for myself and which I tried to hold carefully even if it was in a plastic bag, since I hadn’t washed my hands after holding that bottle. Either way, I also used the remaining voucher received for previous purchases that I could use at the time, the one received the previous day not being active yet… And then I saw that somebody had taken that bottle out, in order to use that cabinet, but they had just dropped it on the floor, so I took it back and, after removing the other purchases from the backpack, initially put it there after all, after which I put all of the purchases in a cabinet, since I had received a 0.50 RON coin as change. However, since I then went to pee and thoroughly wash my hands, I took that bottle back out and washed it before putting it back in the backpack, after which I washed my hands again.
Even if it had started raining properly by the time I walked back out, I continued to the Penny that’s before that Kaufland, leaving the backpack on the cabinets and then just retrieving it. Then I entered Kaufland with the backpack and bought a few things, being charged for what the olives were placed in, and at the self-checkout I tried to cover the real bar code of an expiring juice but somehow failed, so it scanned at the full price and I had to call over an employee. Then I added those purchases in the backpack and started to make my way back.
Well, I didn’t make my way back, because I ended up deciding to check the Penny from Titan as well, still looking for the cat food that was on sale… And then, since I had chosen a longer route anyway, deciding to check another Penny first, thinking that it was more or less directly south of that one. However, as time passed I realized that it’s actually much farther, past Auchan, so I eventually went to the one that’s next to Auchan instead, entering with the backpack and then just leaving again, after having wasted all that time, since I still couldn’t find any of that cat food left. However, plenty of it was left at the next one, which I checked as I made my way back from there, once again entering with the backpack, so I bought three bags, since that was what I could afford. So it was a good thing that I hadn’t bought those frozen peas that day, since I was then only left with just enough in bills for a carton of the eggs that I had seen the previous day at Titan, the price having been lower than the usual one and expiring relatively soon, but without actually being labeled as expiring products. However, when I got there, put the cat food in a cabinet, entered with the backpack, and checked, I saw that they were back to the full price, and the expiration date was farther away. But I did find two more expiring products that I could get and afford, so I bought those, then retrieved that cat food and arranged everything.
I had meant to be back by 7 PM, but I only managed to get back to Park Lake at that time, so I added the bags in that cabinet, washed my hands one more time and entered Carrefour again, since those promoters had been there as well earlier and I meant to eat some more samples, since I hadn’t taken any from there the first time around. However, none were left at that hour, and all but one stand had even been removed, so after searching for a little while I just walked back out and retrieved my things… And a woman came next to me as I did that, I hurried to empty the cabinet, in case she wanted to use it, and when she asked whether she could help I said that I could handle it, tried to hurry even more and pulled away, and the expiring bio (organic) yogurt fell, and it had been banged up to begin with. At least it didn’t crack, but I was panicking and hadn’t really recovered by the time I arranged everything and walked away, so I lost a little more time by using the wrong exit and having a longer way to go. And, while I saw another one of those bottles right on top of a full trash can just after walking out of that mall, a guy was standing right there, so I didn’t take it and therefore didn’t even get that little “compensation” for using that exit. Either way, I also had a quick look in the nearby Mega Image, leaving one bag next to the cabinets and putting another in one, without locking, then retrieving them.
I got back just before 7:40 PM, with just under 16 kg. Then I put the purchases in their place and placed what I received on the table, ate the one banana and drank that nice expiring juice which I had bought from Kaufland, washed the new knife and a few other things, waited for dad to get back, then went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and wash. After that, I weighed what I received and put those things in their place as well, had lunch, washed some more things and got to work on straightening bottles for the next day.
When dad came to the kitchen at one point, I told him that I was tired, and I was also struggling with a bottle which had been crushed differently and there didn’t seem to be any way to get the bottom straightened, so he asked to try and did so for a little while, but after also seeing that there was no way to straighten it with that metal rod that I use and his hands, he blew in it. I told him that I wouldn’t do that, considering how those bottles had been stored and for how long, but he didn’t care, so I then asked him not to, saying that it made me feel like I was jeopardizing him, possibly making him sick, but he blew me off and I just felt increasingly worse as he took the bottles that I still meant to straighten and blew in all of them, straightening them in seconds and telling me that he’ll do those and then I can do the rest. And yes, that is how it’s done if you want to do it quickly, but I wouldn’t do it that way and definitely didn’t want him to either, or at least not for any of those that I’ll benefit from, but when he got in my face I froze, just repeating that he shouldn’t do it, and he repeated that he didn’t care and then walked away… And I had a breakdown, closed the door, threw a bottle on the floor and was probably about to cry when he said something else, through the door, which caused me to switch to anger and throw the other bottles that he had blown in. Then I sat there a little longer before eventually putting those bottles away, finding others from the same brand and straightening those instead.
Either way, he went to take a bath while I finished cleaning and washing, also took a pill, just in case, sliced two more of those breads which I had bought for him the previous day, using the new knife and cutting myself, and even did the day’s squats. And by then I had sort of managed to get myself past the state which probably wouldn’t have allowed me to eat, so I worked on lunch. And I’d have cut myself a couple more times while working on the salad, but I fortunately ended up just cutting into a nail. And I did exchange a few words with dad after he finished his bath, and I ate dinner between 3:20 AM and 4 AM.

On November 12, I could finally sleep well, then I did the day’s squats and left just before 5:15 PM, with 32 bottles, 18 of them straightened and eight granting two products. I could once again use the metro card, so I took the metro, and there was a little line when I got to Carrefour, but the problem was a man who put in a whole lot of recyclables, one of the guys telling me when I asked that he was alone but put in 40 bottles that granted two products and demanded 80 products. He initially claimed that he was with someone who was in the store and made quite a fuss when he was asked to call that other person over, and after receiving the products he could receive on his own, he started wandering around and trying to find someone who’d agree to say that they were with him, and I heard one of the guys say that he had been there multiple times in one day as well, possibly even that day. And there weren’t many things to pick from to begin with and he also almost cleared the Golden apples and the carrots.
Under those circumstances, I didn’t use any of my bottles that granted two products, and one of the straightened ones wouldn’t be accepted. But I had enough spares, so I put in 20 and then asked for red apples, which might have been Jonathan that day, white potatoes and onions, so there should have been four of each, but when I opened the bag I noticed that, while they were admittedly small, the guy had given me five of those apples, weighing 586 grams, and six potatoes, weighing 401 grams. As for the four onions, they weighed 456 grams. Then I looked at the other side and saw just two Golden apples, one carrot, and two tiny cucumbers among the parsnip roots, so I asked for all of those, the apples weighing 287 grams, the carrot 62 grams and the cucumbers 59 grams, plus three parsnip roots, which weighed 360 grams. I reached for the cucumbers myself, but the guy told me to let him touch them, so I pulled my hand back… And then he said that he could add something else, asking whether I wanted some potatoes and I said that it could be anything, and when I got back I saw that he had added six red potatoes, albeit also small, weighing 517 grams, and I hadn’t even noticed that red potatoes were available until the end.
I was arranging everything in the backpack when they restocked, bringing a full cart of products, including many tomatoes and Golden apples, so I guess I got there at the worst time that day. But there was nothing to do about it at that point, so I washed my hands and entered the store, wondering whether those promoters would still be there. They weren’t, however, so I just bought the frozen peas and also another bag of frozen spinach for dad… And got annoyed because a couple with a full cart seemed to be almost done using the only self-checkout that accepted cash when I got there, but then the guy had trouble paying, trying by phone and by card, so they blocked the one machine that accepted cash even though they could have used any other one, and it took a while before the problem was sorted out.
After adding the purchases in the backpack, I walked to Kaufland, entering the store with it after using the toilet. I asked whether the 30% discount that applied to processed meat products those days also applied to some sausages that I’d have gotten for dad, but was told that it didn’t, so I didn’t. Then, after grabbing another product, I noticed that a few customers were already grabbing things from the bakery area even if there were no discount labels and there hadn’t been any announcement, and it was just after 7:30 PM, so I scanned a label and saw that the evening discounts did indeed apply, and the employee came out after that. However, she took her time with the discount labels, even simply leaving the sheets of paper there, so I was searching for what I was interested in on those papers when another customer asked about another product, at which point I told her that she could take the label and scan it at a price checker, and after she said that she wouldn’t bring it back if she’d do that, I took it and scanned it for her, confirming that the 50% discount applied to it as well. Either way, I just got some buns, also meaning to get one more, which was the last one of that kind, but scanning the label, finding that it wasn’t discounted, and putting it back. Then I grabbed one more thing that had a good evening discount and carrots, which had a great evening discount. I had waited to see whether I’d somehow see cabbage among what could be received in exchange for recyclables those days, as unlikely as it was, so I hadn’t bought any until then and there was none left in that Kaufland at that hour, but I decided that I was going to use boiled carrots for the salad, at that price. And I stayed around the fruits and vegetables until a few minutes past 8 PM, to see whether the discounts would increase even more, but they had increased before 8 PM and didn’t do so again at that point.
Dad called just as I got on the metro, and while I was thinking that we’ll meet at the station, he said that I’ll probably be back by the time he’ll leave. I doubted it, since I calculated that I should be back around 8:45 PM and he should have been gone by then, so I walked back from the metro station with the phone in my hand, since he had said that he’ll call when he’ll walk out, but I was back just before 8:45 PM and he was still here. And he had cooked, so there was a lot to wash and clean, plus that he had forgotten about the expiring meat which he should have split and left for me to arrange in the freezer, so after cleaning the litter box I split that meat, ate some baked pumpkin, and then went to shove a bag of trash down the overstuffed chute. Then I cleaned and washed some of what was in the kitchen, put the purchases, with the exception of the carrots, in their place, even somehow managing to stuff all of the frozen products in the freezer, and ate lunch, during which time I really quickly put together that week’s second post. Then I showered, weighed what I received and put those things in their place as well, sliced dad’s remaining breads and managed to also put those in the freezer, finished cleaning and most of the washing in the kitchen, had dinner between 4 AM and 5 AM, and got in bed at 5:30 AM. And I could sleep, the loud drilling only starting at 1:10 PM. On the other hand, while the blister on my inner lip didn’t return after I popped it the second time, there was a strange taste in my mouth and my tongue really bothered me, so I had a better look and that was when I noticed the huge blister that was under my tongue, on that same side, and which only finally healed a couple of weeks ago.

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(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – III

On November 14, the loud drilling and banging woke me at 7:30 AM. I initially got back in bed after going to pee, but there was no way to sleep with that noise, so at 8 AM I got up, also adding four more bottles that granted two products and the five that dad had blown into to what I was going to take. It is possible that he just blew into four, the fifth possibly being one that I held on to and then threw down, I recall being uncertain even at that time, and one of those five did need to be straightened better, so I did that before taking it, but since I wasn’t going to use them at Carrefour and, including that one, there were exactly five of them, I had decided to use them at Kaufland and get a small discount on some cheap soap, so they were going to be worth very little, but at least I was going to use them for something that dad would probably want and which was available right then. So I left just after 10 AM, with dad’s metro card and 42 bottles, meaning that there were 37 that I could use at Carrefour, including 12 granting two products and 17 straightened ones, including that one that wasn’t accepted the previous time, and by the time I got there I found one more of those bottles that granted two products. Otherwise, I also took 40 used batteries, to see whether I could get two rechargeable ones in exchange for them, since that was another one of their campaigns, and I had the old camera with me as well, with two nearly dead batteries in it, mainly to see whether the rechargeable ones would work, if I’ll get them and they’ll be already charged.
The campaign had moved to Carrefour Berceni that day, so I walked there after getting off the metro, but when I asked whether they had rechargeable batteries, I was told that they didn’t, but that they might get more by the end of the week. Then I saw that the one who was handing out the vegetables and apples was the same young guy who had been at Orhideea on the first and the last day, and I found myself greeting him rather too cheerfully before starting to put in the bottles. I had to stop after the first two, the machine stating that it was full, but I could continue after that was sorted out, putting in eight that granted two products, but the two medium ones of another brand of beer, which had been accepted when I had tried one at Colentina, plus a water bottle of a kind that was otherwise easily accepted but which was too misshapen at the bottom, wouldn’t be accepted. And the top of the urn fell into it before I could write my name and number, but that guy found my receipts among the others, so I could write the information and enter the raffle. And then he gave me more products that he should have, so I ended up with four for Bianca peppers, weighing 554 grams, four Red Delicious apples, weighing 564 grams, four onions, weighing 786 grams, nine potatoes, albeit small ones, weighing 1.076 kg, six tomatoes, albeit rather bad ones, weighing 746 grams, six cucumbers, weighing 432 grams, though it might be said that there were actually seven of those, since one was a “double” one, and five Kapia peppers, weighing 417 grams, and he even asked whether I preferred redder ones and when I said that I did he selected only those, even though most were quite green.
After taking my time to arrange everything, I checked the store, and while the area where the expiring products are placed in that location contained only a few uninteresting things when I found it, a crowd had gathered there when I looked again, after wandering around a little longer, and that was because many expiring products had just been brought, so I had a good look and got two things. Since I also saw eggs in some baskets and was uncertain whether all of them belonged to other shoppers who had grabbed all of the eggs right away or some might have been yet to be placed in the refrigerators by the employees, I stuck around until the area started to clear and just one woman was left standing next to those baskets, at which point I asked her whether they were hers and she said that they were some other customer’s. So I just bought those two products, using both of the vouchers obtained for previous purchases that I had at that point.
After just putting the purchases in the large bag where I had some remaining bottles, I continued to that Kaufland and put those five bottles that dad had blown into in their recycling machine, seeing that it also offered a voucher of 0.05 RON for each, on top of the one offering a 10% discount on one soap in exchange for five. Then I put that bag in a cabinet, entered with the backpack, and bought a cabbage, an expiring product, some pepper, and a cheap soap. At the self-checkout, it unsurprisingly didn’t register the fact that I had placed the 10% voucher on the scales, and when I called over an employee, she said that I shouldn’t have scanned that voucher because it wasn’t a product, then logged on and scanned it, so that small discount did apply, and then I also used the other voucher when I paid.
After retrieving that large bag, I initially just added the purchases in it, but then I stopped a few times while walking away, to split them and try to balance the weight. Then, as I was about to enter that Mega Image, on the way back to the metro station, a woman dropped a 0.50 RON coin, so I let her know, but she just kept walking, albeit while also checking her pockets, and it felt wrong to grab it right behind her, so I took it and went after her… Only to accidentally drop it in front of her as I tried to hand it over, so I picked it back up and actually managed to give it to her on the second attempt, at which point she thanked me but said that she had been checking to make sure that the rest weren’t also going to fall, and that one didn’t really matter… Either way, I then entered the store and put the bag in a cabinet, after noticing that the lock of the first one that I tried was broken and waiting for a kid to open and empty the one that was under the next one that I tried. And I found some lemons among the spoiling products, but they wouldn’t scan, so the cashier eventually walked away in order to print another discount label, which did work. He might have meant to also charge me for the bag that they were in, but I gave him the exact amount listed on the label and he said that it was fine, then he just threw away the receipt and walked away again. And I didn’t try to dig out that receipt, just retrieving the bag, adding the lemons in it and getting back to the metro station. And I actually switched twice, to get to this station and reduce the walking distance even more, and I also took off my jacket as I got on this last metro, holding it on the way back.
It was almost 3:10 PM when I got back, with 14 kg. And, after having pressed into it with my tongue on the way back, at one point even thinking that it had burst and spitting into my mask, I tried to burst that large blister that was under my tongue, but that only resulted in some blood, the blister otherwise seeming to have remained intact. So I asked dad to have a look and he also took a picture and sent it to the family doctor, asking her for advice. She didn’t reply, but he apparently also asked a coworker when he went to work that evening, and she told him of a few things that I could use, and he sent me an e-mail about those that night, but I told him to not buy any. But, to return to what happened after I got back, I put the purchases in their place, weighed what I received and also put those things in their place, had the machine do a load of laundry while I washed, then grated two apples, adding jam, and ate those before hanging the laundry, and then I got some two and a half hours of sleep. I was awake at 10 PM, and while I got back in bed after peeing and stayed there until a little after 11:10 PM, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Then I even did the day’s squats, straightened some more bottles and, after calming down to some extent, since I had been getting increasingly worried about that blister, I made pizza, just eating a little of the toppings before 3 AM, since it was too hot to quickly move from the glass baking tray to a plate, then managing to take it to my room and actually start to eat at 3:05 AM. It was past 4:30 AM when I finished, however, and I felt awfully stuffed. I got in bed at 5:20 AM.

On November 15, the drilling woke me at 8:30 AM and I had written dad at night to say that if they’ll wake me early again it wouldn’t be impossible to get back in time to hand him back the metro card, since he said that he’ll leave at 1 PM, and therefore not walk all the way that day either. So I quickly decided to get up, straightened a few more bottles, and left at 10 AM, with 33 bottles, including eight that granted two products and 17 straightened ones, which included those that the machine didn’t accept the previous day. It had started raining before I left, so I decided to take the metro from this station and stuck to that decision even if, by the time I actually walked out, it was barely drizzling. So I switched at Dristor and then again at Unirii… And when I got off it was raining again, albeit not badly.
That same guy was handing out the products, and this time around I actually had to pick, seeing as eight bottles that granted two products meant seven categories and I’d have wanted at least an eighth one, for some Golden apples that looked really nice, and I could have even gone up to ten categories, adding potatoes and regular onions, if I’d have had taken 20 of those bottles. As it was, however, I made a mental selection and started putting in the bottles, beginning with those that granted two products, as the guy who seemed to be in charge told me to. I then also tried those three which hadn’t been accepted the previous day, but they still didn’t work. And the machine was full after 15 bottles, so I continued with the last five after it was emptied. Also, I heard that guy who was in charge tell the young one something about Kapia peppers and tomatoes and, while I didn’t really get what was said, I assumed that it was a reminder to not give people more of those, seeing as they were the most expensive products out of what was available at that point. However, when a Kapia pepper fell over when that guy was getting the Bianca peppers for me, he still dropped it in my bag instead of putting it back, so I received five Kapia peppers, weighing 508 grams, four Bianca peppers, which just happened to also weigh 508 grams, four beets, weighing 769 grams, four tomatoes, weighing 667 grams, four chili peppers, weighing 176 grams, four red onions, weighing 221 grams, and nine cucumbers, those being the last thing that I asked for and small, so he once again added more, and they weighed 398 grams. I think it was when I was entering the raffle when the guy who was in charge commented that he found himself drawn to the chili peppers and I also said that it was the only time when I saw any, but the young guy said that it wasn’t the first time they had some, so I must have always missed them otherwise.
After arranging what I had in the backpack, I checked the expiring products, seeing people gathered around that area but that it was mostly cleared, so I probably just missed the good moment that day. However, some of those nice mini cakes were left and I got a box, after which I also got some bread for dad and one more thing. Then, as I was in line at a self-checkout that accepted cash, an employee walked past and said that there were free regular checkouts, even specifically pointing one out, but I obviously stayed where I was.
I then rushed back, briefly trying to jog but giving up after mere seconds, since I was overheating even without jogging. Still, I should have at least rushed to cross the road when I was about to reach that metro station, even if the light was red, since when I got there it wasn’t yet green for cars and, in fact, none could have gotten there because a driver who seemed to want to turn and then change his mind blocked the way for the next few seconds. And I might have had a chance even so, if I’d have managed to catch the elevator after I did finally cross, but the doors closed before I got there, so I had to go a little farther and use the stairs, and when I got to the top of the stairs leading to the actual platform, I just watched the metro close the doors and leave, then waited eight or nine minutes for the next one. And I could have really used those minutes, since I had received the SMS to let me know that I could pick up some tea which I had ordered for dad from a pharmacy that I could get to on the way back, if I got off at Dristor and made a small detour. But I still wanted to make that detour, even if dad called just as I was getting off, so I told him that, asked him to call me when he’ll walk out and said that I’ll catch up. And I didn’t even need to catch up, since I picked up the order, being asked whether I needed an invoice and not even given a receipt when I said that I didn’t, and I was just walking past the nearby Mega Image when dad called to say that he was outside, so I told him that I was seconds away, then met him in front of the building and gave him the metro card.
I got back at 1:10 PM… And noticed that the strap that closes that “shopping backpack” had torn off at some point. And it was strange, tearing just on a day when I hadn’t overstuffed it after holding all of the previous times, when I had really forced it. Either way, I then washed what was in the kitchen, ate a bag of peanuts, so I got 950 calories just from that, and two of those mini cakes, putting the remaining ones in the fridge. I also did the day’s squats before washing, then I had lunch and spread out what I received and the remaining purchases, initially meaning to leave them there, but in the end I did weigh what I received and put those things in their place, even if that took another half an hour. Seeing how different the tomatoes and Kapia peppers looked compared to those received the previous day and knowing that Carrefour sold, in both cases, both Romanian and Turkish ones, and that the Turkish ones were cheaper, I wondered whether that guy who was in charge might have actually said that they were, in fact, Turkish, even if only Romanian products should have been given away in that campaign, but I tried to check the following day and it seemed that they were Romanian after all.
Dealing with what I received meant getting back in bed later, but I still got two and a half hours of sleep, since dad had said that he’ll be back at 9 PM but only got back a little after 10:30 PM. So I got up at that point, then sewed that strap, but left the handle, which had been torn for a while, as it was, having no time for that as well… And that handle’s still torn even now. Either way, I didn’t straighten as many bottles as I wanted that evening and, after talking to dad for quite a while, looking through some things which he had brought, finding some other things for him, and also slicing most of one of his breads, since he had used part of it as it was, I only finally ate dinner between 4 AM and 4:40 AM. I had meant to bake the remaining half of a pumpkin that evening, but I obviously had no time to do that as well, so I just ate another apple as I started working on dinner. And I got in bed at 5:20 AM.

Even though there was no more drilling on the morning of November 16, I nevertheless woke up at 9:55 AM, when Liza went to the litter box, and decided to get up after all. Then I straightened a few more bottles, which took a while, since I picked hard ones, and left at 11:55 AM, with 36 bottles, including 13 that granted two products, since one had no label and I wasn’t sure that it’ll be recognized, and 15 straightened ones, including the water bottle which hadn’t been accepted before, but not those two beer bottles, which I didn’t take again. I also once again took the 40 used batteries, as well as the old camera, with those two drained batteries in it. And I also had a small bag of trash, which I threw down the chute, and the paper, which I dropped in a recycling bin, after grabbing one more of those bottles that granted two products on the way. I could yet again use the metro card, and took the metro from Dristor.
When I once again asked about the rechargeable batteries, the person from the information desk said that they still didn’t have any, just regular ones, and seemed surprised that I had been told that they’ll get some by the end of the week. Then I saw, if I remembered correctly, 17 different product categories that could be received in exchange for recyclables, so I used 12 bottles that granted two products, including the one without a label, and after I wrote my name and number on the ticket, that guy told me that he could give me eight products from one category, so as it was in previous years, but I told him to stick to four, so I’ll be able to pick eight categories. However, after seven categories he said that I was done, but we eventually sorted it out and I could also ask for tomatoes, and he gave me six instead of four, apologizing and saying that the tiredness had caught up to him. So I received four squashes, weighing 1.03 kg, four Golden apples, weighing 706 grams, four red onions, weighing 190 grams, four eggplants, weighing 865 grams, four heads of garlic, weighing 387 grams, four Kapia peppers, weighing 462 grams, four beets, weighing 1.233 kg, and six tomatoes, weighing 712 grams. And I also told that guy that if I’ll get to Vulcan, which was the last location of the campaign in Bucharest, on Saturday, it’ll be after planting trees and I’ll really look like someone bringing trash, in old house clothes and probably muddy from head to toe, considering the forecast, and he said that it will be no problem, and also that he thought that I had been at every location, so I told him that I had been at all of them with the exception of the one from Bucurestii Noi, since that was at the same time as Colentina, which was easier for me to reach those days, and I had never been at that other location anyway.
After arranging everything, I found piles of expiring products and got some, but I took too long, getting confused about the time and thinking that I had to leave at 3 PM instead of 2 PM, so I even wanted to check Kaufland, to get yogurt, until a bottle of kefir that I’m pretty sure hadn’t been there before appeared among the expiring products, so I grabbed it in order to sort of cover that need. And then I saw that it was past 2 PM and finally realized that I had to hurry… Only for the full price to scan for one of the products, since the discount sticker was placed next to the normal bar code instead of over it, so I had to wait a little for an employee to come and sort it out.
I hurried away as much as I could, and dad called just after I reached the metro station, when I knew that I was going to be a little late, since he had said that he should be at Dristor at 2:50 PM. However, he said that it was fine, and I was there at 2:55 PM, by which time he had called again and said that he’ll take a little longer. So I started on my way back, meaning to meet him on the way, and soon after that he called yet again and said that he was at a store from that area. So I continued towards that store, looking carefully… Only to reach it and stand around the door, wondering whether he was still inside… Until he called one more time, to ask where I was and say that he was at the metro station! That put me in damage limitation mode and I started running back, and kept running even if seconds later he called yet again to tell me to slow down and where to meet him. But at least we did meet in that spot, which was actually exactly where I was when he had called to tell me that he was at that store, and I gave him the metro card back…
I still find it rather hard to believe that we “managed” to miss each other, since I tried to follow the route he usually takes and looked really carefully when I was at that playground, which was the only spot where we could have gone on different sides, and he said that he had done the same, but we must have just missed each other, with him reaching it just after I checked the other side and started walking past it, and going past it just before I went around and could once again look on the other side, and somehow being in blind spots just at the wrong times, so we didn’t spot each other while looking across it either. That would have required such perfect timing that I highly doubt we’d have managed it even if we tried, yet we apparently did “manage” it entirely by accident.
Either way, I took it easy after that, also checking the location of that newest Penny yet again and seeing the emergency door open and people inside, and products on the shelves, but also many boxes, and the people seemed to be entering something on the registers. And I also checked the nearby Mega Image when I got here, putting the bags next to the cabinets, and bought an expiring product for dad, the employee initially asking for the full price before I pointed out the obvious discount label and he accepted what I had given him, even if I had rounded down a little. And I also grabbed a catalog and stopped at a bench, after walking out, to look through it.
I got back a little before 4 PM, with 11.5 kg. Then I put the products that should stay refrigerated in the fridge and ate two more of those mini cakes, but after not making it in the morning, I didn’t make tea then either, since I had bought a deeply discounted orange juice, so that was what I drank that day. I ate lunch after washing, with the discounted bag of snacks which I had bought instead of bread, and then I once again got some two and a half hours of sleep, after which I finally baked the other half of that pumpkin, weighed what I had received and put those things in their place, and ate dinner between 3:30 AM and 4 AM. I got in bed at 5:20 AM… Which was apparently just a minute before dad replied to an e-mail I had sent him, which included links to some dehumidifiers, and he said that he’d never pay that much for something like that… And I had ended up looking into those after my mother had pointed me to a dryer that she wanted to get for us that was far more expensive, and after I firmly rejected the idea she lashed out, saying that I reject everything and we supposedly “needed” it, so I looked for something that would actually be useful, and also much cheaper, but that obviously went nowhere, with dad rejecting it and mother saying that she didn’t know much about dehumidifiers and can’t get herself to look into them. Either way, dad brought some things when he got back from work that morning, and I got up and found room for them in the fridge.

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(Not So) Long Walks to "Pay" With PET Bottles and Not Only – 2023 Edition – IV

Since I already wrote about November 18, I’ll start this post about the last part of Carrefour’s campaign, when it moved to Vulcan, with November 19, when I did the day’s squats, had lunch, and left just before 6:40 PM, with 33 recyclables, including the three cans left from the previous day, the seven straightened bottles left from earlier, including that one that wouldn’t be accepted, and ten bottles that granted two products. I also meant to take some fish parts that dad said that he won’t eat and two pieces of shrimp which he had brought from work, apparently after someone had celebrated their birthday, and then left in the living room, in a napkin, wanting to leave all of those for some cats, but I forgot. Either way, I had dad’s metro card, so I went to Dristor, picking up some more bottles that granted two products on the way to and from the metro station.
Even if I hadn’t taken the used ones with me, I once again asked about rechargeable batteries, and was once again told that they didn’t have any, though they had supposedly made the order and were waiting to receive some. So I moved along, using eight of the bottles that granted two products, but the machine stopped after seven, so I waited for the guy to empty it, then put in ten more bottles, including that eighth one, and then used the other machine for the three cans. However, I then noticed that the first receipt only listed six bottles, so I guess the machine hadn’t counted the one it had stopped at, and I said that I’ll put in one more, so the total will be correct on the receipts, but since there were other people in line I also said that I’ll wait and do so after they’ll be done. Then I wrote my name and number on those receipts and said what I wanted, but after four product categories I moved and also had a look on the other side, ending up asking for potatoes from there even though those were quite small while those from the side that I had picked the other products from were quite large. Either way, I then returned to that first side and asked for apples as well, after which the girl said that those should have been the last products and I agreed… Only to realize that it wasn’t right after she gave me the bag, so I started counting the categories and the guy in charge noticed and asked whether I wasn’t given the right amount, telling her to unseal the bag after I said that I was trying to remember. I wasn’t sure how to react, not wanting to cause a fuss, but she unsealed the bag, counted the categories, and saw that I was, in fact, missing one, so I also asked for cucumbers and she put in seven, though they were small. And she had also put in five red onions, though those were also small.
I received four Bianca peppers, weighing 399 grams, four Kapia peppers, weighing 450 grams, four tomatoes, also weighing 450 grams, four potatoes, weighing 503 grams, four apples, maybe Idared, weighing 666 grams, five red onions, weighing 286 grams, and seven cucumbers, also weighing 286 grams. And, after arranging in the backpack, I found a moment to put in that extra bottle, after which I filled in my name and number on that receipt as well. Then I had a look in the store, but on top of not finding anything to buy, I somehow forgot to check the prices for what I received. Between what I later saw at Carrefour Unirii, what was listed for Vulcan when I looked on-line, after getting back, and checking the day before and the next, there’s next to no chance of not having the correct prices, the only remaining problem having to do with the apples that I couldn’t correctly identify, but the fact remains that I didn’t actually check that day, in that store.
Either way, I then also wanted to go to that Kaufland, getting there close to 8:15 PM… Only to find the doors closed, and the listed closing time was 8 PM, which was strange, Kaufland normally closing at 9 PM on Sunday. So I turned around and, after hesitating a little, I decided to get back to that same metro station, getting there after also having a quick look in a Profi, entering with everything. However, when I switched lines at the next stop, I tripped on the escalator and it hurt a fair bit. There were some small scrapes, mainly on my right leg, but what was concerning was that the bone was also hurting a little.
Still, I meant to also check Carrefour Unirii, so I got off there, found another one of those bottles, and first went to the bathroom from that shopping center, also peeing while I was there and then washing the scrapes a little. Then I entered Carrefour with everything, grabbed an expiring cake, and then got back to the fruits and vegetables, checking the prices of the ones that I could find there as well and putting some disinfectant on the scrapes, since they still have those dispensers in that location. When I did that, I placed that cake and my phone on some tomatoes and my foot on the edge of that area, so not on any product or even any crate, but another customer stopped and asked how did I dare put my foot there and touch my wounds next to things that people will take to eat. I got defensive, trying to say that my foot hadn’t been on any product and that I had fallen on the escalator and wanted to use some disinfectant, but he was adamant. After staring at us for a few seconds, an employee also got involved, but he wasn’t sure what was going on and therefore didn’t really know what to say or do, so it was that guy who pretty much chased me away, saying that we should leave that area because it really was not all right and coming after me as I initially took a few steps towards the exit, though when I turned around and hurried in the direction of the checkouts he left me be. So I checked the expiring products from that area as well, then bought that cake… And after I calmed down a little I realized that the guy was right. After all, I was touching blood, which doesn’t look right even though I wasn’t touching any product while doing so and meant to disinfect my hands again after that. On the other hand, by chasing me away he stopped me from doing just that, so I did end up touching some products after touching blood, without disinfecting my hands first.
After returning to the metro station and adding the cake in the backpack while waiting for the train, I took the metro back to Dristor, and then I checked the Mega Image that closes at 11 PM, once again entering with everything. There were no bakery discounts, but I did find eggs with code one and bought five, adding them in the backpack after walking out. I considered checking the non-stop Mega Image as well, but after having a look from the door and not seeing any bakery discounts there either, I didn’t actually enter.
When I got back, at 11:20 PM, I saw that dad had taken that fish out, but not to where I’d have taken it, so I was thinking to go back out and move it if I could, but I then decided to leave it for the next day. However, the real problem hit me a moment later, when I found out that the hot water had turned off while I was out, and not just in the sense that it was cold, but that nothing was coming from that pipe. Dad hadn’t bothered to check the site until then, but he did when I asked him to and saw that the reported problem was that the heating station had no water to work with, the water company having a problem, even though we did have cold water and the heating station’s just behind the building. Either way, it was estimated that the problem should be fixed at 11:30 PM, so I gave up on the idea of heating water again and decided to wait. Then, before midnight, I added another paragraph to what little I had written before leaving and posted what was basically a placeholder for the post about the previous day… By which point that estimated time had changed to 3 AM. So I decided to wait and see, meaning to wash before going to bed if it actually will return then or, if not, perhaps not sleep at all and leave again very early, which would have also allowed me to use the metro card once again. Then I weighed what I received and tried to clean a little in the kitchen, though I couldn’t wash many things with cold water. The fact that I kept checking the hot water probably made me even slower than I usually am, so I only ate dinner between 4:20 AM and 5:20 AM… By which point the estimated time had changed to 7 AM.

Under those circumstances, I didn’t go to bed, and a little before 7 AM I did the squats that counted for November 20 and then checked again, seeing that the estimated time had changed yet again, to noon. So I just got ready and went out again at 8:15 AM, with 21 bottles, though those included that one that wasn’t accepted, so there were exactly 20 which should have been good, since it was the last day and taking more was pointless, and those included the eight remaining ones that granted two products and a straightened one that I had found on the balcony. And I first went behind the building, finding where dad had left that fish and that it was gone, so I picked up the plastic thing that it had been in and added it to the recyclables, which I had also taken, dropping them off in a recycling bin on the way to Dristor.
The starting hour for the campaign was 9 AM and people had obviously arrived right away, seeing as there was quite a line when I got there, so I first went to pee, getting in line just after 9:20 AM… And only two or three more people joined behind me until 10 AM or so, a few more coming after that, until my turn finally came, at 10:10 AM or so. Since dad had said that he had to leave at 11 AM, that was already late, and then the machine also caused problems, stopping after the first two bottles, allowing me to continue after the guy in charge worked on it a little, but repeatedly refusing the bottles that granted two products, so that guy helped me put them in until it worked, even if one or two required multiple tries, and when it also refused that bottle which had been refused before and I wanted to discard it, he managed to make it accept it as well, so I was left with one bottle. Then I wrote my name and number on the receipts and said what I wanted, receiving four tomatoes, weighing 470 grams, four potatoes, weighing 793 grams, four Bianca peppers, weighing 369 grams, four Kapia peppers, weighing 581 grams, four red onions, weighing 196 grams, four Red Delicious apples, weighing 994 grams, and four apples of another kind, possibly Idared, weighing 890 grams.
By the time I put the bags in the backpack, it was past 10:15 AM, so I didn’t enter the store at all, not even to check the prices of those products. That meant that I only actually checked in that location on the first day, for what I had received then, but I had to hurry, and at times I even jogged on the way back to the metro station. All of that effort would have been for nothing if the conductor wouldn’t have been so nice, since I rushed as much as I could down the escalator only for the doors of the metro to close right in front of me, but then they opened again and I could get on. Not that I really needed to hurry so much, seeing as dad called and said that he’ll actually leave around 11:15 AM, but since I told him that we’ll meet at this metro station, I found myself with a little time to spare and decided to rush to the bigger Mega Image, also having a quick look in a confectionery on the way.
Since I was in a hurry, I entered with the backpack, and my gloves were also in my pockets, having taken them since the temperature had been around or even just under 0°C in the morning… And that ended up making me lose a fair amount of time. I grabbed a nice expiring bar and another egg with code one, telling dad that I’ll be at the metro station in about five minutes when he called again while I was there, but the cashier reprimanded me for bringing things into the store, and while when she pointed to my pockets I just pulled out the gloves, she also asked the guard to check my backpack… And he was acting as if he didn’t understand what she meant, giving me the impression that he was trying to make it clear that he disagreed with her request, since he asked another customer about his bag, made her repeat herself, and continued with that behavior even after I told him a couple of times that she was referring to me. And after he finally asked whether he could check my backpack and I told him to go ahead and took it off, he just put his hand in it without even opening the strap and gave her a nasty look while fumbling around a little. But that just made the whole thing take even longer, and putting the backpack back on took me some more time that I didn’t have, so I then ran back to the metro station, continuing to run even after dad called again while I was on my way and told me to stop running, since he was just going past the church. In the end, I got back to the metro station before he did, then gave him the metro card.
I then continued to Obor, though I decided to use the route that’s shorter if you start from here, but obviously longer from where I was at that point. And on the way I pulled my mask down a little and ate that bar. Then I checked that bookstore, then stuffed the backpack and the egg in a cabinet and went to Carrefour, finding discounted bread and some discounted sweet pastries and putting them in the bag that hangs from my neck before retrieving what I had in the cabinet and continuing to Kaufland, where I once again meant to put the backpack in a cabinet. However, when I wanted to lift it, I grabbed it by the strap that holds it closed and it came loose, getting pulled out of the clamp. I later figured out that it had probably been sewed there as well and that seam tore, so it’s a good thing that it was that one and not the one from the other end, but at that time I couldn’t quite figure out what happened, though I eventually managed to put it back through the clamp in a way that held it closed as it was, and it’s still like that even now, since I didn’t sew that again. Either way, I then put the backpack and the egg in that cabinet, went to pee again, and entered with the bag, getting a cleaning product that I found among the discounted ones, some yogurt, and a box of two meringue tarts with ingredients that seemed fine and which had a deep discount, so the price was really nice. They expired the next day, but I didn’t mind that. Then I retrieved what I had in the cabinet, arranged everything and continued to Penny, where I left my things on the cabinets and just bought some soy, adding it in the bag that hangs from my neck after retrieving my things, since I didn’t want to open the backpack again.
I got back a few minutes before 3:30 PM, ate one of the tarts, and then used the toilet and washed, the hot water having returned. After that, I also ate a small apple, made the tea for the day, and then got some four hours of sleep, or maybe a little more than that. I think that I also took a pill, just in case, but I’m not entirely certain, and if I did, I definitely don’t know whether it was before or after the nap. Either way, at night I ate another apple, washed and cleaned as much as I could in the kitchen, dealt with my bread, and ended up rearranging things in the freezer a little after noticing that the things that were at the front were thawing again. Dad had searched for something in there earlier, taking things out in order to do so, but when I told him about the problem he just said that it must be too full, since he obviously did nothing wrong. Admittedly, I had checked after he put everything back and the door had seemed to close properly, but something was obviously wrong. Either way, despite only putting what I received that day on the balcony, leaving weighing those products for the next day, I only started taking occasional bites from lunch at 2 AM and it was past 3:35 AM when I finished, and I ate dinner between 4:30 AM and 5:25 AM, and finally got in bed at 6:35 AM. And the following night I ate dinner between 3:45 AM and 4:30 AM, and got in bed at 5:25 AM.

I managed to finish the part about these two days and post it before midnight, but before being able to say that I finally finished writing about this campaign I also have to put together everything that I received and estimate the total value, even if this time around the fact that I didn’t properly identify some of the apples means that it won’t be that accurate. And it was only Wednesday evening when I made the first edit to this post, to add the number and weight of what I clearly know I received, so including the Golden apples but none of the other kinds. And I finally added the rest in the early hours of Saturday. I just hope that I did everything correctly, because I really don’t see myself going through it all again and checking.

At the end of it all, assuming that I calculated correctly, I received a total of 38 potatoes, weighing 6.058 kg, 34 Golden apples, weighing 5.438 kg, 32 tomatoes, weighing 4.815 kg, 30 Kapia peppers, weighing 3.302 kg, 29 Bianca peppers, weighing 3.426 kg, 28 cucumbers, or 29 if you count that double one as two, weighing 1.39 kg, 24 onions, weighing 3.84 kg, 21 red onions, weighing 1.141 kg, 20 beets, weighing 5.578 kg, 14 red potatoes, weighing 1.811 kg, 13 carrots, weighing 1.452 kg, 12 squashes, weighing 4.036 kg, 12 eggplants, weighing 3.208 kg, nine heads of garlic, weighing 584 grams, seven parsnip roots, weighing 1.087 kg, four celery roots, weighing 2.167 kg, four kohlrabies, weighing 792 grams, four parsley roots, weighing 270 grams, four long red onions, weighing 244 grams, as well as four chili peppers, weighing 176 grams. Out of those, ten cucumbers, seven potatoes, six red potatoes, four tomatoes, two Kapia peppers, one Bianca pepper, one red onion and one head of garlic were added on top of what I should have actually received.
And then there are those other apples, which are the problem. The totals are simple: 53 of them, including one that was added on top of what I should have received, weighing a total of 8.908 kg. Out of those, I also know that eight, weighing 1.558 kg, were Red Delicious. Two or three others were probably Red Delicious as well, but I was never certain about that third one and I didn’t weigh them separately, since they were mixed with at least one that was probably Gala or Jonaprince. And, past that, I’m guessing more and more. 16, weighing 2.767 kg, were probably Idared. Four more, weighing 702 grams, seemed more likely to also be Idared, but I was wondering whether they might have been Jonaprince or Jonathan instead. On the other hand, five, weighing 586 grams, were probably Jonathan, and there were three more that were quite certainly Jonathan, but one that seemed to be Gala was mixed with them and I didn’t weigh them separately. And four, weighing 491 grams, might have been Gala or even Fuji, but I was uncertain about that. Four others, weighing 651 grams, seemed more likely to be Jonaprince. And I didn’t make any notes about four more, weighing 681 grams, so whether those were Idared, Jonathan, Jonaprince or Gala, I have absolutely no idea.
Considering those uncertainties, the total value can’t be perfectly accurate either. Still, assuming that I didn’t make mistakes, it comes to the surprisingly high amount of about 335 RON, with a small margin for error, no more than a few RON. Of course, that value is calculated according to Carrefour’s prices for each product on the day that I received it and plenty were certainly cheaper in other places on those same days, but this is how I’ve been calculating this and it’s the fair way to do it, since it’s their campaign and they gave away those products.

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