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Divinity Anthology, Blood of Elves and an ISP Takeover!

This will have to be a short one, because I’m in quite a state here and have things to do, so I’ll just quickly go through the recent events.

Dad asked me to look for Black Friday sales on Friday, so I did and found Divinity Anthology for less than it’d have been if ordered directly from the developer, and since I couldn’t order it like that anyway, I said might as well and got it, not without getting very worked up over needing to talk to someone to confirm the order. Unfortunately, they took advantage of that and, even though it listed free shipping, they called to ask if I could come over to pick it up and I couldn’t get many words out, so ended up accepting… Which, of course, made it even harder later, as I had do what I said, which meant actually meeting people, but somehow managed it on Monday and have the games now, so that’s one good thing at least.
Then, largely while I was waiting out the weekend and trying not to lose it completely by constantly thinking of what I’ll have to do, I started and finished Blood of Elves as well, so I went through both books very quickly, and also threw together a little two-paragraph review. Now I guess I’ll be waiting for the next books to be translated, and of course to become available as paperbacks, so I have quite some time to wait yet, because apparently the translations stopped after 2008, when this one was translated, and were only restarted recently, with a release, obviously first in hardcover, being scheduled for the coming months.

But the reason I can’t write more or think of much else right now is that my ISP was taken over by the evil, monopolistic RCS&RDS. Without any warning, I found that my computer had detected a new network last night and that my IP had changed, which is quite a problem for me when it comes to administering this site, plus that their site no longer worked. Initially, I largely shrugged it off as perhaps some work on their infrastructure, as they had changed IPs once before, years ago, and merely sent an e-mail to ask what happened, but when I saw that their site still wasn’t back today I started searching, first by looking up information about my IP, being shocked to see that it listed RDS as my ISP.
Realizing what happened, I searched for information about such a takeover and immediately found a forum topic apparently started by an employee from RDS to brag about the purchase and say that they’ll shortly send people over to all subscribers to have them sign new contracts with them. Of course, I have no intention of doing that, so I posted messages on forums asking for options and then started looking for all alternatives I could find and sending messages to ask for details, starting with whether they cover my area as well. Also had quite a nervous breakdown at some point during it…
So far, no luck with that, as this area was generally “ruled” by two LANs and the other one had already been taken over by RDS two months ago, so we’re out of options now and the solution seems to be to gather people together and make it attractive for a network from another area to come here, because a few have already said they will if I can get them a certain number of subscribers from a single building. They must obviously sense the opportunity, since now there’s a void here for those who still prefer such networks, but it’s a matter of finding people and banding together to get it done, and of course also of choosing the best service out of what could be available, which is what caused that breakdown in the first place. And I’m definitely not the right person for this job, though I’m doing everything I can and then some…


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