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There Goes the HDD Again

I said I won’t write two personal posts in one week unless I have to, but now I pretty much have to, because the replaced HDD lasted all of three months, and this time the signs of failure appeared very suddenly. Yesterday all seemed fine, today I first noticed a slight delay when I right clicked once, and then some 20 or 30 minutes later it locked up again, the exact same way it used to the last time it failed. Initially, I was able to reboot normally, as it recovered after a while, but then the only way seemed to be to press the reset button, so here I am on this old IDE one again.
Still as before, the failing one seems to work fine as long as you don’t touch whatever areas are flawed, but one of those areas affects a part of the system partition and another seems to affect the “safe” partition. Then again, that means that the actual data partitions are still fine at the moment, so after also copying the few things I had recently thrown on the desktop there to this one I turned that one off, hoping that this will prevent the damage from spreading and the data will still be recoverable in case I’ll end up being so unlucky that this one will fail now too, before I’ll get a new one, because that’s the plan. I will send it back for repairs, because it’s still under warranty until the start of April and it’s their job to fix it yet again, but I’ll only do that after I get a new one, so I won’t have to rely on it again after I get it back.

What worries me now is that I took too long installing Windows and all the updates again on this one, only installing BitDefender when it was all done, quite a few hours later, and it said it detected three threats while installing, requiring a reboot to clean them. I had noticed some strange behavior before, the computer taking a very long time to reboot, with the HDD appearing under a light but constant load on the shutting down screen, but I didn’t connect it with a potential threat until I saw that. Worse, it didn’t say what the threats were, only saying it had moved them to quarantine, but there was nothing in the quarantine or in the logs after it was installed, and nothing but a couple of tracking cookies showing up on a full scan either, so I have no idea what it did and what those threats were and I’ll keep wondering and hoping it wasn’t anything that stole any data I had here or typed during that time, as I did do a few things…

Now I guess I have to pick a new HDD ahead of the scheduled upgrade, wait for it to arrive and meanwhile hope there won’t be any more issues… And that those threats were nothing important. The best case scenario would be that they were false positives, or perhaps some other tracking cookies it noticed during that scan, though I don’t see why would it scan for those before installing, but it’s the same version I installed quite a few times before and this never happened, so not sure what those false positives could be…


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