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Hackers "Killed" The Adrenaline Vault

I have mentioned before that my main little “project” on MobyGames this year was to submit the reviews from The Adrenaline Vault as mobyranks, starting with the oldest and going through the list. We’re talking about a review site founded in 1995 which was still active, even if more recently as a “gaming blog”, which I actually remember following in my early years on-line, so in the late ’90s and early ’00s, and which I noticed wasn’t usually covered by the major aggregators and, surprisingly, didn’t even have a Wikipedia page, so I wanted to fix that in at least one place.
Unfortunately, it appears that I was too late. The last year submitted was 2003, in early May, and I kept putting off continuing, so I only learned yesterday, when somebody asked on the MobyGames forums whether anyone knows what’s going on with the site, that it disappeared around the start of June and that, according to a message I found posted on their Facebook page, although the closure was a result of hacking and therefore definitely not planned, it will not be relaunched. Another message posted by the same person just before the one announcing the closure seemed to ask people who used to follow The Adrenaline Vault to switch to Games Xtreme, but I don’t know how “official” that is.

Sure, much of the content can still be found, on the Wayback Machine as well as in various other places, including on the computers of people who regularly checked the site and saved some of the reviews, but I’m absolutely stunned by this, and I’m not only referring to the fact that such an established site is allowed to vanish so suddenly. Seriously, what fucking asshole would want to delete a site like this and, more importantly, how was it possible for them not to have any backups? That’d be shocking even for the smallest, most obscure site out there, so when it comes to a respected site with 18 years of history behind it, I simply can’t imagine it being the case, and yet this is exactly what that message says, so I’ll just say that something strange seems to be going on…


  1. Derp says:

    I was just reading their reviews on metacritic and was wondering where they went. Thanks for the extremely obscure information.

    April 4, 2014 @ 6:47 AM

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