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Too Caught Up in Protests for an Actual Second Post

I’ve been spending my evenings in University Square for almost a week, and that’s followed by nights spent looking for information regarding what’s going on there after I leave before going to bed to have fucked up dreams, waking up to look up information about the plans for the current day, and lately also about what’s being done to try to fight back against what they want to do about the stray dogs as well, and then get back to the Square to start over. In between this, I try to add one or two more paragraphs to my story each day as well, though they’re usually thrown there while my mind is elsewhere and I’m not even sure how many sections ago I last reread anything.
I kept thinking that I should have spent at least a night out there with the rest, but there’s the matter of getting back, since the metro doesn’t run between 11 PM and 5 AM and they tend to break up around 3 AM, or for the past two days even around 2 AM… Plus that in that case I really wouldn’t get anything done at all anymore, seeing as I’m basically not doing shit as it is and keep wondering how can some come up with new banners, take part in the planning, or in some cases even be there each night while also working during the day.

That said, and seeing as tomorrow’s protest is set to start at 5 PM and the meeting time for Sunday’s initial marches is 3 PM, I clearly won’t be having time to post anything over the weekend, so this will have to do as this week’s second post. I’ll even miss the race on Sunday, seeing as it starts at 3 PM, but this is more important and at least I watched the match today, only being in the Square to say that I was, between 7 PM and 8 PM, when only a handful of people were there and nothing happened.


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