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Pants, I Guess

Surprisingly, I managed to find a tolerable pair of pants yesterday. They’re a hypermarket’s store brand, unfortunately made in Bangladesh and cost more than they should have considering the poor quality, plus that they’re clearly still too large despite being the smallest size available. Still, with a few simple adjustments and a belt they’re at least usable and, perhaps with the exception of the color, more or less exactly the kind I was looking for, which otherwise doesn’t quite seem to be available anymore. In fact, there was only one other place, a specialized store, where I found something similar, or in fact nearly identical, though the quality seemed somewhat better, but the smallest size that seemed to be available there was one above what I could find here and the price was also more than double.
While I was at it, I also got a pair of slippers and two warmer pairs of socks that were cheap enough despite being made here and of 100% cotton, at least according to the label, plus several other things picked up from five different hypermarkets, all but a couple, which were actually also needed, being on the list I had made before leaving, knowing that just about anywhere will be “on my way” that day. Unfortunately, the most expensive item on that list, which I only found in two places, somehow went up in price by exactly 5% between the moment when I first saw it while simply browsing and the moment when I returned there, shortly before closing time, to finish getting everything that was left. That still meant it was cheaper than in the other place, but it sure made for an unpleasant feeling.
All of that required 14 hours of wandering around on an hour and a half of sleep, a bowl of cereal with yogurt and a little chocolate. It also involved 11 trips using the one-day metro card I bought in the morning, plus one using the free bus service offered by the hypermarket I usually go to, though that was about 15 minutes late and made me have to rush to get to the last place I had to get to before closing time, after dropping off everything else since I was already carrying too much by then. Still, I was just paying when the announcement that the store will close in 15 minutes came, so it worked out well in the end, with the exception of that price increase I mentioned above.
Tore both bags I had, the better one, which I had only used a few times, right at the door, when I was rushing to drop everything off before leaving again and forgot to pick up the five-liter jug of liquid soap separately before yanking it off the floor. Also spent over 90% of what I had on me and ended up with my eyes stinging and lots of muscles hurting, but most of those seem to be recovering surprisingly quickly, so that went well enough, especially since I can say I learned a lot about how to get to various places and where it’s worth going if you’re looking for clothes. Also have plenty of options for the winter jacket I also said I was looking for… But may leave that for next year now.


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