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Quick Update on Backlogs

Since I should be getting ready to leave for the first, and only until June, screening of Where Are You Bucharest? in Romania, hoping I’ll still find a ticket and a seat when I get there, yet I haven’t posted anything on here this week, I’m just going to quickly mention what other things I should be doing, and in many cases should have already done. As always, still can’t figure out how can people actually get things done, or in most cases even manage to get themselves to start trying.

Perhaps most urgently, I have the option of submitting a reply to the Gendarmerie’s reply to my complaint against the fine I received for taking part in the November 7 protest, and I definitely need to write that. This seems to be something added recently, as part of the new regulations, and it is listed as an obligation for the plaintiff, but there are no penalties in case it’s not submitted, so in effect it’s an opportunity to combat any arguments mentioned in the reply to the original complaint before the trial itself, therefore making it a chance I absolutely must make full use of.
Thankfully, I quickly received a generic model from one of the lawyers helping the protesters, so I was able to start thinking of what to add to it very soon and actually wrote a draft after waking up today. I’m unhappy with it at the moment and will definitely need to ask said lawyer about it as well, especially since what I added is several times longer than the main body of the model in question, but considering the fact that I had found it too difficult to even look at the file until today, writing it even in this form definitely counts as a huge step forward, and probably not a moment too soon, considering the deadline.

Moving on, I actually won a giveaway on Goodreads and received the book on Saturday, so I definitely should be reading it in order to be able to write a review once I’m done. However, I’m yet to even start, which is obviously making me feel increasingly worse. Will clearly need to find some way to at least make myself read it next week, even if writing the review may take slightly longer.
And while I’m at books, there’s also the fact that I’m currently proofreading a new edition of another, and at the moment I’m two chapters behind on that as well. Or at least I was two chapters behind last night, since I haven’t checked my e-mail today and therefore it’s not impossible to think that I may have received yet another by now. And seeing as, regardless of my opinion about the first one in the series and the frustration caused by this second one as well, I promised to do this, I definitely have to. Sure, I didn’t promise to stick to any deadlines and none were mentioned, but that doesn’t mean I get to delay indefinitely.

As for my own writing, I recently managed to finish part three of that rough draft, but the last section is the longest one in a long time and I’m yet to even try to go over it again, for the first necessary changes and corrections. Seeing as, for a number of reasons, that particular section has also been even more difficult and embarrassing to write than most others, it’s certain to be at least equally as difficult and embarrassing to read, so I’m still struggling to figure out a way to make myself do that.
And as you can see, the blog is going no better either. Admittedly, the previous post was a lengthy and detailed piece, but what you may not know is that I meant to write that on Wednesday, instead of the shorter one I posted then, yet couldn’t even start until Friday and then it took me three days to write enough to be able to post it and yet another to go over it again and make the necessary corrections and additions, one of them particularly notable. As such, I’m once again a good two and a half weeks behind on the “protest reports” and should definitely find some way to write another by the end of this week. My goal would be to get all the way up to the end of last week, so up to March 16, but at the very worst I’ll at least need to cover March 4 to 8, which should be relatively easy as long as I’ll somehow manage to get myself started.

On a different note, since I did end my boycott of GOG.com as a result of their recent announcement, I also ended up adding Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition to my backlog of games, seeing as it was one of the three remaining on my “main” wishlist that was also in their catalog and it was on sale earlier this week. What I’m actually playing is still Age of Wonders II, however, and a couple of weeks ago I definitely hoped to be able to finish it by the end of the month, but I’m still at the scenario I had started at the time, so I still have a few before the end, and then I’ll have a review to write as well before being able to completely move on to something else.


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