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I was saying I ran away when I was supposed to pick a pair of glasses. I might be weird, but, to my mind, that meant I didn’t pick a frame and therefore don’t have any glasses. Well, dad sent me an e-mail from work tonight that he left my glasses on the living room table. (He works tonight and then they’re leaving for the weekend.)
WHAT THE FUCK??? If I didn’t pick any, I DON’T HAVE any!!! Besides, they’re a bit big, the casing’s black, the frames are dark gray and they look like crap.
Oh yah, the frames are half-frames, along the top of the lenses, but that’s a piece of crap anyway. And you should know how much I hate black and any other dark shades or colors. And it’s not that glasses could look in any way acceptable, they’re absolutely hideous by definition, always said that and always will, but there might probably be a few models that could possibly make a tiny step towards being marginally tolerable if I’d be feeling especially generous, and this is not one of them.
Plus that I had one more thing to discuss that I didn’t tell him just so he won’t do this shit. I know the eyesight of those with light colored eyes can deteriorate as a result of exposure to light, because part of that light filters through the iris. Well, there’s barely a trace of color in my eyes, they’re quite as light as they can be, so I should have asked if the lenses could help that somehow as well, filter part of the light without becoming sunglasses, since I spend all the time in front of a bright monitor… So, of course, this wasn’t taken into account since I made sure nobody knew exactly what it was I meant to say.
AND they’re fucking brand-name! The casing says “Yves Saint Laurent”! WHAT THE FUCK??? When he wanted to discuss price with me before we left to supposedly pick a pair I told him I wouldn’t get anything brand-name even if they’d pay me for it and he picks this??? Let me say it again: With the possible exception of sportswear, I will NOT have brand-name items on my person! Period! (Edit: Dad wrote back to say that, considering the price, he highly doubts they really are what it says they are. Oh, a fake then? I’m sure somebody would be interested in that bit of news…)
What the fuck is so hard to understand in “don’t do anything for me unless I specifically ask you to”, huh? I’m not wearing this shit! Keep picking them up and mean to smash them, but then wonder how the fucking “talk” would go afterwards and throw, kick or punch something else instead. If the neighbors have any complaints, considering the time, they can delegate one of them to act as a living punching bag while the rest can just lick my balls!
And if any of you have any “wise” comments, shove them. Don’t care if anybody thinks I’m unreasonable, ungrateful, an ass or whatever else along those lines. If your fingers are itching to comment, shove them up your ass and then take them out and lick them clean! And if you’re still thinking something along those lines, shove your head in there as well! Now fuck off!!!


  1. Miuriel says:

    open a random chat window on yahoo-msg. any of your friends will do. and type this “=))”. you’ll get then my comment.

    September 21, 2007 @ 11:29 PM

  2. Cavalary says:

    Glad I’m making people laugh at least :) (Btw, haven’t used IMs since shortly after she left, don’t even have any installed anymore… But I do still remember the more common smileys…)

    Funny how I ended up writing that last night when I was actually planning to write about needing to coin a term for my political ideology, because it’d be something along the lines of “progressive green libertarian meritocratic constitutional republic”, which really needs shortening lol Not finding any decent Ancient Greek on-line translation tools though…

    September 22, 2007 @ 12:39 AM

  3. Miuriel says:

    Let’s see… Read the part about the “logging invisible”… “she was on-line”. I got it! There was a SHE. Still, no idea who she is. Me reading chaotic…

    About the glasses. Loose them, brake them, or whatever. Then move your pallid ass (that matches your achromatic eyes ) and get something that please you, or contact lens, or both. And when you are in the shop: be insolent, just for fun. Have you any idea what “fun” is? Didn’t found it until now in this corner of yours!

    About the term: your name, with a strange ending. You know? Like “marxism”. How else are you suppose to become famous! Duh!

    September 22, 2007 @ 2:09 AM

  4. Cavalary says:

    Well, that was from Yahoo Mail when I checked that account after the fuckers included YIM into mail, GRR! And if you haven’t figured out there was a she it means you’re REALLY reading selectively, because most things here are in some way related to that…

    Doubt the contacts are an option. But, um, if I COULD go and pick something I’d have done it the first time. What, you think I liked making an ass of myself by running away? But, uh well, gave up expecting people to understand fears they’re not experiencing a long time ago…
    And being an ass for no reason is not fun! Would you like it done to you?

    Hell no! I don’t want to be famous at all! (Besides, how weird would “robertism” sound? lol)

    September 22, 2007 @ 2:41 AM

  5. Miuriel says:

    I read different categories. Like “Health” or “Music”… didn’t read the personal to much…

    You expect to much. Typical human! People always expect a lot from the other people. And then feel alone because of that. There is a trick actually, but your young.

    What’s the big problem with choosing glasses? Ideally you take somebody with you that has a lot of patience. You can also go by yourself. Just wander around. Try every single one. If you don’t like the frames, choose some without frames. Choose the form of the lens, and the size of the lens has to match the size of your face. Otherwise you will look like an idiot. Contact lens are an option. You can use the glasses when you are in front of the computer and the contact lens when you go out. They must have contact lens in the capital of Romania. And you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t like anything. You can leave and go to the next store. What so special if you leave without buying? Attitude is fun! Makes the fears vanish! You’re to scared to try it? I can start calling you bunny!

    So since you think “robertism” is weird, we can call it “bunnysm”, or you can use your last name. It doesn’t really mater if is weird. It has to have a ring. Actually weird is better than shallow .

    September 22, 2007 @ 3:10 AM

  6. Cavalary says:

    I expect less from others than from myself, and if you say I expect too much from others then go figure…

    The big problem is that I’m terrified of people (when interacting with them in any other way except on-line that is, here I can speak my mind without any problems). Also that I think glasses are by definition hideous, so finding one I like is pretty much impossible. AND that I have the fashion sense of a lamp post (and a worn-down one at that)…
    As for contacts… Have to look hard for some, and the prices seem outrageous… Plus that whenever people (at least those I knew to be in that situation) find out they need glasses they say they’ll get contacts instead but in the end have to settle for glasses anyway… So I’d rather not delude myself…

    Call me whatever you want, I call myself worse…

    September 22, 2007 @ 3:37 AM

  7. Miuriel says:

    You are disappointed in other peoples reactions but you indulge yourself to be pathetic. How does this show, that you expect less from others than from yourself?

    A good friend of mine gets very irritated when people are looking at her. You see, she criticize a lot. So when she sees people looking at her she thinks they criticize her. You probably do realize that the reason for your fear of people is in you, but is much to comfortable to leave it like this. I can talk about this for hours.

    Glasses are not hideous. Haven’t you ever heard about accessories? Some people look better with glasses then without. Even if people are not using contact lens in Romania, they do use them all around the world, and quite a lot. I hear there are very cheap ones in China.

    September 23, 2007 @ 12:29 PM

  8. Cavalary says:

    I’m not expecting others not to be either…

    I’m not saying people do something that scares me, unless you consider the fact that they exist to be doing something, so yah it’s inside me and that’s that. Can talk about it for however long you want, won’t make any difference…

    Silly me, thought looks were a matter of taste. So, for me, they are, period. And hate any accessories too.

    September 23, 2007 @ 3:18 PM

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