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The Lost Vikings and Little Else

Been spending some time playing The Lost Vikings for the past week and a half, since it was recently released for free without requiring those who want to download it to have or create any account. I’m currently at level 35 out of 37 and have to say that whoever created these final levels, starting from 31, was a sadist. Admittedly, in 35 it’s more a matter of figuring out what to do in one spot, and 33 was decent as well, but 31, 32 and 34 were a matter of somehow managing what was obvious I needed to do and losing count of the number of deaths before making any headway.
Other than this, I haven’t been doing much at all this week. Meant to read Time of Contempt and didn’t even start it, definitely meant to go over the three sections of my story that I finished since I last checked anything and didn’t do that either, been writing very little as well, didn’t add any more of those books I meant to add on Goodreads either…
Next week, there may be some protests to go to, though those I tried to attend lately failed so completely I’m not sure there’s any point in even mentioning them in another “report”, plus that I’m currently pissed at the activists for this utterly idiotic, to say the least, campaign to persuade people not to vote or cast invalid votes. Then, towards the end of the month, there will be the book fair to go to, but also the court date for contesting that fine, and my mind still can’t wrap itself around the concept of taking part in a trial, which obviously has a significant influence on how messed up I am lately. No idea how that will go, nor how it’ll be a week later, when I’ll need to go again in order to be somebody’s witness.


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