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Breaking One More Thing in the Kitchen…

Already meant to see if I could write this week’s second post, which was just going to be another short personal update, today, but this afternoon I just broke something else and I don’t feel like babbling for the space of a few paragraphs about other things. Admittedly, it could definitely have been worse if I wouldn’t have managed to get my legs out of the way in time, but I still hurt myself a little while I was cleaning up, plus that replacing what broke will cost a fair amount.

To start with the beginning, today I got on the computer around 3:20 PM and not long after that, probably some ten minutes later, the power went out. Around 3:50 PM, after using a small candle placed in a cup so I won’t be completely in the dark while pooping, I called the short number for the power company and the machine quickly informed me that the problem in my area will be resolved around 6:30 PM, so quite some time later.
As such, since I was alone, I decided to make myself some mamaliga, though for a moment I thought I may not be able to because dad had once again left used cooking oil in the cauldron usually used for this and in the past I remember hot water also becoming just way more expensive cold water when the power was off in the area. However, this time I found that we still had hot water, so I washed that and got to it, also starting to make a salad while waiting for the water to boil.
Well, oddly enough, power returned around 4:25 PM, so I turned the computer back on, plugged the refrigerator back in after having unplugged it to avoid any risk of surges, and then kept alternating between my room and the kitchen until 5:35 PM, when I considered the mamaliga done. Also had the salad, and two boiled eggs and a little kashkaval and butter were waiting in a large plate to be mixed with the mamaliga, so I placed said plate on the counter, grabbed a kitchen rag, picked up the cauldron… And somehow promptly dropped it, somehow also not having it above the counter at that particular moment, even though that’s right next to the stove.
I still can’t figure out exactly what happened, whether it was the rag that slipped or I had grabbed it wrong or it burned me or what, I don’t even know which side slipped first, but one definitely did and the only thing my mind processed at that instant was that my legs were in the path of a falling heavy and burning hot thing, so I moved them out of the way and then spent the next few seconds staring dumbly at mamaliga smeared all over the kitchen and quite a bunch of small enamel shards, thinking that can’t be real.
Unfortunately, it obviously was real, so I then spent the next half an hour cleaning up, during which time I also banged the area where my right kidney probably is against the side of the table while getting up once. Didn’t feel much at the moment, probably because I was still shocked, but a few minutes later it was sort of like I had hit my balls those minutes ago, so definitely not nice and I can actually still feel it a little, which is a bit of a reason for concern.
Examined the cauldron as well, finding that the enamel was cracked, and in one small spot chipped away, on the inside as well in the area that hit the floor first, so that’s no longer usable… And it’s probably older than me and made of cast iron, so replacing that will cost a fair amount, though thankfully it’s a small 2.5-liter one, so it could be worse. In addition, I do rather fail to see the point of a cauldron and think that, while the replacement will also need to be cast iron, since that seems to be the right material for what we use it for, it may be better if it’ll be a pot with regular handles, which should also significantly reduce the risk of it slipping out of my hand again… Because it’s actually the second time it happened, and there was one more time when I had to drop it quickly as my hand had missed the rag and I got burned, but the previous times it was only a few centimeters above the table and counter, respectively, so no damage was done.

Either way, got right back to making some more mamaliga after that, since everything else was still waiting for me, but used a regular stainless steel pot, which is of course actually aluminum with an extremely thin stainless steel coating, and that’s not suitable for this, so the result was more like a partially burned mush. Was edible, so that was that, but I wasted a couple of hours, ruined an old cast iron cauldron and hit myself in the process, so if I didn’t already have enough reasons to say I can’t do shit, now there’s one more to add to the list… And there’s also one good reason to be wary of making mamaliga again, though I had taken to often making some when I was alone for some time now.

Problem is, with hotter days coming, I definitely need to clean some more dust out of my computer, and was thinking to ask dad to help me move the desk either tomorrow or Sunday, so while I take it out I’ll also be able to spray what mold appeared again in that area as well. However, right now I’m definitely in no state to do any of that, yet the weather isn’t going to wait for me, so I have no idea what I’ll do this weekend. I guess I could simply open the case and see if that’s enough, since the old one’s CPU reported 6°C less with the case off, which is more than cleaning dust will bring, but there may be some issues with that as well.


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