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Quick Review: Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Romania

Having some curiosity about this ever since release, I jumped at the chance when I saw this edition given away for free and I’m not sorry I did. Of course, it’s a collection of very realistic short stories and my main focus are high fantasy series, followed a long distance behind by a few other forms of literary escapism, so it’s not anything I’d particularly like, as the rating shows, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t meet my expectations. At times, it even exceeded them.
As for the stories themselves, the vast majority certainly seem extremely real and paint a pretty accurate picture of “democratic” Romania. A few do seem to be akin to those pictures mentioned in “Buried”, somewhat falsified, forced, in order to better present the desired concept, but the result justifies the approach and the overall image depicted still holds true. Things change, of course, and some did since the end of the period covered by the stories contained in the book, but in our case few of the changes are major, and even fewer for the better.

Rating: 3/5


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