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Causes I’m Passionate About

At some point I briefly listed my top ideas in my OkCupid profile as “getting the population back down to sustainable levels without killing people or allowing them to die unnecessarily, protecting the environment and the other species we share this planet with, switching to a fair resource-based economy that’ll do away with any need to ‘earn a living’, giving much greater importance to personal relationships than current society tends to expect or even permit, and guaranteeing each person’s right to live as they please as long as they don’t harm others who don’t deserve it or the environment”.
However, recently I seem to have managed to list them in a form that, while still very brief compared to what would need to be explained, does offer each of them its own paragraph. The problem is that I did that on my KoTango profile, while poking at that place with a few twigs, and that profile can only be seen by site members despite the fact that I set it to be public. As such, it seems like a good idea to add this here as well, for future reference and also to have something to link to whenever the need for such brief explanations will arise.
Later edit: Since KoTango vanished at some point, it’s a good thing I saved these here.

1. Overpopulation. It’s the world’s worst problem and drastically lowering the human population is absolutely necessary, though of course not in itself sufficient, before we’ll have a chance to solve any other important environmental or social issue. Obviously, that should be done without killing people or allowing them to die unnecessarily, due to lack of access to needed resources or services, so the number of births must be reduced by any means necessary to around the minimum required to avoid a genetic bottleneck while those still allowed to have children should be carefully and objectively selected to bring evolution back into the game while preserving diversity.

2. Environment and animal welfare. Humanity’s unique position as the species which can shape this world according to its will is far more of a responsibility to care for all the others we share it with and for the ecosystem as a whole than a right to exploit them according to our whims. We must take our role as stewards seriously, make every effort to fix the damage already caused, preserve what should be preserved largely unchanged, offer evolution a helping hand whenever appropriate and possible while remaining within the laws of Nature, and strive to eliminate or at least greatly reduce the suffering of all species sufficiently advanced to be aware of it and remember.

3. Relationships. Society should not only permit but strongly encourage people to put their personal relationships, whether romantic or close friendships, above everything except perhaps certain major causes. Ways to develop, preserve and strengthen these bonds, to eliminate the suffering caused by the current typical models and to help people share their lives more easily, more deeply and more completely with their family of choice should be promoted and taught, and a way of life meant to guide the vast majority of people towards prioritizing these relationships over the other aspects of their lives should become the norm.

4. A fair resource-based economy. We have reached a state of development allowing us to do away with any need to earn a living and should therefore guarantee a decent standard of living for all bar those proven guilty of serious crimes, fairly and efficiently sharing the resources that can be sustainably harvested to meet every need and as many wants as possible. Additional benefits should be granted to those whose actions or achievements will significantly improve the lives of others or the environment, as well as to those who’d fill the few positions that’d still need to be filled by humans and have a good performance in those jobs, but all but the dangerous criminals must be free to live their lives and pursue their interests without risking to have their standard of living drop below a decent level.

5. Individual rights and freedoms. All should be free to live their lives as they please as long as they won’t willingly cause unjustified harm to others or to the environment and will do all they can to fix any unjustified harm caused unintentionally once the situation is brought to their attention and explained. Ideally, countries should be defined by laws, children need to be taught about all the available options and adults should be free to move to the place most suited to their views, as I believe people all over the world would work together better if those they’d actually live around and possibly interact with on a daily basis would be people they’d actually like to be surrounded by.

Once again, if you already know me you already know all of this and more, while if you somehow ended up here without knowing me there are enough details missing about each to fill a few posts, which in some cases I have already written at various points, but I actually think I managed to come up with a rather good summary and it was a shame to keep it hidden away.


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