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Managing a Cold Between Protests

With politicians quite scared of what happened Sunday, those in top positions are rushing to figure out who or what to sacrifice to hold on to their own positions, meaning that some rather interesting decisions have been taken this week. As such, we must press this momentary advantage and various protests and other actions are being planned, which makes the fact that I’ve been fighting a cold since November 10 quite inconvenient. Still, I do seem better today, so I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing, try to rest some more even though I woke up after barely three hours today and then couldn’t get back to sleep, and at least attend the one planned for tomorrow, despite skipping the one that’ll take place this evening.
The thing with this latter one is that, as plenty of others planned these days, it puts the resignation of the Prime Minister and Government at the top of the list of demands, and I think that may allow them to get away with it too easily when they didn’t even come up with next year’s budget plan yet and everyone’s wondering how will they pay for everything they promised before the elections. Plus, of course, the usual problem of not knowing who to replace them with, as I haven’t seen suggestions coming from activists. So I’m not exactly keen on spending an evening in the chilly rain for that right now, especially not when I already have a cold.
On the other hand, the one scheduled for tomorrow has to do with a project to build a multipurpose hall in a nearby park, so I do want to attend even though, after having repeatedly stressed that the hall will be built and harshly dismissing any and all complaints, the sector’s mayor suddenly went back on that decision and said another location will be found for it, also remembering that he promised to expand the green spaces in the sector when he was elected. However, while it will likely reduce the turnout, this doesn’t make the protest pointless, as the larger issue is precisely what he’s been doing to the green spaces, such as paving everything, killing most trees one way or another to have an excuse to cut them down, authorizing constructions in parks and so on, which means this protest has a clear, specific purpose and demands real solutions now that they seem afraid enough to listen for a little while.

I guess that’s about it right now, since I haven’t been doing much of anything otherwise. Maybe I’ll get back to playing something, but I haven’t in over a month, so I have no idea how that will go. The fact that I have once again lost hope in GOG.com after yesterday’s two releases were regionally priced and not announced as such in any way, one of them, that I actually was interested in, being flat priced at first and then switched to regional pricing a short time later without as much as a comment, probably doesn’t help when it comes to getting myself in a gaming mood either. Seriously, if anyone knows of a small shop that tries to be what GOG.com used to be, following the DRM free, no regional pricing and excellent customer support principles and cultivating a core audience instead of sacrificing it on the altar of growth, do let me know, all right?


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