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Finishing The Witcher and Switching to Kaspersky

Two days ago, I finally managed to finish The Witcher, after deciding I was strong enough and could do without trying to level all the way to 50, since that’d have been quite tedious. Was level 43 at the end, but that last level was actually gained during the final battle, so the last level that counted was 42, and I also chose to break the curses instead of killing the werewolf and the striga, so missed two important mutagenic potions on the way.
In fact I was rather surprised to finish it that evening, because it was around 6:30 PM when I started the epilogue and at first I quit at that point, not intending to continue. However, I later went back to it, thinking I’ll just try to see what I’ll have to do, and found myself just pushing all the way to the end, though of course I did quit and then get back to the game every 30 minutes or so, to make sure I’ll avoid crashes. That meant that by 11:30 PM I had finished the game, which included having that final talk with Dandelion three times, to see what the choices lead to, and watching the ending cinematic twice, letting the credits roll as well the last time.
Now I still have the adventures to go through, and yesterday I quickly finished one that seemed like simply a test. After I’ll be done with all of those, I guess I’ll be trying King of Dragon Pass again, though I may install The Witcher 2 at some point to make sure that the save from the end of the first game can be imported properly. Definitely don’t intend to start playing that on this computer though, simply meaning to make another save right at the start with the one from the end of the first game imported, to have it when I’ll have a system that will handle it better.

One reason for the rush to finish the game then was the fact that my Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 trial expired yesterday and, even though pairing it with Comodo Firewall 8 suited me quite well, I did say that now that I finally moved away from using nothing but Bitdefender for just over ten years, I want to test other products as well. As such, I had to uninstall Bitdefender and install the second one on my list, which was Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015, and didn’t want to be in the middle of something if for some reason I’ll end up needing to reinstall.
Thankfully, it all went very well and so far I’m seeing no problems, or at least none that I think are caused by this, since a certain site that did tend to cause my computer to freeze for a few seconds the first time I visited it in a day caused it to freeze completely and require a hard reset last night. So the next thing to do, probably next week, will be to see exactly what Kaspersky‘s settings mean and decide on the best ones, since yesterday I just made some changes that seemed right at a quick first glance.
However, before I end this I also want to mention that the issue I had with the Comodo sandbox went away as well, so there’s no need to reinstall that to try to fix it and this should also help reduce the risk of that freeze happening again, as long as I’ll remember to use it. Since there was a program update for Comodo Firewall yesterday as well, I have no idea whether the cause was a conflict with Bitdefender, a bug that they fixed or some settings glitch that somehow fixed itself during the update process, but I can’t say I care that much at this point.


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