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New Shoes and Plans for March

Quite unexpectedly even for me, yesterday I got myself some new shoes. More specifically, they’re the running shoes I had sort of decided on when I went looking last month, though there were a few other possibly even cheaper options that would have been better as actual replacements of the ones I have now, and which have had parts glued back on twice and now also need to be sewn in one place. But the main purpose is to make sure I actually will start running once per week, like I had decided last year, so these will mainly be used for that and possibly on hot summer days, since my feet should breathe very well in them, while the rest of the time I’ll stick to these ones, assuming they won’t fall apart completely.

Since I mentioned running, the first plan for March would be to actually try that again, since the weather forecast is definitely good enough until Wednesday. That didn’t work so well the first time, but now the temperature should suit me better and I also mean to see about using the National Arena‘s track, which will be more comfortable than simply running through a park and obviously also won’t involve climbing to cross any bridges.
I definitely mean to do this at the start of next week, especially since I spent money on things specifically for it, but the original plan called for me to start doing it weekly no later than mid-April and then I changed that as well to say I should average one run per week for the warmer half of the year, even if that’ll mean two or three in some weeks and none in others. As such, this will be merely the second test and I don’t necessarily aim to do it again by the end of the month, though if the weather will be good enough and I won’t get any colds it’d be nice if I will.

Other than that, my trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 will end on March 7, so if I’m to continue this little project at least until I’ll get a new computer, which definitely won’t happen next month, I’ll need to find something else to pair Comodo Firewall 8 with after that, as that one I’m definitely sticking with. At the moment I don’t really know what that will be, and I’ll of course grow increasingly anxious about it over the course of next week and be in quite a state of panic on the day I’ll actually need to make the change, but the fact that things worked fine so far gives me some reason to hope I won’t have major problems then either.
One issue is that I meant to finish the additional adventures included in The Witcher before this change, so I won’t have to bother with it anymore if something will go so wrong that I’ll need to reinstall Windows, but after initially taking a break between the particularly poor first one and the two relatively decent official ones, I’m now stuck at the fourth, namely Deceits. That one tries to do a fair amount, but it’s quite a buggy mess that I couldn’t seem to be able to finish at all the first time, so I downloaded the latest version, as the one included with the game seems to be an older one, and am currently sort of trying again, though being wary of the bugs makes me not be too keen on it and it’s therefore pretty much impossible that I’ll finish all those I have left within one week. Definitely intend to do so by the end of the month, however.

Another plan for next month is to order some more books, starting with Baptism of Fire. What I’ll add on top of it will depend on the amount of money I’ll have available for this, but at the moment the options would be Blood of Tyrants, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s fear, or the four books published so far in the Mistborn series. I may yet change my mind and end up looking for something else though, especially since the only one I really want to read right now is the first one I mentioned.

And since this post is already a bit longer than I thought it’ll end up being, I’ll finish by saying that I should also try to submit a few more things on MobyGames, after somehow ending up contributing over 50 mobyranks recently. Had added next to nothing since the start of the year, so I guess something changed and I should probably make some use of the current mood before it’ll once again leave me completely… Or before I’ll run into the same old problems once again and need to decide between taking yet another break from doing anything and taking yet another break from making proper submissions to put some time and effort into retaliating by making a mess.


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