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Spending Earth Hour Reading a New Book By Candlelight

Since the next planned purchases are books and I bought the first one of them today, for a mere 10 RON ($2.45 or €2.26) from a former used books store that recently announced turning into a discount bookstore that I imagine can get away with such prices on books that aren’t used by taking overstock off the hands of others, it seemed only fitting to spend Earth Hour reading it by candlelight. Needing to sit still at the desk instead of pacing around the room or at least lying in various positions, likely changed every few minutes, in bed was a bit uncomfortable and I guess this may be a bigger part of why I have a hard time reading books on the computer than the fact that I miss holding and reading off paper and turning pages, but the candle offered enough light as long as I did, so that wasn’t a problem.
Now I guess I’ll have to figure out exactly what else to order, when and where from, because I asked about the availability of The Waterborn and The Blackgod and was told this shop I meant to purchase from will likely have an answer for me Monday, but then I happened to check another store and found that Baptism of Fire, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, these last two being those I was considering replacing the two mentioned above with if they’ll still be unavailable, are significantly discounted at the moment and I don’t know whether they’ll remain so by then. In addition, ordering from this other store will mean adding something else, because the shipping is free for orders over 120 RON and those three books are 39.99 RON ($9.78 or €9.04) each at the moment, so I’ll pay shipping for being 0.03 RON under otherwise, and I’m not sure what to add, since Blood of Tyrants is not only somewhat more expensive there than at the first store but also, and more importantly, available only in a different edition and format, and so far I bought the previous seven in the series to match.

And I guess this counts as the week’s second post, though it is in fact the first one actually written this week. The previous one was also manually posted just seconds after midnight on Monday, not scheduled to show up at that time, but I had finished the initial version at 10:25 PM on Sunday, then previewed it and made a few small changes and corrections that way over the next hour, and then waited until that time to manually post it in order to make it count for this week instead of as a third for the last one, so it can be said that I rather cheated.
The plan definitely was to have my review for The Witcher done and posted by now, or at least by the end of the week, but I only managed to get myself to start it yesterday and got no further than the two paragraphs which may be the introduction, unless I’ll reconsider and move them towards the end instead, since they’ll need to end up there when I’ll edit it to match the MobyGames format when I’ll also submit it there anyway. As such, and seeing as I highly doubt I’ll be sitting down and writing all of it tomorrow, especially after waking up early to watch the race, it now definitely needs to be one of next week’s two posts. Though, of course, there’s no guarantee it actually will be.


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