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5000 Meters and The Name of the Wind

This will be short, but I just wanted to say that I got this week’s run out of the way yesterday and decided to go for 5000 meters, so 12 laps and a half, instead of 4000. A part of the reason was that, since I forgot my watch the last two times and couldn’t compare my times with certainty anymore, especially considering the sprints and that obviously particularly fast final lap I managed two weeks ago, I should just move to another stage and start over, but the more important reason was that I was already considering to stick to 5000 meters in under 30 minutes as regular training in order to perhaps take part in a ten kilometer race within a year or so, and an event that included a half-marathon, a ten kilometer “individual race” and a three and a half kilometer “popular race” just took place.
Though the kitchen was, as it frequently tends to happen, blocked before I left and I therefore ran after eating only the last three squares of a chocolate I had in my room, the time was 28:22 or so as I crossed the line, though I stopped the watch a few steps later and it said 28:23.75. Add the possibility of having started it slightly before crossing the start line and I rounded to about 28:20, to stick to the usual rule of rounding to the nearest value divisible by five seconds. The time for 4000 meters was about 23:12, so not the best, and the final lap took me just over 1:50, so clearly the fastest one I actually timed so far but I know it was still noticeably slower than the one I managed two weeks ago, which I didn’t time. It must, however, be noted that I stuck to the first lane most of the time, since the track was almost clear, while my other timed runs were mostly on the second, which required covering a slightly greater distance.

Also yesterday, I decided to finally start reading The Name of the Wind, though I can safely say I already dropped the idea of also finishing it by the end of the week, since I only read 53 pages yesterday and none at all so far today. With my mood still being what it is and Eurovision also taking up three evenings, the final also taking up the whole night since I’ll once gain try to do what I usually do and post my thoughts about this year’s edition before going to bed, it would have been difficult either way, but last evening one of the activists also pointed us to some materials to read and I also can’t seem to just let everyone else sort it out and take myself out of this whole mess for too long despite saying that I will just about every day, when all my attempts to get people to work together and at least try to get along again fall on deaf ears on all sides. And when you also add the fact that I’m exhausted but still sleep so poorly, everything looks bad. But, at least when it comes to the book, there’s no rush, is there?


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