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Walked, Ran, Activated Windows and Received the Court Papers

According to Google Maps, I walked 15 kilometers yesterday just on streets, plus hours of wandering around three times through two hypermarkets, as I was in the first one of them twice, and quickly browsing a couple of other stores in the mall that same one is in. Part of that was obviously done while carrying stuff, some 6.5 kilograms, possibly up to seven, when I got back the first time, after I was done with the larger part of the planned route, and about 5.5 the second time. And it was all done on all of three hours of sleep…
What do I have to show for it? Savings of a mere few percent compared to just getting everything from the second store, admittedly the farthest one, which was the one I initially planned to go to, and which was also the only one of the two which had the type of honey I added to the purchases when I saw it, which resulted in giving up on new toothbrushes for the moment. Then again, since I spent all I had on me, it’s not a matter of savings, but of getting a few additional items, and considering the amount and what I added on top of the clear plan, we’re talking of some pretzels and some red green onions, plus the fact that, since I showed the good apricots I found when I got back the first time, I was asked to buy some more, also being given another 10 RON for it, part of that going into the red green onions in the end.

When your time’s not worth money, nor much of anything else for that matter, you can afford to do these things for a feeling of beating them at their little game of making arrangements with each other regarding sales. Plus, walking’s not bad either, and neither is running, and I was actually considering going back out to run in the evening. Thought better of it in the end, but when I did go, today, I managed a time that was better than my usual one over 12 and a half laps, if not entirely making up for what I managed last week.
Initially meant to go in the evening, considering the forecast, but it actually seemed chilly when I was inside, so I went in the afternoon, not changing my mind when I stepped outside and realized things were quite different in sunlit areas. It wasn’t bad, the reported temperature being some 28°C and some clouds also making an appearance for a few minutes, just that the Sun did tend to burn a little, so I tried to minimize the amount of time spent on the part of track that has no shade whatsoever, and that may have helped me on the way to the 28:11 I managed. Just over 50 seconds for the first half a lap as well, as I was trying a different running style, but I couldn’t keep it up when I tried it again on the last lap, so that took me just about exactly two minutes.
Quite sure I had at least another ten seconds in me over the last two laps, possibly more, so I should have just managed to get under 28 minutes, and the time for the first ten laps was a great 22:41, but then I suddenly realized I had forgotten the time for what I later figured out had been my sixth lap, which also meant I was missing it while counting. That meant I spent the next to last lap trying to figure out why didn’t my count agree with the time or with the fact that I knew I had already covered over ten laps, and the result was the slowest lap, the only one that got to around 2:25. My mind was still partially elsewhere at the start of the last one as well, so didn’t quite pick up the pace for the first straight and even forgot to switch to the first lane, as I do for the last lap, until I was at the exit of the first turn.

Otherwise, finally activated Windows today and that went with no issues. Hadn’t activated the copy on the new computer because I was worried I may need to go through some hoops for it, as it had already been activated on the old one and, even though it’s a retail copy and can be moved like this, there could have been additional procedures to follow, but now the second month was close to ending as well and if the first time I reinstalled on the last of the 30 days, as I had just been trying to test some things until then, now I clearly didn’t plan to do it again.

And also found the court papers in the mailbox when I went out today, so yes, the date really is July 9, as strange as that seems to me. I’m not sure whether I’ll also get a ruling then, however, since at least in the schedule posted on-line me and the other protester who seems to be in an identical situation and was assigned to the same court and on the same day are the last two of 21 cases, and some of the others seem to be more complicated, at least judging by those involved. So it may be a case of wasting a day only to get another date, but I guess I’ll see what happens when I’ll get there.


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