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Switching to AVG and Finding the Track Stripped Away

Just writing a quick post to mention that, with what was actually my second trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 expiring, I switched to a trial of AVG AntiVirus 2015 Sunday night. Of course, AVG also has a free version available, but I didn’t care about that, still going from trial to trial of full versions of basic antivirus products, as planned for this year. I do seem to have lost at least a day for a few seconds, however, as it listed that I had 28 days left as soon as I finished installing, probably because, just like Kaspersky, it also only takes the day into account, not the hour as well, like other products do, and it counts the moment when you start installing, not when you finish and actually activate the trial, and it was 11:59 PM when I ran the file.
That obviously meant I was in quite a state of panic that night, especially since my computer froze, Windows reporting itself as having stopped responding and not being able to do much about it, so I had to press the reset button, when trying to check Comodo‘s HIPS list, which I had noticed before tends to get messed up after uninstalling Kaspersky. After the reset the rest seemed fine, but the HIPS application rules were again gone, so I imported the settings I now knew to save first, made sure AVG’s processes were allowed by Comodo and then started toying with AVG’s settings to make it so I’ll no longer have at least one CPU core taken up most of the time between the two of them, especially while browsing. Seems decent now from the point of view of resource use, but I’m unhappy with being unable to keep the active protection at the high levels I initially wanted in order to get it to this point.

Otherwise, went to run yesterday and when I reached the track I saw that it had been stripped away as part of a process supposedly aimed to modernize the entire complex, and which seems to have entered another phase Thursday, so if I’d have waited another day I wouldn’t have been able to run there last week either. No idea when the work will be finished, but doubt it’ll be too soon, and also worry that access may no longer be free and nearly unrestricted for everyone once that will happen. Either way, this is quite an issue for plenty of people, with it being the only freely accessible track, and one of the only three that can be accessed at all, with the other two being in entirely different parts of the city.
So for the moment I switched back to the park, where I did those first few training runs on shorter distances, since I knew that a full lap around the lake has about 3.2 kilometers and that first short route I tried has some 700 meters, or maybe even 800, plus steps and steep slopes. Add starting from the left side of the steps, going right, and then finishing on the left again after returning from that short loop added at the end, and Google Maps says I ran 4.1 kilometers, to which some amount of weaving around other people should be added. Not sure if that made up for the additional distance resulting from running on the second lane of the track, but the slopes definitely did, so my time of 22:19 feels like quite an achievement, being the best time I managed on four kilometers. Also felt like the best time, however, since I had no reference points to pace myself and at the end my diaphragm and, even more so, liver sure hurt, especially since I was paying too much attention to the new route and other people to keep breathing in while stepping with my left foot, as you should do to avoid putting too much pressure on your liver while running.


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