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Sunday Update After Finishing Prince Lestat

Yes, I finished Prince Lestat yesterday, but didn’t make the quick review for it this week’s second post. That’s because I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit what I mean to say about it into about 300 or, at the very most, up to 400 words, which would be as far as I could possibly stretch the “quick review” limits, and don’t quite see how it’d work, so decided to take my time and actually write a proper review for it, even if it’ll be pointless to do so for such a popular title that has already been reviewed thousands of times and in so many places. Now let’s see if I’ll actually manage to write that next week.
Should also say that no, I didn’t just reach this decision today, so may have avoided the Sunday update by writing this yesterday, but instead of trying to just rush a post last evening, I decided to leave it for today to give myself both some more time for the post itself and a chance to finish Age of Wonders before writing it, as I’m at the last scenario and already defeated two of the four enemies. That didn’t work, however, as I didn’t play for long, but I should get that done one of these days as well and consider it the second game finished this year, even if I’ll just do the Keeper campaign and with the standard choices of Dwarves and Elves. Definitely no plans to go back and make other choices, nor to play through the Cult of Storms campaign… And none for a review either, so I’ll probably just mark the moment in a post and update the comment and, if necessary, score on my games played page.

Otherwise, there was no hot water between Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, by far the most unpleasant effect of that being that my dermatitis really acted up due to the combination of heat, sweat and no showers for three days, and trying to wash with cold water in the sink seemed, if anything, to make matters worse at least where my cock’s concerned. My head and chest remained manageable, but by the time I finally could wash properly again, the bottom side of my dick looked and felt as if it had been put through hot oil, even starting to see blood where the skin was pretty much gone for good. But at least things were significantly better by yesterday, after being able to clean the area with warm water again and doing that several times per day while also doing my best to keep it from sticking to anything and using a little of the cheap moisturizing cream I still have around, since the calendula extract one seemed to make things worse. At one point, Thursday night, I even used a little after shave, since I have the alcohol-free kind for sensitive skin, and also a tiny amount of baking soda, though I’m not sure how much either of those helped. The baking soda sure stung though.
And while I’m here, should also mention the second effect of the lack of hot water, which was that I had to give up on the plan of running Tuesday evening. That was sorted out as well, Friday evening, when I missed the week’s New Horizons briefing, knowing I’ll be able to watch the recording later, and went to the park late, being 9:15 PM by the time I even reached the entrance. Understandably, it was quite crowded and plenty of others were also running, or skating, or cycling, weaving their way through the crowds, but it did seem slightly less of a problem than three weeks ago. May have simply felt like it though, since there still were moments when I simply had to stop for a moment and wait for a little path to clear and the time was 22:55 despite pushing a fair amount whenever I could. That’s only 25 seconds better than the previous time the crowds were a serious problem, despite better weather, as it was after sunset, and more effort.

Speaking of the weather, this afternoon’s been cloudy and windy, so the heat wasn’t a problem, though I’m not sure how it is outside. Actually considered to go for another run after posting this, so I’ll easily skip next week, when the conditions really don’t seem suitable, but eventually decided against it. I guess I’ll either try again during an evening, possibly even closer to 10 PM and likely before Friday, or just “cash in” on the extra run I already have and skip it anyway, as there’d still be no need to make up for it later.
I guess I’ll check some more things on-line and then get back to Age of Wonders instead, though I strongly doubt I’ll be able to finish it today. Either way, at midnight I’ll have to check to see whether my trial of AVG AntiVirus 2015 expired or not, as I believe the last day should be tomorrow but it’s not exactly clear. Would really prefer not to have to worry about it until at least Tuesday, as there is a chance there will be another activists’ meeting tomorrow, but I guess I’ll do what I’ll have to do, whenever I’ll have to do it, and hope nothing will get messed up as a result of switching yet again.

And before ending this I’ll also mention that I noticed another potential computer issue, and if it’s a real issue it could be a serious one and require replacing important components and therefore returning to the old one for a while. But it may also be something else, such as a driver conflict or some Windows glitch that may remain relatively harmless, at least as long as it won’t happen with increasing frequency or generate actual problems and not simply some warnings in the event log, so for the moment I’d rather not say more about it. Sort of trying to see if it goes away if I ignore it, if you will, though I do plan to post some questions somewhere else in the near future.


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